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  1. Trokair

    Fix for IBM 75GXP, 60GXP and 120GXP

    Ah! I found the fix for my 70GB 75GXP! The fact that I purchased it from Dell some time ago led me to believe that they might have the fix for it. Lo and behold, they did, and now running the firmware checker in Windows marks the drive as A-OK. -Kyle
  2. Eh, the CompactFlash idea, even in jest, is a pretty horrible idea. The biggest problem is that Flash memory isn't good for many write operations (100,000); it wears out over time. Dan's Data has an excellent article on the problem; check 'Flash Limitations' about halfway down the page. -Kyle
  3. Trokair

    Fix for IBM 75GXP, 60GXP and 120GXP

    I'm having the same problem with my 75GB 75GXP and not being able to find the right firmware. My brother and I both have them, and his is in the process of experiencing the 'click of death; any assistance in locating this particular firmware (below) would be most appreciated. -Kyle IBM-DLTA-307075 Firmware Update to DA5AA Required! Capacity: 70.16GB Serial Number: YSDYSF5S079 Current Firmware Version: TXADA50C