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    Storage Review Site Update

    Well, that person will get a "can't find page" error. Linking to www.storagereview.com has a better chance to be useful. Glad to see that something will be moving here. Yah I noted that typo after I posted it, lol. Edit ability would be nice as well, now that I think about it.
  2. pprior

    Storage Review Site Update

    I'm pleased. This site used to be the one I came to first for any storage related discussion or research. I had another account here before this one and have been around since the early SCSI days. It had a wide range of expert opinion and testing. In the last couple years I think I've been here a handful of times. Testing has been limited and the user base has shrunk. Discussions were much less interesting and technical knowledge plummeted. I hope I can once again tell anyone looking for advice and data on storage performance "just go to www.storagerview.com" again - best of luck.
  3. Areca card still available. No use in my Mac world, someone put it to good use please.
  4. UPDATE - Case and main system SOLD. Hot swap file cage SOLD Still Available: Areca 1120 RAID Card (person who bought server already had one - it's a great card!) - Please note this is an SATA raid card - check link above for details. Supermicro 4:3 drive bay SCSI drives: 18GB 15K Cheetah, 36GB 15K Cheetah, 36GB 10KII and 36GB 10KIII drives LVD scsi cables with terminators (2 available) If you want a high capacity file storage system, the 1120 card is a GREAT way to do it - Raid 5 or even better Raid 6! The Areca card is selling for a bit over $500 now, I'll take $350 for mine Other stuff - make me an offer Thanks for all the inquiries
  5. Yes. It's sitting in my data room. Haven't had time to worry about it. Cheers. Update: I'm tired of this sitting around. Should probably ebay it, but I'm too lazy. It's just collecting dust and the array and RAID card are VERY NICE stuff! Someone take this off my hands and put it to good use. Just think - plop in 1TB drives and you can have have a monster of a Raid5 or Raid 6 array! Make me an offer - whole or parts.
  6. Yes. It's sitting in my data room. Haven't had time to worry about it. Cheers.
  7. I meant small physically - the case is very large - I don't like cramped quarters and for file server it didn't have to sit on a desktop It's in central ohio and could be UPSed, I'd have to box it up.
  8. No offers yet. It's a P4DC6 MB. Can't remember if it's the P4DC6 or P4DC6+. I've got the original box somewhere in my computer room downstairs. BTW, this is definitely not a SMALL server Cheers. Addendum: Also - I didn't note in my original post, but if a Church or Christian based non-profit organization would be interested, I would consider donation or significantly reduced cost.
  9. Fileserver has been used for home media storage and general photo / document backup. Has worked without problems but am selling because I have swtiched to an all Mac setup now. Price - $800 + shipping takes it all including SCSI drives, or will take offers for consideration but will ebay if too low. Components include Areca 1120 RAID-6 card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16816131002 Supermicro Hotswap SATA 5 drive cage http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817121405 CM Stacker Case http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811119039 Seasonic S12-600 power supply (the best out there) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817151025 The motherboard is a supermicro server board running 2 Xeon processors, I think 1.7ghz if I recall. 1 GB Ram . It's not a speed machine, it's a file server. Supermicro board has built in SCSI and I have several SCSI drives including 15K Seagates and some other 10K drives that I would throw in for free if someone bought the whole server. All drives would be reformatted - no OS would be included though it has been running windows XP. It has an ATI video card, not sure which one, rarely had the monitor turned on. The areca card is top notch - it has 8 slots and I ran 5 drives with raid-6 but it will do most other raid configurations as you desire. I may consider selling the drive cage and Areca card separately if nobody is willing to buy the whole server, but I may ebay it before I split it up. This site has the most folks who might appreciate this gear, so I thought I'd list it here first. I'm a long time member and have a 50+ feedback on Ebay with no negatives so contact me via reply if interested. Please note I am -NOT- including SATA drives in the supermicro cage - I used all of mine in my new Mac setup. I WILL include the various scsi drives I have (15K x 2 36gig I think and 2 10K drives (size?) if the whole thing is purchased. here are some pictures of the actual machine:
  10. Having same problem - Dell 3100 color network printer. Obviously Dell doesn't have any Mac drivers on their website. I'm stuck.
  11. pprior

    How do you backup your data ?

    I think moved files will reinstitute a backup. It does it in real-time - a "new" file will be uploaded when created and you select what folders you want to backup. As to the key, I can't say. I'm not backing up anything I would consider top secret so I haven't investigated that and don't know enough to give you an answer.
  12. pprior

    How do you backup your data ?

    Try carbonite. I've got over 30GB backed up (mostly photos).... You can email me for a referral link that would give you a free trial and me a credit if you sign up, or if you're not feeling generous just check it out. I really like it and it's reasonably priced.
  13. pprior

    How do you backup your data ?

    Online backup - Carbonite! No option for me....