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    A..."must - Read".....

    Nah i hate those other bastards Ofcause we are, i just didnt really care for the term Eurabia, since i have no clue why anyone would even call it that Darking
  2. Darking

    A..."must - Read".....

    Any official valid source Anyhow i think weve gotten a bit away from the whole We Want Guns thing Darking
  3. Darking

    A..."must - Read".....

    DPP has little to no real power in the parliment, they certainly dont make laws without a broad majority of the parties voting for them. besides im not aware of any new hidden anti-islamic laws... got a link? Darking
  4. Darking

    A..."must - Read".....

    I seriously doubt that danielspipe.org is anything more than a venting channel for people who try to spread fear and confusion to people. And we believe in the right to create unions/groups(assemblies?), that is why Hizb-ut-Tahrir has not been deemed illegal in denmark, unless they do something illegal as a union/group our constitution protects them.. and quite frankly i like it that way, since it proves our constiution works to protect civil citizens. And its not like the persons who put up the bounties was not arrested, because the message they put out is illegal in our constituion, but the group Hizb-ut-Tahrir is not. No guns were raised, no guns were fired... it is possible. There are far worse things that scare me than extermist islamic groups..... but luckily John Kerry will take care of that problem for me. Darking
  5. Darking

    A..."must - Read".....

    And no Denmark is in scandinavia, and we have about 6-7% imigrants as far as i recall, and i dont see what that has to do with gun control Darking
  6. Darking

    17-19" Lcd

    Hi all. One of our people who works with graphics daily, needs a new monitor and im wondering if people have any good ideas on what to choose. There are a few requirements: 1) Monitor needs to have DVI 2) Monitor needs to be able to be calibrated with a GregatMcbeth calibrator. The price isnt that important, but the two above requirements are, especially the last one. Ive looked at a few different things like an Eizo 557 and a Lacie Photon18vision, both look good, but you guys might know of better ones out there Primary applications are Photoshop CS and Indesign CS. She sends work to both inhouse printers, and to Printhouse(offset??) where they produce 4-color brochures and leaflets. Darking
  7. Darking

    A..."must - Read".....

    Giving flight attendents and passengers the right to carry guns is crazy... ofcause i dont live in a pro-gun triggerhappy country like the US so what do i know Why dont you just hand out guns in the giftshop onboard of the flights?? It would be so much easier.. you wouldnt even have to bring your own gun!! I mean how hard would it be for a terrorist to get a CCW license, when they can happily bring aboard guns as is?? There's a huge difference between a Heavily Armed guard, and a stewadess who's used to serve drinks with small umbrellas. Darking
  8. Darking

    A..."must - Read".....

    You have got to be kidding me... Weapons on a airplane terrorist treat or not, is _not_ an option.... It'll just make flight highjacking even easier for these people. No do as they do in israel if you really want to avoid airplane disasters like those in the past. Tel Aviv is the most secure airport in the world. Darking
  9. Darking

    Poweredge 2500

    He allready said it was fully updated... Tried calling dell btw? I have good experience with their tech support, allthough its the Danish division Darking
  10. Id still like to say that my storage server runs with 2x 10K SCSI disks, and 16x200GB SATA disks + 6 hotswap boxes(3 disks each), and a total of 16 80mm fans and 2 120mm fans on a single 650watt powersupply, and when it runs under normal conditions it uses No more than 420watt... only on bootup would it use more, but since 3ware controllers support stagged spinup (think thats the name), it never even comes close to using the full 650 watt. worry alot more about graphic cards than the 4 disks Darking
  11. Darking

    Long Time No Participate.

    Well not to be all smartass about it, i would for the next time you invest in servers, use 2$ extra and get a onboard raid solution, because as you plainly see software raid for the OS is not the smartest thing out there. Im not very experienced in using software raid on OS drives. so i must admit i got no idea as to why it needs to switched over, i could imagine its something to do with the ID tags the boot.ini file uses, but it might even be a controller issue, that doesnt allow you to boot correctly without a drive in the correct SCA slot. What kind of servers are you using? This is a clear example of how companies often buy before they think (my company does the same, only in 100.000$ software solutions we allready have)... the amount of money the company have lost both to your workhours, and due to downtime.... hell you could prolly have replaced all the drives with sparkling new ones for that price Darking
  12. I have a very similar setup to yours, and i use a Intel® Server Board SE7501BR2. I can highly recommend it, from its many internal PCI-X busses(it has 4 PCI busses to 6 slots), to its ability to hold a large amount of memory, plus it supports two CPU's.. It might be a bit expensive, but its a very good board. There's even a builtin SCSI RAID controller (only supports RAID 1 and 0), so you can have mirrored SCSI System drives. Also it occurs to me you might have a Powersupply problem... What powersupply do you use for all those disks? Intel Serverboard Darking
  13. Darking

    Sca: Scsi, Sata, Ide

    Trust or not, i can verify it runs very smoothly. I use two 8506-8 Controllers, with 16 Maxtor 200GB SATA disks, and these hotswap boxes: Discpaq hotswap Ive had no trouble with crosstalk at all, and i even have the 16 cables (standard cables from 3ware) taped together. Had one disk fail, and it hotswapped out of there without a hitch. Ofcause SATA doesnt have the track record of SCSI hotswap yet, it never will but for the price you dont get better storage.. NO MORE PATA!!! Darking
  14. Darking

    Why Are People Buying S-ata?

