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  1. ive been in EQ2 beta, and now in retail version, and id recommend it to anyone, over World of Warcraft... WoW is just too cartoony for me. Note tho, that EQ2 to make it look really sweet (highest settings) would require something stronger than like an ATI 9800Pro, i have a 9600pro card, and running it in 1280x1024 in balanced mode, is ok, but i cannot set it to high or extreme quality without visual lag. Darking
  2. Darking

    Tax Foundation study

    Im sorry to say, but one of the "roles" of beeing a rich western country(especially if you bomb the hell out of another), is that you need to help rebuild countries, to prevent stuff like terrorism happening, and i personally believe that if spent correctly can have a very positive effect on things. And 100 million dollars is just a drop in the ocean, i would rather ask yourself i you really need a (i think its) 200 billion dollar defense budget, instead of using some of the money to fix things that are broken inside your country (poverty etc.) And regarding the ~300K Dkr i earn a year, its by no means a high salary, i think a normally family income with two "workers" is around 500.000K. Unfortunately i decided to work in a goverment paid job, and the salary is nothing cheer about, i know people who work for ibm that make 700.000K just for working with mainframes. On the other end, they pay highend taxes, and my 40% will in their case be something like 52%, for every Dkr over 305.000 earned a year. I wont say im actually happy about paying so much tax, especially because things like fuel and cars, are highly expensive here too, a gallon of 95 octane fuel costs 6$. And a car costs 3!!!(three) times the amount that it would cost in sweden or germany, who are our closest neighbours.. an BMW 530i costs around 1.200.000+ dkr, a peugoet 407 stationcar, costs 500.000 But i can surely see the benefits of a high tax too. Darking
  3. Darking

    Tax Foundation study

    Not totally on topic, but im wondering.. Exactly how much tax does an american pay generally? 25% 50%? To give a good example i live in denmark and im taxed the following way: First i pay 8% of my total income, for something Called ATP, the money will be returned when i someday decide i need to retire (63 years) from whats left i pay 2 % in another tax called AM bidrag. and then i pay my 40% tax, minus my personal amount of money i can deduct from tax for different reasons (loans etc.) i would say the tax percentage goes down to around 30% in my case. All in all, i have 25.500 before taxes, and 15.000 after taxes. Then ofcause in denmark people pay VAT of 25% on everything we buy in the shops. On the other hand we get basically everything free from the goverment, education, hospitals etc. Darking
  4. Darking

    Seagate Savvio 10K.1

    And it would be able to setup 8 drive (atleast) 1U boxes... or 24 drive 3U boxes, compared to todays 4 drive and 14/15 drive. More space on few U's == $$$ Darking
  5. Darking

    Calling any SATA experts

    Seems to me its just raid drivers, used if you want to install windows on a raid. If everything works, why install them? Darking
  6. Ive stumbled upon a very strange problem with applying software installations via group policies, in active directory. It has been running smoothly for the last few months, on our windows 2K workstations. Recently we've bought new laptops for some of the higherup (non for the IT staff ofcause). and they were delivered with Windows XP professional edition. Seemingly i couldnt get the machines(dells and toshiba laptops) to install any software via the group policies, nor would they accept any SUS configuration i wanted to give them. Puzzled by this, i looked in the logs, and discovered that the machines claimed not to be able to see scripts on the DC, nor could they install any of the software packages.. i later learned in a forum, that it might help to turn off the Fast Logon feature thats default in Windows XP machines... No luck. Finally out of pure desperation i tried to fool around with the network card, and turned off autosensing, on the network card, and BAM! all of the sudden it worked!! now to the questions: 1) Has _anyone_ ever seen anything like this before..? 2) What is causing it? 3) How do i fix it? Our network enviroment is basically 7 2548 switches, connected to 4108GL switch, all procurve, the switches are setup to run Spanning Tree Protocall. The windows 2000 machines (250 of them) are everything from Compaq Deskpro 6400 to EVO 510s, even some dell machines. All serveres are Windows 2003, but the enviroment is not running in 2003 nativemode yet. I could ofcause leave the networkcard, at 100Mbit Full-Duplex, but the problem is the laptops is used at home too, and some of their ISP routers only support 10mbit on the interface... And lets just say... these people arent technically proficient to fool around with network card settings Darking
  7. Darking

