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  1. Just got a MK6022GAX, and man, this thing is quiet. I can honestly say, you CANNOT tell that it is on. This drive replaced my IBM 60GB 12.5mm. THis drive rocks, 9.5mm, and the bottom has a blue? pcb!?
  2. yes, Can you explain 'real' word performance differences?? My stopwatch doesnt lie. Try copying a 1GB file from any source to the SCSI drive under XP and do the same under 2K. I'm not discrediting you, but I don't think you know what the 'real' issue is.
  3. Check this out. I got a 2 year old flawlessly running PC and Power Cooling Silencer 275 WATT PS.. It runs: P4 2.0 G4 4600 ti X15 39160 Plex 12X10X32S + 40 Wide Pioneer IDE DVD 2 X IBM 120 GXPs Never had a singly hiccup or problem. Just the othe day, I was thinking of replacing this PS with a newer adjustable fan speed one. But then I thought to myself, why ruin a good thing. Its still whisper quiet as the day I got it.
  4. on a side note, all SF Bay Area folks must take a trip out to Weirdstuff in Santa Clara. They have a warehouse full of old and odd computer stuff for sale. I used to go browsing there during lunch, and get to see and play with all the old antique equipment.
  5. sxc


    hmm.. I've never had any problems. Even with 3G and my new treo phone. Surfing the 'net is ok, but the 'blazer' browesr sucks. I'm on the 1300 anytime + 8700 nights and weekend + 20 MB for $139.99 A steal if you ask me. Never had any problems. Anytime I call, I get connected right through if I call from my sprint phone.
  6. sxc

    M$ XP Service Pack 1 - A Real Mess???

    I've got no problems on my system running an G2GTS and G4.
  7. I have one. Its really quiet and fast.. If you want one, you'll need to buy a Toshiba Satellite 5005 Series notebooks. They come with them. I was fortunate enough to buy from a mom and pop store after the owner 'decided' to swap with a 40GB IBM disk instead. HA!
  8. sxc


    also, a mid range camera you described, would probably be like a Canon G2 or Nikon CP995. With a microdrive on either machines, I can guarantee that you can store well over 600 pics in one microdrive.
  9. sxc


    I don't think so. Microdrives can store a lot more pictures than that. I shoot a Canon D30 3.34MP (DSLR) body, and I can store over 500 pics on low compressed format. As a matter of fact, if I shoot in RAW un-compressed format, I can still hold over 250 pics.
  10. sxc

    OFF TOPIC- Call Your Mom

    yep. Took my mom out for lunch and thereafter went shopping... Bought her a nice Gucci purse. nothing beats the feeling of walking into Gucci, and stating, "pick out whatever you want in here. Don't even think about looking at the price tag"
  11. sxc

    News from Matrox...

    You don't sound like a person that runs your desktop at high resolutions and refresh rates, i.e. 1600x1200x85 Hz or greater. yes, you are right. I normally run my desktop @ 1280x1024 @ 100Hz. I have however, tried running at 1920x1440 just to see if the difference is there... and it looks horrible to me since the monitor itself is the real culprit. And yes, I do run a professional monitor (Sony F500)
  12. sxc

    News from Matrox...

    you know what. I hear a lot of people talking about how great Matrox's 2D is.. and to be honest, I never really saw a difference. I think it was a lot of hype. I had the G200, 400MAX and now one of my boxes has a 450. The 2D quality is the same as on my GF2 Ultra and G4 ti.
  13. What about NVIDIA's personal cinema line?
  14. i've made the jump from WinME (yes I had it on my system) to XP w/o any compatibility issues on games. I play mainly UT, CS, Quake, and Starcraft. I think you'll find XP's stability second to none.
  15. sxc

    Theory on GXP75 problems -- a screw

    hehe.. good stuff.