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  1. DigitalFreak

    Seagate BarraCuda SSD Announced

    I'm guessing this is going to be overpriced compared to the competition.
  2. DigitalFreak

    Synology DS1813+ NAS Review Discussion

    "On the hardware side, the Synology DS1813+ features an Intel Atom dual core 2.13GHz processor and ships with 2GB of RAM in the form of two 1GB DIMMs, which can be upgraded by replaceing with 2GB DIMMs." It actually comes with a single 2GB DIMM. You can add an additional 2GB DIMM.
  3. DigitalFreak

    Intel RST: any use without RAID?

    A couple years old, but still should give you a good idea. I also *think* you need the RST drivers for TRIM support on SSDs.
  4. That would be interesting. When I originally looked at it, there was no option to have redundant PERCs.
  5. There's only a single PERC8 controller for all storage, which means it's a single point of failure. Dell really needs to fix that.
  6. DigitalFreak

    Synology DiskStation DS1812+ Review Discussion

    I wish it had a PCI-E x4 or x8 slot for either 10Gb or a quad 1Gb adapter.
  7. Looking to build an 8 drive hardware RAID5 array for my media file server. Which would be a better choice, 3TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 or the 3TB Western Digital Red? The Reds are a bit more expensive, but come with a longer warranty.
  8. I'd pay the extra $10 for the Red over the Green, even for just the extra year of warranty.
  9. DigitalFreak

    Western Digital Q3 2012 Discussion

    You guys need to remember that there are only two desktop drive manufacturers now, WD and Seagate. I would be shocked if prices ever reached pre-flood levels. You've already seen one downside to this - warranty lengths being cut.
  10. DigitalFreak

    4TB HDD with 1TB platters

    You better get used to waiting. Now that there are only 2 desktop drive manufacturers (Seagate and Western Digital), expect the capacity expansion to slow down and the prices to stay high.
  11. Looks like it's still OEM only though.
  12. No way in hell I'll buy anything from these a'holes.
  13. They pulled this crap a few years ago. One of them jumped their warranties to 5 years not too long after and everyone had to follow suit. Not going to happen this time though since the only players left are Seagate & WD. Barring any major quality issues, I think I'll be switching to WD. They at least give you 2 years...
  14. DigitalFreak

    OCZ Synapse Cache SSD Review Discussion

    Will it cache multiple drives not in a RAID array? I have 2 WD Raptors (150 & 300GB). Would the 128GB (well, 64GB usable really) version be worth the extra $$?
  15. DigitalFreak

    Hitachi DS7K3000 Release Date

    Just found out the hard way that the Intel H67 chipset (or any other) doesn't support drives larger than 2TB in RAID mode yet. Supposedly it works in AHCI mode, so I'll have to do it that way until they fix it.
  16. DigitalFreak

    Hitachi DS7K3000 Release Date

    Just received two of these drives from for a project I'm working on. $179 / ea.
  17. DigitalFreak

    Dell Perc H800

    Make sure you download the latest firmware that unlocks the drive restrictions. Early firmware versions would not work with drives that were not Dell branded.
  18. I'm outgrowing my 300GB Velociraptor gaming drive and am looking for a replacement. I've looked at the 600GB VR, but was thinking of going with a 1TB drive instead. What is going to get me closest to a VR 300GB in terms of speed with a 7200RPM drive?
  19. Just curious if anyone has done any benchmarking of the original 150GB Raptor vs the new 150GB version of the Velociraptor? My original 150GB Raptor X (the one with the window) boot / OS drive died, and WD sent me a 150GB Velociraptor warranty replacement. New drive is 2.5" in the 3.5" drive carrier, and has Enterprise stamped on the label. Took me a minute to realize what was going on. I had just finished a clean install of Windows 7 RTM on the original Raptor X a few days before it died. After re-installing again on the new drive, there is definitely a noticeable difference in boot times and overall system responsiveness with the VR. Should go nicely with the 300GB Velociraptor I already had for my games drive.
  20. DigitalFreak

    2.5" SATA to IDE adapters?

    Yep. I bought a USB to PATA/SATA/2.5" SATA adapter for like $19. It will pull all the power it needs from the USB bus if you connect a 2.5" SATA drive. Otherwise you'd need to use the included power brick.
  21. DigitalFreak

    Enterprise Velociraptors 150 and 300 gGIG

    Is this speculation, or is it documented somewhere?
  22. DigitalFreak

    New OCZ SSD

    I'm taking the performance claims with a grain of salt until a reliable source does a review.
  23. Is this onboard ICH controller vs a Ciprico RAID board, or are you using the new Ciprico software add-on for the ICH?
  24. Looks pretty interesting. Uses the RAIDCORE software stack and the AHCI SATA ports on Intel ICHx-R and AMD southbridges to create RAID 0/1/5, etc. arrays. You can also add one of their new 52xx series cards to expand the array. There's a free eval version for anyone wanting to try it out and see how the performance is. I'd do it, but I don't have any Intel / AMD boards laying around :-) Performance on the old Broadcom 48xx RAIDCORE cards was pretty good, so I'm curious to see how this performs in comparison to other mid-range controllers out there.
  25. DigitalFreak

    New RAIDCORE virtual storage software

    Cost is $49. Here's the specs: Features Linux 2.6 support * Supports easy migration from SATA to SAS * Seamlessly spans arrays from motherboard to HBA (sold separately) * Supports RAID 50 and 10N * Online RAID Level Migration (ORLM) * Single step RAID Level Migration * Global spare * Mirror splitting and hiding * Hide / unhide array * Configurable rebuild priority * Flexible viewing * Drive roaming Flexible cache management Selectable boot array Programmable staggered spin-up Background array initialization Create and delete without reboot Consistency check (Background / Scheduled) Task prioritization Flexible hot spare support Advanced array partitioning Touched region logging E-mail event notification NT event log integration Instant RAID array creation Hot swap support BIOS support (Create / Boot / INT13 control) And much more! * Features not supported in competing ROMB products Snapshot Runs on Intel ICHxR and ESB2 motherboards Enables 14 drive array using 8 port 5252-08 Enables 10 drive array using 8 port 5252-04 RAID Levels: 0 / 1 / 10 / 5 / 50 / 1n / 10n / JBOD Support for AMD chipsets is not currently available. OS Support Windows XP SP 2 32 / 64 bit Windows 2003 Server 32 / 64 bit Vista Business 32 / 64 bit Vista Enterprise 32 / 64 bit RHEL 4&5 32 / 64 bit SLES 10 SP1 32 / 64 bit