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  1. Ralf Hutter

    Most Quiet Drive?

    Here's the SP1604N: http://geizhals.net/eu/a55792.html Note the difference between the "SV" series and the "SP" series. It's the "SP" that you should consider.
  2. Ralf Hutter

    845e Chipset W/ 800mhz P4 Canterwood?

    I've run the Albatron 845PE board ("845PEV Pro" I think) with a 2.4C at 200FSB and everything's worked perfect. Memory's running at 200FSB, AGP/PCI locked at 33/66. This board officially supports the 800MHz CPUs and the BIOS detects the CPU and automatically sets the FSB to 200MHz the first time you boot up. It even supports H-T. No Dual Channel memory though. Perhaps that Abit board will work just as well as this Albatron does.
  3. Ralf Hutter

    Samsung P80 review soon?

    Um... i dunno??? Is this benchmark from your drive that died? If so, maybe that's why your read/write performance is bass ackwards??
  4. Ralf Hutter

    Has Anyone Tried The New Dvi Kvm Switches?

    I've been quite successfully using the Adderview 2 Port DVI-KVM for the past year and wanted to try a USB-DVI-KVM so I got the Belkin. The DVI part worked fine but the USB never worked well. It wouldn't always "see" the mouse and/or keyboard when it was switched. You'd have to unplug/replug the problem device to get it recognized. Spent a fruitless while with Belkin Tech Support before finally returning it. Went back to my functional Adderview.
  5. Ralf Hutter

    Antec P160 Cases Now Available

    It wasn't an issue for me because those silly LEDs were unplugged the whole time I messed with the P160. I only plugged them in to take a picture for the review. Those lighted fans and cases and all that sort of stuff do nothing for me... I'm not much of a bling-bling kind of guy.
  6. Ralf Hutter

    Antec P160 Cases Now Available

    Are you sure? I couldn't tell exactly, either, but it looks to me like the tray lifts directly out through the err....uhh... side of the case. You know, the side you put cards in, not the other side. Where do you think the motherboard tray comes out? -- Rick The tray comes out the side of the case where the main door is. There's pics of it in this review.
  7. Ralf Hutter

    Antec P160 Cases Now Available

    You could make a hotdog, wrap it in five dollar bills and sell it for a quarter, and some people would still find something to complain about it. :-) -- Rick Sure, that would taste awfull... But really, its a desktop PC tower case, for $119US they can include a 350W power supply... thats not an unreasonable expectation. A lot of people bitched about the Sonata PSU not being quiet enough or not powerful enough so maybe Antec decided "fine, let 'em choose their own PSU for this one." This case seems to be based on customer feedback. People said "where's the removable mobo tray", "make a Sonata out of aluminum and I'll buy it", "I don't like the door", "I don't want this PSU, why can't you make a case w/o a PSU so I can use my own", etc, etc. So here you go guys, it's the case you asked for. Hope you love it!
  8. Ralf Hutter


    I wonder if maybe Hitiachi had to disable the AAM feature due to the Convolve lawsuit. That's the reason there's no user-adjustable AAM in the Seagate 7200.7 drives.
  9. Ralf Hutter

    Dynamic Dicks

    I'd suggest looking in high schools and college campuses. They say a man's sexual peak occurs around 18 years of age so you'd probably have the easiest time finding dynamic dicks in a place where there's lot's of 17-19 yr olds.
  10. Ralf Hutter

    sp1614n with external enclosure

    Put the drive on an IDE channel on a desktop PC and format it.
  11. Ralf Hutter

    Just got my new samsung :)

    Yes, yes yes, you nailed it! Perfect point by point comparison between these 2 drives.
  12. Ralf Hutter

    Best drive imaging solution for XP SP1?

    Drive Image has been able to write images to NTFS partitions since V 5.0 (circa 2001). Ghost was at least one, if not two generation behind that. That's the reason I switched from Ghost to DI 5.0 back in the day. I was not going to keep a FAT32 partition around just so I could write an image to it. That's absolutely ludacris.
  13. Ralf Hutter

    Best drive imaging solution for XP SP1?

    I use DI5 (and occaisionally 2002) daily on each of my three WinXP Pro sp1 systems. I've been using DI5 on WinXP since the day it was released. It works 100% perfect with zero issues. I backup from NTFS to NTFS on a different partition or on a different disk, depending on the situation. Either way works fine.
  14. Ralf Hutter

    DriveImage 2002 (v6) users

    Drive Image does not include the Page File in it's image size.
  15. Ralf Hutter

    Pentium-M and motherboards

    There's a couple of threads about this over at SilentPCReview.com. Here, and here.