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  1. 2 TIX for Nascar Sunday, Nextel Cup Series at Infineon Raceway Sunday June 25, Sonoma CA Section SF C, row 39, seats 8-9 paid $275, looking for $225 open to offers. paypal only, can arrange for pickup in San Francisco/bay area. Heatware: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=32206 email (better option) or PM me if you have Q's. Thanks.
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    Sony Playstation 3

    E3 specs the lowdown: Blu-ray discs SD slot, and a compact flash memory slot nvidia RSX = 2 x GeForce 6800 Ultra IBM-Sony-Toshiba Cell processor 300 million transistors 'easy to program for' -- start investing "The PlayStation 3 will also sport some hefty multimedia features, such as video chat, Internet access, digital photo viewing, and digital audio and video." If only schools supported digital video broadcasting of lectures... But seriously, this is a freakin' supercomputer or at least a good workstation.
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    Wacko Jacko walks....

    one more concert.!
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    Linux will run on the PS3.

    But you'd need specifically optimized software to take advantage of the vector processors in the Cell. Without that, it's just a stripped PowerPC CPU (AFAIK). 207746[/snapback] exactly why i asked if anyone knew whether powerbook is better than ibm t42/t43 for linux programs, esp. matlab/engineering/design programs. here: http://forums.storagereview.net/index.php?showtopic=19971
  5. Looking for a laptop for work, to do some simulation and design, some C/Java programming but mostly engineering and design programs. Most of the programs I'll be using have a linux/unix version, so I might be able to do everything on a powerbook without relying too much on virtual pc program. I think the apple displays are excellent, ...having used them for extended periods with no eye strains, or discomfort. Otherwise, does anyone recommend ibm t42 or t43, i'm not much of a computer gamer, so this will strictly be for business, btw anyone an ibm employee? I dont know how the powerbook will do with E or design programs in linux compared with T40's. Any suggestions?
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    The Bratzapper. Shock the bad kids.

    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." can anything be infinite?? hmmm...
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    The Bratzapper. Shock the bad kids.

    "YOU DID WHAT?!?!" You little monster, COME HERE, COME HERE!!!.....BZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    The Bratzapper. Shock the bad kids.

    The perfect gift for Father's Day.
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    This is Moon Walk

  10. 1_smack_for_2

    This is Moon Walk

    This was one of his best concerts. Torrent.
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    Step away from the computer!

    Deja vu. I did the same test on windows 2003 server and it only takes two days of benign web browsing to rack up 1000+ (some people thought i installed malware intentionally): http://framessite.com/Windows2003_in_2_days.htm Regardless of the windows version: http://forums.storagereview.net/index.php?...topic=17208&hl=
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    Brussels gettting into Muslim hands....

    so the question has become was the war on terror worth it? Yes Global Policy Forum’s mission is to monitor policy making at the United Nations, promote accountability of global decisions, educate and mobilize for global citizen participation, and advocate on vital issues of international peace and justice. GPF responds to a globalizing world, where officials, diplomats and corporate leaders take important policy decisions affecting all humanity, with little democratic oversight and accountability. GPF addresses this democratic deficit by monitoring the policy process, informing the public, analyzing the issues, and urging citizen action. GPF focuses on the United Nations – the most inclusive international institution, offering the best hope for a humane and sustainable future. GPF is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, with consultative status at the UN. Founded in 1993 by an international group of concerned citizens, GPF works with partners around the world to strengthen international law and create a more equitable and sustainable global society. GPF uses a holistic approach, linking peace and security with economic justice and human development, and we place a heavy emphasis on networking to build broad coalitions for research, action and advocacy. We put our energy into well-focused and unique programs in which GPF has a special analytical and organizational edge. GPF’s main office is strategically located across the street from UN headquarters in New York. GPF also has a European office, located in Bonn, Germany.
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    Are hamburger commercials getting too sexy? :)

    perhaps Paris is asexual; mentioned here by jtr. hehe, I had doubts about the second pic, dude--let it fly.
  14. 1_smack_for_2

    Are hamburger commercials getting too sexy? :)

    The problem she's a Hilton, but teens dont get that--life on a silver platter! And quite staggeringly unfortunate that fabricated controversy surrounds her useless, superfluous, and bumbling life. Anyone see Kissing Jessica Stein, first place I heard the "sexy ugly" being uttered. Director should have thrown the script out the window and take it all the way..
  15. 1_smack_for_2

    Baby Gets Trapped In Prize Machine.

