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  1. I would like to get recommendations from all of you out there on Data Recovery Software. I don't care if your recommendation is for one that is free or has a fee. I am not looking to recover data from a failed HDD, just one that will recover files that I either shift+del on or purge from the recycle bin. I have searched the web but cannot find a 'best'. Maybe those of you who have 'real world experience' with one can recommend one? Yeah i know i should use a backup HDD/optical/Tape restore but this is when i do somethng stupid that the backup didn't catch. Thx
  2. Burner127

    Diskeeper 2009--Is it worth it?

    Your version is good. Make sure I-FAAST is running. You didn't answer my original question nor did you provide any data to support your position on Diskeeper's performance. Why are you still posting?
  3. Burner127

    Diskeeper 2009--Is it worth it?

    I currently own Diskeeper Pro Premier 2008 .................. I know what a wrote. You information has no data to back up your comments. Please provide data.
  4. The case is not $170 it's $120. If you look at the review of the 150GB drive, you'll see that it is the fastest SATA drive out there. 36GB is too small. Power supplies are nothing to skimp on. I recommended PCP&C because it allows for expandibility in the future as well as clean power. I am not knocking the Seasonic you chose. You get what you pay for is all I am saying. You're going to have to get the 64bit edition of WinXP Pro to utilize all that ram. It would be cheaper to get 2 sets of the ram I suggested.
  5. Case Motherboard Memory CPU Optical drives (Get 2 -- why not?) Hard drive 1 (OS Drive) Hard drive 2 (Storage) Video Card Power supply Total: $1600
  6. Burner127

    Cloning Windows Vista

    I currently use Acronis True Image Home 10 and have successfully backed up/restored and cloned Vista Ultimate 32bit and 64bit without any hitches.
  7. I have a 150GB Raptor for OS and apps, 2 x 500GB HDDs and 2 x 750GB HDDs for storage. Yeah, I'm a HDD whore
  8. Burner127

    Seagate 750GB Barracuda ES w/ no warranty

    Yeah I am f*cked. Oh well. Maybe I can pray to the HDD gods and possibly sacrifice an 80GB drive for a blessing on this 750GB drive so it won't die in a year.
  9. Burner127

    Vista: will it like my PC?

    To have all the "eye candy" in Windows Vista Ultimate turned on, you need a Radeon 9500 with 256MB memory. You'll be fine.
  10. Could you elaborate on that please. I think I am slightly confused by your comments. They both are the same size 372.611GBs according to the RAID utility manager
  11. It's not being seen by Windows at all. Does Windows see the card? I believe so. The driver installed without a hitch. It shows up under SCSI & RAID devices or something in Device Manager. So under Disk Drives in Device Manager, you do not see the physical drive? In Disk Management you do not see it either? What about during the POST sequence? Does the drive show up there?
  12. Could you elaborate on that please. I think I am slightly confused by your comments.
  13. It's not being seen by Windows at all. Does Windows see the card?
  14. I am new to RAIDing and Iwould like to RAID 0 two drives of the same capacity(400GB) that are the same RPMs but have different cache sizes and are different brands. One is a Western Digital WD400KD and the other is a Hitachi 7K400 The WD has a 16MB cache while the Hitachi is 8MB cache. I know I should use identical drives but what are the risks running the setup I am contemplating? Thx
  15. Burner127

    Safe operating temps for HDDs

    That video card in the pic is of my X850XT PE w/Zalman VF700Cu GPU cooler on it. It no longer is in my machine as I stated in my original post that I replaced it with a BFG 7800GTX and that cooling fan nearest the HDD cage had to come out to accomodate it. I was going to have the blowhole closest to the HDD rack instead. what do you think? Should I just get a new case that is setup with a cooling fan in front that blows across the HDDs or just mod the one I have? Thanks for your opinion/advice.