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    Partitioning For Speed?

    You are forgetting the time factor. Overtime this may become an issue as new games get further out on the disk. Also there is the contiguous chunk factor to deal with. New files will generally be placed in the next available contiguous space. This leads to holes that are only removed by defragmenting. Without some sort of prioritization to the defrag, the MP3 may get placed before the application data. So having a smaller OS/apps partition makes a difference in speed and organization. Ideally you'd have separate drives. But I don't think a separate partition is a bad idea.
  2. Will Rickards WT

    Partitioning For Speed?

    This is most likely due to the re-install and not the smaller system partition. For some reason a freshly loaded system feels faster than any preloaded windows system you can buy. This may actually have some basis in reality. But without before and after benchmarks one cannot be sure it really is faster. With major PC manufacturers you can attribute the speed to lack of junk that loads during startup. However it may be that windows somehow optimizes it self during install.
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    Police Want Phone Tax To Pay For Wiretaps

    Over in the US we ain't much better off considering the recent FCC ruling
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    Disable Bios On Sil Cmd0680 Pci Card ?

    I'd contact silicon image support
  5. Will Rickards WT

    Resolving Kalyxo.org?

    I have seen it. (you aren't crazy) I regularly open a bunch of sites in tabs. And often one of these sites does not load. But a reload will fix it. I use to see it a lot with Rad's site. But not lately. I thought I was tracking a bug for it but it doesn't seem to be in my list. Might be worth a bugzilla search.
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    Erm, Whats Going On Here :d

    This site may also be helpful http://www.48bitlba.com/index.htm
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    Erm, Whats Going On Here :d

    Large drive support is dependent on 48Bit LBA support, not ATA100 vs ATA133. Some ATA100 devices have support for the larger drives. I'm not sure what southbridge you have in your motherboard. First step would be identifying that and then figuring out if it has 48Bit lba support. If so, you then need to determine whether your BIOS has support for it. Then you need to make sure the OS has support for it (so using an XP SP1 install CD you probably do)
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    Please Help Me, Thanks

    And one of the biggest thing a new builder needs to worry about is static. You need to be grounded when working on the assembly and preferably be in a low static environment. Also I didn't see a floppy drive listed in your parts list. Maybe you already have one or you just don't want one. And capturing video through USB is not a good idea. I assume you have a DV type video camera? For that you should use the firewire port. Some motherboards come with them but probably not the one you picked. So you'll need a firewire card which will give you probably 2 ports in the back of the pc to hook up firewire devices (like extenal hard drives and DV video cameras). Here is a link to rad's site where he built a machine for NLE video editing. Probably a lot more than you need but maybe some good advice for you.
  9. Will Rickards WT

    Please Help Me, Thanks

    xbit labs review of 160GB drives I think based on that I'd switch to Maxtor's for your big drive, which is I assume the capture drive. For your small drive, which I assume is your boot drive and where you would install the software to, I'd want something small and fast. That 36GB raptor you had above was real nice, but if that is too much money for you then I'd recommend a samsung drive.
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    Spiderman 2

    I just saw the movie saturday night and it rocked.
  11. Will Rickards WT

    ***need Help***

    Basically you have to have a div in the html that will hold the text. Initially in the css you hide it and remove it from the flow. On mouseover, via javascript or the css hover property (IE only supports hover on links), you will change the css properties of the div to show it near the mouse cursor through absolute positioning. Changing the text of the div can be done via javascript as well. You can even create the div on the fly in javascript if you'd like. Like everybody else said, you can find examples of how to do this on the web. It isn't specific to dreamweaver.
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    Spiderman 2

    But Venom did return from space through the astronaut originally and then discovered/merged with spiderman. If my memory of the cartoon is correct.
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    Exhibition Driving Ticket

    Judging from your description, I think all you'll need to do is show a picture of this car to the judge and he'll throw it out.
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    Glad to hear that Occupant! super: you must not have kids.
  15. Will Rickards WT

    Sil 680 Bios Problem

    When I got my SIL 0680 based controller, which I wanted to use as a simple ATA controller - no RAID, I had to flash the bios to the non-raid version to get it to work. Sucks that you got the non-flash version, sorry to hear about that. Good news is a flashable one should only be about $20 (about what I paid).
  16. You generally report things of this nature to the better business bureau. Not that anything will come of it. Maybe report it to your local news station's consumer reporter?
  17. Will Rickards WT

    Where Do Old Computers Go?

