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  1. It actually surprises me a bit that the server only can hold two single-width GPUs.. The Dell R720XD can hold either 4 150watt single width, or two 300watt dualwidth fulllength cards. Im not sure if it matters in GPU terms, but beeing able to feed a server with 4 full-length SSD cards, might be needed
  2. Im wondering, will you be getting a ioDrive2 in for review, i read on their forums that they where planning on shipping review copies out soon.
  3. Darking

    SSD cache on AMD platform

    You can use a program like Fancycache http://www.romexsoftware.com/en-us/fancy-cache/
  4. I salute your dedication to become more Enterprise Centric. There are a million sites that handle reviews of desktop HDDs and SSDs, and there is none (or very few) that actually look into the needs that the enterprise datacenter might have for SSDs.
  5. Im thinking for my 2014 purchases of switching to infiniband. Latency among other thing makes this technology especially interresting for storage enviroments. Im hoping more Iscsi like solutions come to infiniband, so its not another Fiberchannel horror story (i hated zoning soo much)
  6. I would be worried with storing on a hdd for so long, unless you either exercise the drives by powering it on, personally i would probably store either in a cloud (but who knows who's around in 10 years time) or use a tape drive, its old fashioned but its a tried and tested technology, the problem is that not all drive technologies are backwards compatible, and can you really find a lto-4/5 drive in 10+ years?
  7. I know they have their uses, we use a few for web-stuff too. But i had assumed they would support more writes than that, atleast i want to give some kudos to micron, to actually mention their write support, since many drive manufactors do not do that.
  8. I must admit, im actually a bit horrified that 175TB is all that is supported for writes. That figure seems very low for anything that runs in the enterprise
  9. Ive been thinking about it lately. With the rise of 3TB NL-SAS drives, and the eventual 4-5-6-20TB disks that will come, what is the future of Raid? rebuild times on arrays with fx. 24 drives(even split up in several groups) is already a problem today, and it will only get worse as the drives get bigger. Meaning the chance of downtime, even with higher raidlevels is an ever expanding risk. What do you all think is the future of storage systems?
  10. Ive actually thought about it, Infiniband might not be such an bad idea, but there is a long time to 2014, and the turnaround on new technologies in the datacenter is alot higher than it used to.
  11. Bought one of their PS6100XS hybrid arrays just before christmas. Excellent device, not the highest IO ever, but it delivers around 10K IOPS, and good storage space, runnning raid6. No 10GigE for me tho, unfortunately the investment in 10GigE must wait until next hardware cycle in the datacenter.. 2014 is just around the corner ;-)
  12. Darking

    homeserver upgrade help

    Yeah it's mostly movies and backups. I must admit changing 1.5TB drives pains me, since they already are fairly large. And I do not believe that the motherboard supports larger than 2tb drives. I suppose e-sata could be a solution although I still have room for 8 more disks in my chassis.
  13. Hello all. Today I'm running a windows home server consisting of a http://www.zotac.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage_images-SRW.tpl&product_id=346&category_id=7&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=100166〈=nd zotac motherboard with 6 sata ports on. Unfortunately I'm all out of ports, and my storage is over 8 Tb now. As I see it my upgrade path is a) get a controller for more sata ports. upgrade my existings disks. My disks ATM is a single 1 Tb disk and 5 1.5 tb disks. I must admit that upgrading those seems a bit wasteful . But I'm also uncertain what controller I can get that provides more ports and only use a single pci-e lane, preferably I would like a minimum of 6 more ports, and I have no need for raid. So a rocket raid or something like that might be over kill
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    SSD Giveaway Thread!

    I wanna win
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    SSD Giveaway Thread!

    Oh i so hope i win
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    SSD Giveaway Thread!

    Id like to win free SSD!
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    Intel SSD 710 Enterprise Review Discussion

    Hi Kevin. I was kind of wondering how you log the different io points with iometer, would it be possible to get the icf file you use for testing, or is it a trade secret. Reason I'm asking is that I got a new hybrid San (equallogic ps6100xs with 7 pliant 400gb emlc ssd and 17 savvio 10k4 running some sort of raid 6)I want to test, and I'm unsure how to setup iometer so I can compare with your review. The write reliability on those pliant is 7.2PB!!!
  18. Darking

    Network RAID 10+1 or 10+2

    I'm no HP San expert, but are you thinking of stuff like their lefthand series of San I believe they do synchronous replication, to increase data protection
  19. Darking

    RAID 50 Parity Groups advice needed

    Sorry i didnt respond faster, im not checking the forum all the time Instead of trying to explain it myself im gonna qoute the following article: http://www.gtweb.net/RAID_desc.html Im not gonna make any excuses for beeing wrong in my performance prediction. Especially with Caching and the way you do your IOPS tests, its merely a guesstimate
  20. Looks like a Nice Piece of kit to do testing on Lots of drive slots for raid testing
  21. Darking

    RAID 50 Parity Groups advice needed

    The write penalty will be 2x4 on the 7 disk raid5 and 3x4 on the 5 disk raid5. What that means in real world numbers is a different story, but that is testable. Btw are you sure your controller supports raid50 with 3 raid sets?
  22. It might just be me, but the case appears to support both low and high profile cards ?
  23. Darking

    OCZ Z-Drive R4 SSD Review Discussion

    Hi Kevin I mightve missed it somewhere. But is the drive raidable? i mean can you buy two of these cards, and make an raid 1?
  24. I must admit that the performance does not meet with my expectations. It does seem like the micron drive is a more modern and faster performing drive. Intel might have selected a bit too conservative approach .