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    Raid 5 technical questions

    What did you end up with for alignment and did you end up with the 32k stripe/4k cluster combo? Also you wrote "disk part with align=1024", but to get 1mb aligned you need to do align=2048.
  2. kickarse

    Signs of growing old.....

    It may have something to do with normal relative maturity of men vs. women. If you are 25 years old and male, you are more likely to be on the maturity level of a younger woman. This is all relative, of course, as well as generalization. hehe thats funny....
  3. kickarse

    Proof of God's Existence

    But the person has to be willing to find out if the proof is true... thats their responsibility if they deny it...
  4. kickarse

    Power Outage

    yeah... cold beer to get a beer gut ... and then sweat it off
  5. kickarse


    Well this is a nice thread.... People, I think, have too much hate. Not just a specific race. I though Good for nothing was, "bon pour rien"?
  6. kickarse

    Let US put an end to this GOD TOPIC

    Well I am certainly younger then the both of you. I am white male. My nationalities are Italian, French, Czechoslovakian(fancy name for Germans), British, Cherokee Indian, Mohecan Indian, Black Foot Indian. Thats about it.... Married for about 6 months now. Love it! Hrmm... Work for the University Of Massachusetts in the Nutrition Education Department as their Technical Support. I support 9 state offices for their computers, networks, and any other hardware issues. I as well am looking for a new job. I also do Freelance webdesign on the side... its not finished but up.... I love to design, draw, blueprint. Hobbies include, mountain biking, hiking, all sports, swiming, computers, audiophile, cars... fast cars...., hmm.... remodeling.... and a bunch of other things i cant think of at the moment.... well... my name I was born was is Chris as well.... never liked it... hehe
  7. kickarse

    Proof of God's Existence

    Proof is certainly relative to the person. I can quote sources about the world being round till I am blue in the face. But if you dont believe the sources or are stuck in your ways, the proof has no solid ground or basis but is just words, to you, put together to make sentences. Just becuase there is supposed "scientific fact" doesnt make it fact. Even historical "fact." Even theory's are taken as "fact." Whats up with that? So in that you, unless you've done the study yourself, you have to have faith in the proof. IN turn you have to have a certain faith in what you are believing. Faith can be defined as a confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, IDEA, or THING. But it can also mean a belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. IN which a theory is. And in the same respects faith can mean loyalty to a person or thing. Your loyal to your beliefs that there is no God, you will not stray from this. IN which belief means the mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another. For that you would believe that the scientists are doing the study exactly as it should be done and have findings that are truthful. But belief can also mean mental acceptance of and conviction in the truth, actuality, or validity of something. You feel that the proof you have is valid. If someone doesnt believe and doesnt view it as valid, its not proof to them. As you've shown from proof that I've shown to you, mentally I accept it, I have convicitoin in its truth, actuality and validity. As well, you turn to many sources becuase of this definition of faith something believed or accepted as true, especially a particular tenet or a body of tenets accepted by a group of persons. Because a Theory is abstract reasoning; speculation or an assumption based on limited information or knowledge; a conjecture. You have a theory that God doesnt exist, yet its unproven and based on speculation, assumption upon the beliefs of others, and have limited information and knowledge about god and his creations, as well your belief is based on information that is accepted as proof to you but is theory to the many, and untrue. To you you have conviction for it, you believe its valid to just say "there is no god, look at the world, look at the people, killing, war crime, violence," in which it boiled down to. Where as I dont "look at the world, and see satan behind the problem of disease, wars, violence, greed, but look at life itself and see that it was created by intelligence." IN science you make an Educated Guess or a Theory about the conlusion of your scientific study. In which you can be wrong or right. You make a guess about god. But are you educated enough to make the guess and if so have you actually studied to find out the answer to prove to yourself the truth?
  8. kickarse

    Let US put an end to this GOD TOPIC

    and lets hope every thread that is made only one of them exists about that topic... seeing as to get rid of clutter...
  9. kickarse

    Proof of God's Existence

    i guess so huh....
  10. kickarse

    Proof of God's Existence

    Wow over 660 replys and over 10,600 views... thats alot!
  11. kickarse

    Let US put an end to this GOD TOPIC

    how you gonna do that? besides the bar and grill is a general discussion right? what the dilio? yeah i am white.. hehe
  12. kickarse

    Proof of God's Existence

    ... I dont know where your getting the idea that other peoples ideas are evil. They arent, their just different. But if they don't coincide with the bible's teachings or reasonings. Then they are simply just, well, wrong... thats all... no hidden stuff... Know whats kinda funny though... my name is Chris... hehe.. no joke...
  13. kickarse

    Let US put an end to this GOD TOPIC

    yeah its called AIM or MSN Messenger hehe.....
  14. kickarse

    Proof of God's Existence

    Proof to me is different then proof to you. As in proof leaves out any doubts for myself, it might leave some for you. Thats why you have to search for your own proof. Proof of god and having faith in him and what he has doen for us are different all together. Proof of god is just a factual thing based on sources, including the bible. Faith in him is based on the bible and what he has done for those that have followed him in the past. So in a way I dont get you. Do you want proof of faith? Or faith for proof? Or neither faith or proof and just want to be a person that lives their life and doesnt care about god or what he does?
  15. kickarse

    Proof of God's Existence

    hehe okay....