    I see them in the trash. But usually on these big trash days (where you can throw out just about anything except toxic stuff), there are trash pickers that scoop them up and take them to trash picker land. What happens to them after that is anybody's guess.
  18. Will Rickards WT

    Cool Web Search Is Driving Me Nuts...

    Okay sounds like you may need to consider harsh measures. The following assumes that if this breaks something you are just going to reinstall windows anyway so why not go nuts. Download NOD32 a real antivirus - http://www.eset.com. They have a fully functional trial version for 30 days. Scan your computer with that. Once you are sure your viruses are gone, Go into task manager and kill any process that you don't know what it does. Delete the following registry keys HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/RunServices HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/RunOnce Same under HKCU Remove your Startup Folders C:\Documents And Settings\<user>\Start Menu\Programs\Startup Make sure to do it for every user and All Users. Run msconfig and go nuts unchecking every non-essential item. Restart Check the above again, then continue Delete the internet explorer related folders and registry keys. Run all those nice ad removal programs again. Use another browser: http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox Download IE again and install it. Is it gone? No - reinstall Yes - hurray! HTH
  19. Will Rickards WT

    Cool Web Search Is Driving Me Nuts...

    Info Remove Tool - Cool Web Shredder
  20. Will Rickards WT

    Cool Web Search Is Driving Me Nuts...

    You might try a google search or even a search through the posts here. If you've cleared the registry or the things the run at windows startup, then check your hosts file. It is a file called 'hosts' somewhere in your windows directory. Where depends on the OS, in win2k/XP it is in C:\WINNT\System32\Drivers\Etc\ It really should have only one entry in it: localhost Anything else should be deleted. After modifying the file, make it read-only to prevent spyware from editing it again. HTH
  21. Will Rickards WT

    Best Place For Pagefile

    Rad just put together a DV machine. See his partitioning strategy here. It is at the bottom of the page, May 20th entry.
  22. Will Rickards WT

    Partitioining Questions

    No I don't know better, enlighten me. Regarding my use of the word stripe: This was not meant to imply one pagefile separated across two drives or even the use of raid but the two separate page files. Sorry if I used the term incorrectly. Regarding Reduced Performance through Partitioning: Maybe I didn't read the review/article/thread on reducing performance through partitioning. Can you point me in the right direction?
  23. Will Rickards WT

    Partitioining Questions

    What do you need DOS for? I'd recommend partitioning as follows: Raptor 1 (boot): DOS: 2GB WINDOWS/Apps: 72GB Raptor 2 : Swap: 4GB Docs: 70GB 250GB Monster: Media: 250GB You can stripe the swap space across the two raptors if you like (make a partition for the swap space on each drive and then create fixed size swap files in each of them). But with 2GB of memory, I don't think it will make much difference. I usually make a partition for the swap space on the non boot drive and then make a fixed size (same min and max sizes) swap file that is at least 2GB. This helps prevent the swap file getting intertwined with data and puts it at the fastest first part of the disk.
  24. Will Rickards WT

    How Do I Make An External/mobile Hard Drive?

    Wasn't there a company that made external enclosures that used to advertise on SR. I remember checking out their site and thinking these would be the ones to use. But it was a while ago like a year or more. I couldn't find the site in a google search. Maybe someone else remembers?
  25. Will Rickards WT

    How Large Is 160gb Formatted?

    That is the correct size. In Hard Drive makers terms 160GB is 160 * 1000 * 1000 * 1000 = 160000000000 Bytes In PC terms that many bytes is 160000000000 / 1024 / 1024 /1024 = 149.0116119384765625 GB For 120GB you get 111.758708953857421875 GB