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  1. I am sorry to hear that. It has seemed a bit out of date I'll admit, but I've always greatly valued the data myself.
  2. I cannot log-in to update the reliability survey. I get the error:
  3. LOL! Great stuff, thanks for doing it. Do you actively collect these? That Fireball sounds Angry! Are you willing to do seek videos of the Fireball and the Cheetah? I would like to hear those. I looked up the Acoustics figures (idle) for the Seagate drives, curious how those compare to my Barracuda. They are listed: ST31276A 3.8 Bels ST318405LW 3.8 Bels ST3660A 2.9/3.3 Bels The ST31276A and ST318405LW (Cheetah) sound very different (in the recordings, reproduced on my system), yet are listed the same. Nevertheless, my Barracuda 18 (ST118273LC) is listed at 4.2 Bels. There are louder Seagate drives by rating (idle): Drive Bels (idle) -------------------------------------- Cheetah 9LP ST39102* 4.4 Cheetah 18 ST118202* 4.6 Barracuda 9 ST19171* 4.6 Cheetah 4LP ST34501* 4.6 Cheetah 36 ST136403* 4.7 Barracuda 2 ST12450* 4.7 Barracuda 1 ST11950* 4.7 Barracuda 2LP ST31250* 4.7 Barracuda 4 ST15150* 4.7 Anybody have one of these?
  4. That may be my favorite sound yet! A nice balance of the crunchy clicking of my Barracuda 18, and the hollow song of the older drives. What does it sound like on spin-up? By the way, I still intend to make a recording of the Barracuda, but it is not convenient to fire up an 80-pin SCSI drive right now.
  5. Okay, I guess I have to make a recording now. There is nothing odd about it! There is art in technology you can perceive working. Consider how many people like mechanical chronometers (Rolex), or the Steampunk genre, or a multitude of Science Fiction devices. An SSD may be efficient, but it will never be as interesting as a mechanical drive. When mechanical drives are no longer common, I intend to put a plexiglass top on one and keep using it.
  6. Nuts! In the last two weeks I tore apart several old drives (for the magnets) including a 204 MEGAbyte Maxtor, and a couple of sub-10GB spinners from before 1999. How about loudest working drive? I have a nice "half height" Barracuda 18 to enter. Very nice. My dad trashed the 80286 with a 20MB HDD ("my" first PC) or I would probably still have it for sentiment. By the way, I think my Barracuda is louder and "cooler" sounding. :-)