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  1. FluffyChicken

    2.5" ATA Drives

    Hi, I've been out of the drive loop for a while but am in the market for another 2.5" ATA drive. Preferably looking at 5400RPM Also needs to be ATA (not SATA as a lot seem to be) I also notice more companies are making these 2.5" drives So what's the market like now, needs to be large capacity 60GB+ Quiet and fast, cheap and not eat through battery power (i.e. the usual ) Note I'm also living in the UK. I see Storagereview still isn't reviewing them (unless I'm missing something) So whats out there and decent ?
  2. FluffyChicken

    Seagate has Hyper- Threading?!

    Only some specific modern processors support Hyperthreading not all.
  3. FluffyChicken

    LT Winmodem 56K & W2K Help!

    LTWinmodems I had great fun with these (not the not working but the altering drivers to get better facilities v.92 etc) V.92 is not available on all LTModems (most pre Agere cannot unless you modify the drivers, I forget how now since I've been using BBand for over 2 years) Also most of the are half Winmodem half hardmodem so you do get the benefits of both and also the downsides Get the driver from the people that make them not from some driverguide site http://www.agere.com/entnet/modem_driver2.html
  4. FluffyChicken

    Trackpoint or touchpad?

    Having both on my Laptop I prefer the TouchPad and rearly use the trackpoint at all. I also like to use the tapzones and scrolling parts of it enabled by the Syanptics software (Synaptics old black one used in Dell Inspiron 4100 and similar aged Dells) It no so good for games or accurate work (neither are) but general Windows GUI/Office/Internet I find it far better and less work than a mouse
  5. FluffyChicken

    PCI Express SATA Raid Controllers

    I mean 2 PEGx16 connectors VIA PT890/K8T890 is already designed to take x1, x4 and x16 in different slots
  6. FluffyChicken

    PCI Express SATA Raid Controllers

    Nvidia are making a 2 connector chipset, mainly so you can have their cards in their SLI configuration... Also with SoundBlaster bringing out a PCI-E Soundcard we'll see a move of all the slots to PCI-E in the future.
  7. FluffyChicken

    Maxtor Maxline 3

    I'm assuming this is the same drive as the DiamondMax 10 as has happened in previous DM/ML lines. Seems only 16MB is for the 250/300 lines and 8MB for the smaller ones. But the DM10 200MB is £85 in the UK at the moment.
  8. FluffyChicken

    PCI Express SATA Raid Controllers

    Other things I found... Maybe you want to help design them http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/company/j...S&jobid=35042KB See them for yourself http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/company/e...eventID=IDF2004 bored now...
  9. FluffyChicken

    PCI Express SATA Raid Controllers

    http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/product/m...=White%20Papers Adaptec talking about PCI Express (among other things) late last year
  10. FluffyChicken

    bios flashing problem with EPOX EP-8krai

    Are you using the awardflash off the floppy ? I assumed you where taking about the awardflash in the BIOS. (pressing F2) AWDFLASH.EXE xxxxxx.BIN /CC /CD /CP /F /R /PY /SN should be what you use (/F = ForceFlash) How are you making your bottdisk ? It should be a normal DOS bootdisk without config.sys and just put that line in the autoexec.bat (using the correct xxxx.bin name ) http://www.epox.nl/BIOS/AWDFLASH_V8.33.zip for awdflash 8.33 (may as well try the one EPox give) Also clearCMOS on the motherboard first (remove/connect jumper, boot, power off, put back)
  11. FluffyChicken

    bios flashing problem with EPOX EP-8krai

    I don't know of a way off hand but EPOX (well UK anyway) can give you a new BIOS so no need for badflash.com eg http://cnb-host4.clickandbuild.com/cnb/sho...odCategoryID=13 but try your localised site. You may want to ask in the AOA forums as Epox(UK) have their support forum there http://www.aoaforums.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=27 (direct into the Epox area) EpoxTech should be there. Have you tried redownloading the new BIOS (I assume you where trying the resent release) and using that OR trying the older ones ?
  12. FluffyChicken

    Flops Count

    Just read you say 1.8GHz, I was thinking 1700+ for some strange reason. It'll probably be more then (it's times like this you need an edit button )
  13. FluffyChicken

    Flops Count

    You could look at programs like Sandra that measure Whetstone and it'll probably be around 2000 MFLOPS.
  14. FluffyChicken

    Flops Count

    It depends how you define FLOPS Not what the acronym means but what specific floating point instructions you mean. For example the Distibuted Project I run called Find-a-Drug produces more FLOPS then Seti@Home does. So using them as a benchmark would give you different FLOPS rates. Of course a compiler could also alter the flops rate http://www.aceshardware.com/forum?read=105020636 SSE etc.. also messes with the numbers ? What do you need the FLOPS reading for ?
  15. FluffyChicken

    Onboard Sata Raid0 Question

    They would be perfectly fine (excluding the usual Sods Law though)