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    15000rpm Raptor Drive ?

    After talking to a salesman in the California Office, he confirmed my suspicions that my "friend" is a damned retard.
  2. I have a friend who swears to Jesus the who sold him the WD SATA drive that it is a 15000rpm drive. He said the capacity is 36gigs. I told him that they only make 10000rpm drives then I got told that I did not do my homework. Am I wrong or WTF?
  3. Sorry , I got everything off of him.
  4. If it is still 4 sale I WILL take it off of your hands.
  5. Hey I pmed you. Let me know!!! thanks.
  6. Psyco

    The Raptor Attack Is ON!!!

    I will be captain obvious here: I don't think it is going to give you better performance. I would imagine you would have to be taking ahit of some kind. How much is the answer. I am also waiting to buy 4 of them for some RAID 5 loving on one of the LSI SATA controllers...!!
  7. Psyco

    3ware Escalade Question

    That is crazy :?: :?:
  8. Psyco

    3ware Escalade Question

    Are any of you guys using the raid card as a boot drive, or is the radi card used for storage, orand does it have the pagefile on it? Just wondering, I am thinking about getting a 3Ware card also
  9. Psyco

    Favorite IDE RAID-5 capable controller?

    Lets try this again. I cannot edit or delete the above post.
  10. Change both raid setups to dynamic disk. If you search on this forum you will read about XP disabling the write cache for data loss protection, or something very close to that. Just the way it is. Go into coomputer management then Disk management and chane both arrays to Dynamci disk. Reboot and then it iwill tell you new hardware was installed and ask you to reboot again. ATTO is fairely good at reading transfer rates. I would heed the advice above on the benchmarks.
  11. Waht is with tehe damned attitude towards me. It is not your money. I really don't give a damn what Dell does. My electronics experince and certs tell me they are full of stinker. Simple as that. Do you run a 250watt supply in all of your machines? I sure as hell do not. If you can live with the dell setup fine man you go right ahead. I am not posting anymore on this godamned forum. Are you happy? That make you feel better about giving advice? And to HisMajestyTheKing. I never said bigger is better did I? God, what is with you people? 8O 8O :cry: I asked for your experience level with this stuff honold. You never said anything about it but you come on here and belittle me like you are some kind of Know it all. How dou you know it all? What level of experience do you have??????? Any? Any degrees? I have a lot of experience with power supplies and electronics in general as well as workstations. I have not worked on a Dell or any other server. That is why I posted here for help not a bunch of bullshit on how you know more then me. 8O I really appreciate the advice given by those few who were nice about it.
  12. That is fine for Dell. I am not willing to run my fileserver off of a 250 watt powersupply.
  13. That I can buy with it being fron Dell or compaq, get my drift. I also don't like the fact that that server only comes with a 25owatt power supply, read that in the online documentation.
  14. I understand I do not need nor do I really want a dual processor machine for a file server. That is the only way I can get the 6466 slots!!!! I have not found a single processor motherboard with either 6466, 6433 or 3266 slots on it. That is really what I wanted to get the dual motherboard for and not put oin a second cpu.