    Well it was a very simple choice for me, when building our storage server... Cabling 18 disks with P-ata cables wouldve been madness, when Sata both supports greater lenght and alot smaller cables.. And i really dont know what people complain about with the connectors... they are easy to attach and they stay there?? Darking
  15. I only mentioned the two becasuse those are programs i have experience with. They can make backup of window XP machines, and thats what he asked for, and he said $$$ wasnt an issue. Ill stick with my recommendation. But in all honesty NTbackup can do all you need, allthough it cant do shadow copies if i recall correctly Darking
  16. In 99% of the cases, i would say the builtin backup program in windows XP is sufficient. in the last 1% i would recommend Veritas backup exec, or CA Arcserve(think its called brightstore now) Darking
  17. Darking

    Oracle Connectivity Help

    ive seen similar in a windows senario where the client, couldnt look up the right DNS name. Try changing "SHASTA" to the IP of the server. Darking
  18. Darking

    Maxtor 200gb Failrate

    out of my 16 drives, ive had for almost a year now, one has failed Its definately not IBM allover Darking
  19. Yes it is hotswappable, even from windows with both SATA and PATA. Its all in the driver i suppose. Darking
  20. Darking

    Seperate Psu Question

    unless you have to use _alot_ of discs, i dont see why you shouldnt just use a single PSU.... Only limiter is the number of Molex connectors, and even that can be fixed with Y-cables. My storage server has 18 disks, and god know how many fans(15+) and it runs on a single 660watt antec powersupply... My UPS claims it normally uses 380watts of power, a bit more at bootup (round 450watt) The idea is interresting but really irrelavant, since if you have 20+ discs you would prolly use a 1+N PSU anywho Darking
  21. Darking

    Lsi Megaraid Sata 150-6?

    Ill try to clarify the whole thing for you With a Quote from the Knowledgebase on 3ware's site: Basically there's some things you cant do with a 3ware controller, wich you can on more expensive SCSI solutions. Online Capacity Expansion Arrays cant be larger than 2 TB, allthough a total of 3TB arrays can be on one controller. Else its a mighty fine controller for its price, and performance is uncompared really... well some would claim the raidcore controllers are better in performance, but from what ive read they are unstable pieces of C.... The two things missing mentioned above should be fixed in the new 9500 series comming out soon, also the R5 Fusion function where only one Raid5 array per controller is performance increased. Maybe as i wrote earlier save the money from the 200 GB drives, and spend it on the 9500 controller instead You'll only loose 10% capacity, wich i think is acceptable Darking
  22. Darking

    Lsi Megaraid Sata 150-6?

    Nothing but you'll gain a major performance hit, with the second Raid 5 array, because of the way the 3ware controller works... Id prolly rather do a 12 disk raid 5... giving you around 1.8TB of data storage... ok you will loose around 280GB compared to going full 200gb disks all the way, but you'd gain alot of performance from the extra spindles. It all depends on what your going to use it for, if you describe more carefully we'd prolly give a better advice. Personally id prolly save the money from buying 200GB compared to 160GB disks Darking
  23. Darking

    Fat32 Versus Ntfs With Raid 0

    What will you use for backup? Keeping _all_ your data on a Raid0 is not very smart, it would be better just to use the two drives individually. Darking
  24. Darking

    Best Hard Drives For Pata Raid5

    3ware themselves recommend Maxtor disks. I use them myself (200GB SATA tho) Of the 16 of them in my server, only one has gone stupid so far. Darking
  25. I would actually claim that 1/4th of all calls is helped with reboots is a bit on the low side. I do amongst other things support over the telephone, and its really almost a internal joke how much it can fix problems... Our users are nice people who just dont have a clue about computers.. I mean ive been to a guys office, where he claimed that his external Floppy drive was broken.... it turns out the guy has turned it upside down and is trying to force the diskette inside it... Or the very common statement: "the screen is all black" hmmmm okay we ask.. you sure there's nothing on the screen at all, "Yes".... We the drive 10 miles out to the office, and find out, the screen clearly states: Keyboard not found... God happy fellowing unbelievable.. Darking