    The wierdest problem

    Not having to autosense on the network card is annoying as hell to say the least. I normally always leave all ports on switches just using autosense, and set it on the network card. Ive seen too many huge performance drops, if i set both switch and network cards to 100mbit full duplex. Typically i get alot of errors on packets too. All in all in much happier off with Autosense normally, and thats why this problem is so frustrating to say the least. And gbit interfaces you cant even set manually anymore, they _only_ support autosense when running Gbit. Hopefully they are better at it, than the cheaper onboard networkcards Darking
  8. Darking

    Why there's no flu vaccine

    Pardon my language. But get the happy fellow out of this thread with your political nonsense. Darking
  9. Darking

    Why there's no flu vaccine

    Oh no im not some rabiant anti-drug thing, dont worry. Smallpox fx. i think is a good idea to get innoculated for. On the other hand, if you get it while your a child, you wont get some of the worse sideaffects it can have, if your infected as an adult, its a twoedge sword i guess. Measels can be very bad too. not just when your a child, and as far as i recall, the vacinations arent permanent, but last for 5-10 years. Ive had all the "normal" childhood diseases when i was a kid, and i turned out perfectly okay! I know im sort of agumenting against myself here, but then again... i wont decide whats best for your child, its up to the parents... But believing that all the worlds problems go away with a magic vaccination, that i hope we never come to. Penicillin(sp?) resistance is getting a bigger and bigger problem, to make even moderately harmful diseases deadly, because we are pumped full of it each and every day. But something as common as the flu, should not be nessersary to vaccinate against. Darking
  10. Darking

    Why there's no flu vaccine

    On a side note, i must say i dont believe that getting Vaccines for something as "simple" as the flu, should even be applied. The body becomes more resistant to far worse diseases, than the flu, by actually fighting it. So all in all i dont think vaccines for simpler diseases should be applied, especially to smaller children. And if you get sick, too bad, go drink some hot tea, and lie in your bed for a few days Darking
  11. Darking

    OT a bit: LTO2 Autoloaders

    If its anything like in the "old" dlt days, its prolly just relabled Tandberg or whatever drives anyhow. Id go for the one that provides you the best price/support/performance combo. Autoloaders have a tendancy to break sooner or later, and you dont want to be without support when it does. Ive had 3 breakdowns on a Compaq DLT library(15 tapes), not counting the drive have failed twice, over a 5 year period Darking
  12. Darking

    Did I miss something?

    nothing wrong with spelling it the correct way, its just you english speaking people who's gotten it all wrong Darking
  13. mmmm are you absolutly sure about that? Im running windows 2003 server and... : But ok its dynamic disks and they prolly work different than basic discs does. Darking
  14. Darking

    Windows 2003 Out of the Box Security

    Im willing to wager some sort of money on, that he has disabled the default internet security... And then it aint out of the box no more. Plus who the hell runs Bittorrent programs on a server? Darking btw. should this be in computing?
  15. i would think that 460watts is more than enough. I run 18 drive setup with a 660 watt, and since the controllers support staggered spinup, its not really an issue at bootup either.. at bootup it hits 550watts or so, and sits on a lazy 420 watts when running normally. That includes 12 fans, and 6 3disk hotswap cases A hotspare is always a good idea. The good thing about 3ware controllers is that you dont really have to worry about drivers for different enviroments, they are very well supported. Ive used them for almost two years now and i have no complaints, other than i think that the raid management software could learn a thing or three from say compaq's arraymanager software Nope sorry i cant, ive used ftp for very little other than downloading from, its not really something i use profesionally. But why not stick with what you know and put up a nice Unix/linux box, it'll save you the licens of a windows 2003 server, and im sure it can do whatever you need it to do, since its just "simple" ftp, I cant really see a reason why you would want to use Windows, if not for some of its functions... and ftp aint one of em (yes yes i know you can run ftpdeamons on windows too) Darking
  16. I guess i was wrong them, i was 100% certain they didnt support over 3TB pr controller, due to some sort of limitation in the controller... Ive seen the same on several SCSI controllers from HP(5300 series to name one). But they also say on their site: http://www.3ware.com/products/serial_ata9000.aspGuess there's a benefit to go from the 8506 cards to the 9500 series afterall Darking
  17. You should be okay with that one controller since you'll only barely scratch the 3TB limit at 2800GB (7*400+parity), but the controller wont support 600 - 800GB drives whenever they come out, since its using 64-bit LBA All the other hardware ill let other guys decide, because i find it kind of irrelevant if your running AMD og Intel, for a simple fileserver it doesnt really matter, as long as you stick with "known" vendors. What kind of FTP deamon do you plan to use, and what about the clients? Darking
  18. Darking

