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    Maxtor pronunciation

    I thought it was Quaxstor for Quantum and Maxtor? hehe
  2. Will Rickards WT

    Mathematical question

    I know I'm late to the party but thought I would post this anyway. You can't multiply things in real life. 267 pieces of wood time anything is ridiculous. A previous poster correctly pointed out that multiplication is just addition. And we understand addition in real life. If you have one apple and then you add another apple you have two apples. So lets approach it as addition. If I have 267 pieces of wood and I add nothing I get 267 pieces of wood. But that isn't what you asked, the previous can be represented as 267 + 0 = 267. However 267 * 0 means 0 when you translate it to addition. For example 3 * 3 translates to 0 + 3 + 3 + 3 3 * 2 translates to 0 + 3 + 3 3 * 1 translates to 0 + 3 3 * 0 translates to 0 In fact anything * 0 translates to 0 because when you multiply by 0 you are not adding anything to anything, there is no addition. Now trying to represent that in real life may cause your shower to turn you into a prune. I like the black hole reprentation. I dropped my 267 pieces of wood in there and now I have none. A more interesting representation of multiplication in real life is area. If you have a 3 rows x 2 columns of tile, you have 6 tiles. If you have 267 rows x 0 columns of tile, you have no tiles. However this model fails much beyond 4 things multiplied together as you run out of real world dimensions.
  3. Will Rickards WT

    Alternative rock gone from Philly.

    I was a Y100 listener on the drive to work and home from work. The day before preston and steve announced it was their last day for a while (they move to WMMR in 6 months. I was pissed. Then I turn on the radio the next day and Y100 is gone. I was upset. I've been trying WMMR but if I have to listen to one more overplayed song....
  4. Will Rickards WT

    The future for dual CPU (Opteron) setups?

    Also long term, software is going to become more dual core/dual processor/64 bit friendly. So video encoding may yet get faster on the opterons.
  5. Will Rickards WT

    The future for dual CPU (Opteron) setups?

    Chose the dual opteron system. It will be easier to cool and thus easier to quiet.
  6. Will Rickards WT

    Firefox Failure.

    Actually sound like you just needed to impersonate IE for this. They were probably blocking any nonIE user agent strings.
  7. Will Rickards WT

    Stolen Laptop

    You didn't perhaps have any remote control software loaded on it and by default enabled did you?
  8. Will Rickards WT

    Working for a lawfirm

    I work for a software consultantcy company that basically just works for law firms. We have some service organizations and a couple of banks as clients too. And from what I've seen of the inside of law firms, they are good places to work. In slow times in the economy a law firm job is stable. I would recommend you take this job unless you are morally opposed to working for/supporting lawyers.
  9. Will Rickards WT

    LT Winmodem 56K & W2K Help!

    First you have to determine whether your Lucent modem has a DSP or not. There are different drivers for the different families. Look at the modem and list the numbers you find on the chips and any and all model numbers on the card. Once we determine which modem you have, I can send you the latest drivers.
  10. Will Rickards WT

    Tom's take on TCQ/NCQ

    It is weird that they used a raptor 36GB and 74GB drives. Why didn't they just test the 74GB raptor with TCQ disabled? And why use different drives to test NCQ enabled versus NCQ disabled? Why not test the same drive with it enabled and then disabled? This would remove any sample variation affecting the outcome of the results.
  11. Will Rickards WT

    Wild Tangent Web Driver. Is it Spyware?

    If you play their games, it isn't. If you don't, it is.
  12. Will Rickards WT


    I think 7zip's UI is workable. Not great but what do you get for free?
  13. Will Rickards WT

    My cheap case acts like an amplifier.

    I'd introduce some sort of rubber dampening around where the case cover meets tha case. Most of the noise may be vibration of the cover.
  14. Will Rickards WT

    Trackpoint or touchpad?

  15. Will Rickards WT

    New 3Gb/Sec Raptor?

    What my fellow community member was trying to convey is that the the hard drive speed is still much slower than the bus. So even if the new SATA bus was 3Gb/second it wouldn't make any real difference. Now one with more cache or maybe a 15K RPM monster would be able to make more use of the bus but still the limit is mostly the hard drive.
  16. Will Rickards WT

    Cell phone jammers gaining popularity

    That is what lawmakers are for. Whether it be a private establishment and the lawmakers there are the owners or a public place where the lawmakers are the government. I think headsets in cars for cellphones should be mandatory. If any active distraction (eating/cellphone) can be tied to the cause of an accident the person should have their car impounded and their driver's license removed until reviewed by a judge in court. Maybe the lawmakers won't agree with me, maybe they will.
  17. Will Rickards WT

    PBS Bush/Kerry History Special

    Yes, especially if it is just you. Even if you had a wife and kid on that, I'd still consider it rich.
  18. Will Rickards WT

    $750 off $1500 at dell home for laptops

    it has now expired
  19. Will Rickards WT

    Tcq / Ncq Enabled Sata Controllers Are Here...

    Thanks for the link, interesting stuff. Possible 30% improvement using TCQ. I don't think this is NCQ though.
  20. Will Rickards WT

    Cell phone jammers gaining popularity

    What would be really cool is if the cell towers could detect when you are moving say above 10mph and then block incoming/outgoing calls. No one would be able to talk while driving regardless. They have to implement some sort of location based thing in the cell phones nowadays for E911, correct? Is this possible with current technology?
  21. Will Rickards WT

    Cell phone jammers gaining popularity

    You are right, they would just drive without a license. So let's just impound their cars while we are at it.
  22. Will Rickards WT

    Cell phone jammers gaining popularity

    I think they just need to take more people's drivers licenses away for these type of violations. Then people might start to treat driving like a privilege and pay more attention when on the road.
  23. Will Rickards WT

    Tcq / Ncq Enabled Sata Controllers Are Here...

    Can't wait till Eugene answers these questions for us
  24. Will Rickards WT

    Tcq / Ncq Enabled Sata Controllers Are Here...

    The file copying showed the largest increase due to NCQ. The burst speed was slowed with NCQ. Basically they concluded it helped overall when you were doing things concurrently.
  25. Will Rickards WT

    Maxtor Maxline 3

    So when is that NCQ review on the drive coming?