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    Clicking problems

    Fortron makes quality power supplies too and I think they make the Antecs.
  2. Stoddo2k2

    my Raptor clawed my heart

    This almost seems like a time the freezing trick might help. However, do at UR own risk. I've used it successfully once before to get 20 min of spin up time on a drive before it died completely. But, this was on a drive that wouldn't spin up normally. So, perhaps save this method til it won't spin up at all or barely. But, I think the advice of cooling it more is sound. I would aim a fan right at it.
  3. I was thinking the same thing, either using the silica gel dessicants or some sort of matting (like the anti-sound matting) then changing it out every so often. I wonder if there is some sort of cheap way to de-humdify a PC. Perhaps a PCI card dehumidifier? Any inventors here want to try and make one. It sounds like U guys in the tropics got problems. Many of us its dust which seems easier to clean and filter but can also overheat things if not taken care of.
  4. Stoddo2k2

    Seagate 7200.8 Uh Oh

    Anyone know if Best Buy just puts returned stuff back on the shelf like Fry's is infamous for? 197306[/snapback] Well the only reason I say that is because I've seen it happen before. Stuff that had the box tops on upsidedown then shrinkwrapped over. I bought a TDK burner some years ago and 1 media piece was missing and the other was ripped open. Was obviously put back on the shelf.
  5. Stoddo2k2

    Seagate 7200.8 Uh Oh

    Although possible, one of the drives was in an external rack and starting "plunking" before I put it in the machine.
  6. Stoddo2k2

    True or False ?

    Yesterday I ran Maxtor's PowerMax software against a 300GB DM10, and one of the options offered was to reduce the reported capacity of the drive. cheers, Martin 197229[/snapback] So, maybe the problem or observation is a difference in reported capacity as opposed to actual capacity. But we all know Windows isn't a terribly reliable tool for calculating capacity though . . .
  7. It sounds like either a dead processor or bad mobo. So, do U know if either of these are known good working?
  8. Stoddo2k2

    Seagate 7200.8 Uh Oh

    About 3 months ago I went about replacing all the hard drives in my main system. My first drive was a Seagate 300 GB 7200.8 PATA. About 2 weeks after that I got another Seagate 300 GB 7200.8 PATA drive. About that time one of the Seagates starting "plunking". I returned it and got a replacement drive. Two weeks after that the same replacement drive starting "plunking" and failed to work at all a few days later, so I got a second replacement. About 1 month after that I got another Seagate to replace my boot drive (so 3-300GB drives total). Sadly, I have another Plunking drive (always the same replacement). I haven't returned the currently "plunking" drive but have been backing data up almost every 2 days or so. I'm wondering WTH is going on. I suspect that when Best Buy had a huge sale on these 300 GB drives (when the rebates were large some time ago) they had some returns and the replacement drives I've gotten twice have been "restocks". Of course I have no evidence of this either way but here is what I have noticed: 1. Some time after I purchased the first 300GB drive the Seagate 300 GB drive is no longer on Best Buy's website. 2. Each time (twice) that I went to return the drive for a replacement only 1 drive was on the stock shelf at Best Buy. 3. Currently no drives are on the stock shelves of Best Buy (300 GB version) and still not visible online. So, its either Best Buy restocking used stuff or it was a bad batch coming out of Seagate. What do you guys think? This should shake my confidence in Seagate but it hasn't because I suspect Best Buy is doing some shady stuff here.
  9. Stoddo2k2

    New HD Install Hell

    If the optical drive is making this noise, then that drive is probably dying/dead. They make those types of noises when they can recognize that media is present, but cannot read it for whatever reason. Sometimes they can be resurrected by cleaning the pickup lens, and making sure the media is as clean as possible. 196719[/snapback] Could be bad media too. Try another known good working disc that is bootable.
  10. Stoddo2k2

    Seagate Lied about warranty?

    I read about this on another forum and Seagate acknowledged that they had a problem with their database not having the correct amount of time for the drive warranties. It should be 5 years for all drives purchased recently. I'm sure Seagate will respond and let U know that they will correct the error.
  11. Stoddo2k2

    The 7200.8 thread

    I have 2-300GB PATA 7200.8's now. One is about 3 weeks or so old and the other is about 1 week old. I had 1 in the external rack for a while and I have to say it seems much hotter than other HDs but I could be mistaken. Noise-wise I don't notice any idle or seek noise in a fairly silent system (WD whiney drive is drowning out any Seagate). I have noticed that the Seagates wake up from sleep a whole lot faster than either maxtor or WD's I have had in the past. I set my HDs to sleep after 1 hr of inactivity and the Seagates snap to it but the WD's and Maxtors are still sleeping in the barracks. Performance-wise and noise-wise I'm happy but reliability is my main purchasing reason, which is why I'm only buying Seagates right now. Soon I will buy another 300 GB and banish the WD's and Maxtors from my 3 systems completely. They can go sleep with the fishes.
  12. Given that I have had 4 maxtors die within 6 months in 2 different machines plus external rack, I'd give it a pass. Otherwise, I have a 250 GB Maxtor in my machine now that is plunking that I can sell you for cheap. Get a Seagate or something else more reliable, is my recommendation.