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    Beating 137gb Limit On 440bx

    How about $19.95 shipped? http://shop1.outpost.com/product/3864947 I use one of these syba cards which is based on a silicon image 0680 chip. Works fine. Only thing you'll need to do is flash it with the IDE version of the bios instead of the RAID version.
  2. Will Rickards WT

    Stupid Web Hijacker

    And it looks like Ad-Aware 6 (click to download) removed everything but the hosts file modifications.
  3. Will Rickards WT

    Stupid Web Hijacker

    SARC Info on this adware
  4. Will Rickards WT

    Stupid Web Hijacker

    I should also say that I didn't notice it for a while since I use Firebird not IE most of the time.
  5. Will Rickards WT

    Stupid Web Hijacker

    I was wondering what caused that hijacking on my work PC. I ran adaware but I forget what it did. It did not correct my hosts file, which I used to edit almost weekly as I connect remotely to various clients and like using aliases insted of their IP addresses. I just corrected it now.
  6. Will Rickards WT

    Domain Registrar

    I registered with and host my domain on jumpdomain. They claim they were the first under $15 and still at $10.
  7. Will Rickards WT

    Bad Ata133 Controller

    You are welcome. Hopefully I've saved you some time. When I had a similar problem, it took me days to figure it out. I kept banging my head against this problem trying all sorts of configurations and what not.
  8. Will Rickards WT

    Bad Ata133 Controller

    Don't know if this will help you but when I was trying to get my Silicon Image RAID controller to work as a non-raid controller I had to flash it with the non-raid version of the bios. Maybe they have a similar thing?
  9. Will Rickards WT

    Ntfs Question

    sysinternals has a bunch of ntfs utilites, maybe what you need is there?
  10. Will Rickards WT

    Is Moore's Law Dead?

    My P3 667 compared to some new boxes I get to play with doesn't feel 50% slower. However, every XP box I've seen runs like a dog... and it is usually installed on these 'fast' machines. If processor development has slowed, I'm happy. My feelings are that we are going too fast and need to focus on utilizing resources better. Everybody is focused on the processor when the hard disk subsystem is what makes a system slow or fast to the user.
  11. Will Rickards WT

    Backup Solutions

    I'd recommend buying an external firewire800 (or usb2.0) enclosure and buying a nice, big, silent, and cool hard drive to put in it. Then sync the two with any of the available freeware/shareware on the internet to do the job. Currently I just backup to another drive in the same system. I just have an xcopy job that runs every morning at 3am. Eventually I'll want to move to an external drive.
  12. Will Rickards WT

    New Wtc Design

    Let build it out of carbon nanotubes! Looks pretty.
  13. Will Rickards WT

    Help: Can't save GIF files

    Alt + F4
  14. Will Rickards WT

    Help: Can't save GIF files

    Quit using IE and switch to Firebird The 2003-12-08 nightly is very good. I expect a 0.8 release candidate in the next week. Don't use the 0.7 milestone, I found it too buggy. Download it here.
  15. Will Rickards WT

    What Internet Connection Do You Use At Home?

    At work (where I browse the most) - T1 - I don't know but I don't wait - no BW limit that I know of - behind company firewall - 1 email - dynamic - $0 - I don't pay for it
  16. Will Rickards WT

    What Internet Connection Do You Use At Home?

    - Dial-Up Modem v.92 - ?53Kb?/?28Kb? I don't really know, the connection box says 48 or around there. - no BW limit that I know of but this is dial-up how much bandwidth could I use. - No idea which ports are blocked never checked - 5 mboxes I think, but I use the mailboxes from my own domain instead. - dial-up - assigned IP when connected - $9.95 US/month + $7.95 US/month for domain hosting
  17. Will Rickards WT

    To Celeron Or To P4?

    P4 Mobile <> centrino. Centrino is actually an evolved P3. It was designed from the ground up for mobile use and I highly recommend those over either the celeron or p4.
  18. Will Rickards WT

    $300 For New Raptor? Crazy!

    Lets compare, speed up the slowest part of a computer by 10-15% (raptor) or speed up the fastest part of a computer by 10-15% (P4EE). Which one affects overall system performance best? Clearly the raptor. Crazy it is not. Yes I know that is generous improvement for the P4EE and is only for the purpose of the analogy. I do not know or believe the P4EE results in that kind of improvement.
  19. Will Rickards WT

    Dilemma: 24" Crt Or 21" Lcd?

    The only possible advantage in image quality is the digital interface versus analog interface on a typical CRT. But this advantage assumes something is lost along the way when using an analog interface. I'm not sure there is any such loss occurring. The advantages are just as you list them. You might want to check out the more recent LCD monitor reviews at anandtech. Lots of good info in there.
  20. Will Rickards WT

    saw return of the king :)

    I can't believe they made another peter pan movie.
  21. Will Rickards WT

    Dilemma: 24" Crt Or 21" Lcd?

    Depending on your level of photo processing... are you just resizing, removing red-eye and changing formats? Or are you actually modifying/creating digital images for use in print? Somewhere in between? The issue is color reproduction on the LCD. It still isn't as accurate as a CRT. So if your heavily into photo processing, stick with the CRT.
  22. Will Rickards WT

    Help: Can't save GIF files

    MS KnowledgeBase Article
  23. Will Rickards WT

    Parents' hard drives keep dying

    Did drives die while on the UPS? It really really sounds like a power/static problem. New <> problem free. You never know who wired the house.
  24. Will Rickards WT

    Is it OK to "hot-swap" Laptop AC adapter?

    changes of shorts should be charges or shorts All this hot swap talk must have me thinking of summer.
  25. Will Rickards WT

    Is it OK to "hot-swap" Laptop AC adapter?

    I believe this is true but with these caveats. 1) You should always plug the brick into the laptop first and then plug the brick into the wall. You don't want any live wires to be plugged into the laptop to avoid changes of shorts and what not. 2) I believe the opposite applies too, that you should unplug the brick from the wall before unplugging from the laptop. 3) This is not meant to happen repeatedly in a short period of time. So if you just unplugged it, wait a couple of minute before plugging it back in and vice versa.