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  1. Catweasel

    29160N & Maxtor 15k2 performance ...

    The HD Tune numbers seemes a little bit to low, but the HD-Tach Numbers are normal (i get 88,6MB/s average with an 39160, burstrate is almost the same). JFTR: The mentioned 90-100MB/s is only the maximum which can be achived within the first GBs of its Capacity, after that the transferrate dropps down to 71-72MB/s at the end. Best regards, Catweasel
  2. The 19.95EUR/$ you pay the first month is a one time only payment, for the following month's its 14.95EUR/$ pr. month, just like most of the other MMO's out there. Thanks for the input, 15EUR sounds better. Best regards, Catweasel
  3. I have played yet the 14 Day Trial and it's fun to play, i like it. But the problem is, i don't have enough time to play two time consuming games and EVE is, with 20 EUR/Month, very expensive, compared to other MMO(RPG)s. Anyway, i'll pay for the one or another month. Best regards, Catweasel
  4. I don't know if it's better (i never had a Problem with HD-Tach and it's Results), but you can try the ATTO Disk Benchmark. Best regards, Catweasel
  5. Catweasel

    Slow SCSI-configuration

    Looks good, similar like my Combo (Adaptec 39160 + Atlas 15K II): Best regards, Catweasel
  6. It is, but it's Chipset related. For example some older VIA Chipsets have a poor PCI Performance (only 70-90MB/s). I'm using an Adaptec 39160 (DualChannel U160), with 4 Drives on one Channel and all drives performing well. Only the Burstrate is limited by the PCI Bus. Cable, Termination Best regards, Catweasel
  7. Catweasel

    Digital Audio Extraction

    Try Audiograbber or EAC with LAME. Best regards, Catweasel
  8. Sounds interesting, but i'm allready Playing a MMORPG: The Saga of Ryzom and a browser MMO: OGame, so i have not enough time for another time consuming game like this. Best regards, Catweasel
  9. Catweasel

    World Cup

    After beating Argentinia everything is possible. Germany 2:1 Italia Best regards, Catweasel
  10. Catweasel

    HD Temp Monitoring

    MBM5 is able to log the Temps, and you can chose from these formats: .txt, .csv, html, and .xml. You can also set the log interval (every 10 sec for example). SpeedFan reads the Temps too, but logging? I don't know. Best regards, Catweasel
  11. Catweasel

    Harddisk active cooling

    Only Airflow: 2 80x80x25 Casefans (~2 500 RPM) are cooling 4 HDDs atm (up to 6 is possible). HDD Temps are around 25-30°C. Best regards, Catweasel
  12. Catweasel

    Ultra 320 SCSI Throughput Problems

    Try Google and Search for a Review of your Board. Maybe there is a table of which slots are sharing and which not. Just try another PCI Slot, maybe there is one which doesn't share. Best regards, Catweasel
  13. Catweasel

    Ultra 320 SCSI Throughput Problems

    Good Chipsets deliver over 100MB/s (Burstrate on my P4G8X is around 110MB/s), bad ones (like some older VIA Chipsets) only around 80MB/s. Best regards, Catweasel
  14. It is damm low, around 110MB/s (Burstrate) are possible via the 32Bit PCI Bus, except you have a crap Chipset. Best regards, Swen
  15. Catweasel

    maxtor atlas 15k2,scsi newb

    AV8? Sounds like VIA Chipset, and some VIA-Chipsets had problems in the past with its PCI Performance (maximum was around 90MB/s). Get the latest drivers for your Chipset and/or test with another Mainboard (Chipset). Best regards, Swen PS: Atlas 15K II on Adaptec 39160 and Asus P4G8X: