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  1. Just received a Maxtor 120GB 8MB SATA this morning and hooked it up to replace a returned WD 80 SE which was reasonably fast but it sounded like a jet engine. The Maxtor idles nearly silent but its seeks were not loud but noticable. Remember reading about IBM/now Hitachi's drive utility which I didn't think would work with the new Maxtor drive but I gave it a whirl to try to see if the seeks could be quieted a bit. Guess what it worked beautifully - the drive is totally silent. Did it suffer a performance hit? According to SI Max only a 2.8% drop which isn't bad. Numbers were in the range of 35200 (normal mode) and 34850 (quiet). Utility is a little strange though, to get the best performance I set the level to 1 below minimum AAM management, the noise drop was significant but the performance dropped to 2.8%. Going to run some non-synthetic tests and repost. Hopefully I'm not trashing the drive using a totally unsupported method (although I cant see how). For those of you complaining about noisy Seagates, this tool might be a solution if it can recognize and set the drive.
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    Interesting comment on the Maxtor SATA drive - just about to send a WD 80 SE back because of the tremendous whine and constant drive access noise. How would you rate the noise factor with the Maxtor? Idle noise is supposedly nonexistant but hows the noise when it does a seek/write? Would you say its similar to a standard Maxtor drive with AAM set to fast (off)?