    Antec 550 watt True-Power supply

    And btw there should have been a converter cable with it, ive bought the 660 watt version for my storage server, and it comes with several different converter cables. Darking
  19. Darking

    Switches: managed or unmanaged?

    And it says alot more about it here Management and configuration guide Darking
  20. Darking

    Switches: managed or unmanaged?

    From the Installation and getting started guide for the 2300 and 2500 series: Stacking the Switches (Series 2500 only) The Series 2500 switches can be connected together, through standard network connections, and managed through a single IP address. Up to 16 switches can be connected together in such a “virtual stackâ€. You identify one of the switches as the “Commander†and give that switch an IP address. Up to 15 other switches in the network can then easily be configured as Members of the stack and managed through the Commander’s IP address. The management includes Telnet access and web browser interface access to the Commander and to each Member switch through the Commander. For more information on stacking your Series 2500 switches, please see the Management and Configuration Guide that came with your switch. Darking
  21. Darking

    Switches: managed or unmanaged?

    Personally i would probably go with a HP Procurve switch of some sort. like a 2524/48 pr 2626/50 if you want managed... They have great value, great professional support, and they are not as expensive as their competitors Cisco and extreme networks. For a bargain price i know D-link makes managed switches too, but im not sure of neither the quality or performance of these switches. Darking
  22. There is no doubt that a full raid 10 will almost always be faster than a raid5 array, but i think in general the transfer rates for SQL is limited at best, and what counts is number of spindles. The few times ive build a database server(albeit only with 70GB database), ive configured lets say 14 drives like this: 4 drives for transaction logs running a raid 10, 10 drives for a raid 5 for data. Since most of the disk access normally is on the logfile, its more important to have high speed there, and i would normally recommend you to use 15K disks if possible for that. Another idea since your working with higher amounts of data, and im sure more users, i would probably prefer to use two controllers for the disks, letting one controller handle the transaction logs, and one controller handling the data drives. if you have 10+ disks on a controller you can presumably saturate the PCI-X bus pretty fast, since most server controllers only run 64bit/66mhz(okay there are newer that run faster i know ) as i stated earlier, the general idea is more spindles with less room, than the other way around. Darking
  23. No because all the components on a vlan needs to support jumbo frames i believe. So the clients need to be on one Vlan, and the servers and switches(all supporting Jumboframes) needs to be on a second vlan. Doing a secondary network, fx. for backup purposes could be really benefitial tho, since the speeds are so much better.
  24. Darking

    3ware 9500S-8MI on Abit IC7-MAX3

    It might be something like this: Problems with the RDC400-SATA and maxtor drives Try contacting 3ware for a replacement unit of the cages Darking
  25. Darking

    Veritas Backup Exec Questions

    If there is id like to know too, i manually have to delete my backup jobs every now and then when the 2.5TB disk runs out, currently it can hold about 14 days of backups. Unfortunately due to a slow NAS box, with only 100mbit netcard in it ive had to switch to differential backup for now, since its impossible to make a full backup in my 12 hour backup-window. 1.4 million files takes a looong time Darking