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  1. Scotty

    PSU question?

    Hi all, Could some one tell me if the following is a disaster waiting to happen > I have a generic 300w psu installed waiting for my enermax to be replaced, the thing is - on the DigiDoc5 monitor it tells me that the 12volt rail is at 13.13v, MBM5 tells me the 12v rail is at 12.9volts. Does the components that utilise the 12v rail have safeguards for over supply of voltages? Will this harm any hard disks such as my 2x IBM DDYS T18350? Could it hurt anything else? Iam not that worried about it as everything has been ok with it for the last month but my experience tells me that things like this can come from behind to bite me on the rear end! Thanks for any input and advice.
  2. Scotty

    scsi adaptec 29160 bios

    You will kill the card! Goto the Adaptec site and submit your TSID and/or serial number to be sure if you have a retail or oem card, they will get back to you reasonably quickly. I flashed my 29160 retail for WinMe without a problem at all.
  3. Scotty

    SCSI or Raid

    Keep your scsi happening, for storage use IDE. Yes it's basic but thats the way I have it, an boot from U3. Nothing bad about raid on IDE, granted, it is fast, quality wise and I'am running out of excuses BTW, you will not out perform scsi as this is the breeding ground for IDE at present, newer drive technology is on the way but as I said its Scsi at the moment for having the latest, and reliability it craps all-over IDE! This is my opinion and thats set in concrete, well for today anyway. Anyway I think you have succesfully baited
  4. Hi all, Not entirely sure Iam on the right track here, I was just wondering if a 29160 card on a 32bit 33mhz pci bus will handle an overclock from 133mhz fsb upwards and the possible effects if any? I know this card is rated higher obviously, what outcome would it have on the devices attached to this card? Could I also change the pci latency from 32? Thanks for any input!
  5. So where would one go to get it?
  6. Yep, Scuzzie. Bootin' from SCSI is supreme!
  7. I have just sent back my EG465P-VE PSU because it died. I found the 5 volt rail to read 4.92v, but the 12v rail was up and down and allover the place, it was almost like it was not good from the start. The generic 300W unit Iam currently using until the replacement comes works almost as good, the5v is at 4.84v and the 12v rail is at 12.8v, on top of running all the hardware I was before I have added two IBM Scsi hard drives. The only thing I had to do was to lower the CPU multiplier as the poor yumm cha PSU could not run at that clock speed. With Enermax 430w and /T'bird ~ 1662Mhz, with 300w PSU ~ 1530Mhz. So I will see how the Enermax performs when it comes back.