    I saw this on tv. The kid got nothing!!! nothing!!! no teddy bears no puppets, Walmart is cold....brrrr.
  16. 1_smack_for_2

    Pentagon: Newsweek 'Irresponsible'

    You seem to have struck out there FS, the source that Newsweek reporters relied on is unnamed and unofficial. CBS with Dan Rather comes to mind. Edited for speeling.
  17. 1_smack_for_2

    Pentagon: Newsweek 'Irresponsible'

    But read what is BEING SAID: 1) The "original probe" wasn't meant to look into Koran desecration - to which I say I don't care what it was meant to look into, I care what it found. This is mis-direction, plain and simple. 2) The Pentagon says that it has looked into "other desecration charges" and found them "not credible." These are the same Pentagon spokesmen that originally denied ANY abuse at Abu Ghirabi prison, until pictures surfaced. If they have done investigations, then show us the reports and produce the investigators for questioning. 3) The original source doesn't sound like he is retracting the his story about desecration - he is merely saying he might not have reviewed it in THAT report. Frankly, that is not much of a denial - that's like me hitting a bloke on the head and telling the police "Well, no, I didn't hit him wth THAT baseball bat..." That is exactly the type of retraction that one would expect of someone who was pressured to make it from above... Do they teach critical reading skills in school anymore? Future Shock 205380[/snapback] well you seem to be following up on this story more than I; "These are the same Pentagon spokesmen that originally denied ANY abuse at Abu Ghirabi prison, until pictures surfaced. If they have done investigations, then show us the reports and produce the investigators for questioning." For 1 & 3. Of course there's not much denial, looking at that article it looks like some entry level guy ran a script. The typical "my sympathies" crap--that's my whole point Newsweek hasn't done jack. I still feel that Newsweek is at fault here, why would Pentagon turn everyone else down and then suddenly Pentagon denies it. Of course it's misdirection... Are you Reading my POSTS??
  18. 1_smack_for_2

    Pentagon: Newsweek 'Irresponsible'

    "Last Friday, a top Pentagon spokesman told us that a review of the probe cited in our story showed that it was never meant to look into charges of Qur'an desecration. The spokesman also said the Pentagon had investigated other desecration charges by detainees and found them "not credible." Our original source later said he couldn't be certain about reading of the alleged Qur'an incident in the report we cited, and said it might have been in other investigative documents or drafts." Newsweek: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7857154/site/newsweek/
  19. 1_smack_for_2

    Pentagon: Newsweek 'Irresponsible'

    yeah that works, 1SF2 works too. err.. what happened to the formatting...? So to answer your statement and xSTLx's question I refer to my statement and infer that yes Newsweek must do something and not just say my apologies. In doing something they should provide documented proof and evidence to internal government / human rights officials, something which bother both of us apparently. for a physics minor it is a bit difficult...
  20. 1_smack_for_2

    Sony Playstation 3

    But dont forget M$ makes Xbox, you think they will allow Linux/Unix to fly on their unmodded system? They will throw in winblows xp mult-i-media crudition...
  21. 1_smack_for_2

    Pentagon: Newsweek 'Irresponsible'

    My comment--- typical Muslims (where's f_vo?). And now it's time for another anti-religion thread...well, maybe not. What's his name Salman Rushdee, still fears for his life. Only goes to show how BFS the masses of lemmings that are zealots when it comes you religion and have zero capacity to "Use Brain". Same 'ol Same 'ol, 'Got Milk?' Got brain dead humans with their religions? Time for a Einstein quote on religion maybe... 205270[/snapback] My opinion is that Newsweek (Newsweek = a group of editors and reporters) did this to stir things up, create upheaval and riots, to pit Muslims against Muslims. Why else would idiots responsible for this article write this without reporting it internally to government or human rights officials? So in exploiting it, say something like this: "...look guys we tried talking to government about our findings and they disregarded the reports of demoralizing Muslims at so and so, so now we are exploiting this to stop it from happening" It's interesting to read and hear quotes on religion from philosophers, because they all sound the same; Galileo to Newton to Einstein. Perhaps they all reached the same conclusions, whatever that may be. What's more interesting is that Galileo worked against scripture in his time, while Newton and Einstein worked to protect and institutionalize their religious ideals. Which becomes lucid when you read to find how deeply Einstein revered Newton, and how both became household names. The quote people should follow is one that sounds different, but actions speak louder than words (As in Dave Chappelle's case). You would be surprised to know udaman that Einstein spent his last 22 years trying to prove that God was in his equations by uniting Gen_Rel and EM, placing himself on an All mighty pedestal and aiding the Zionist movement in Israel, while completely neglecting quantum mechanics. You were expecting something like: he put aside religion to deal with physics? --who wouldn't get arrogant and cocky from such a discovery, hard to resist.
  22. I happened to find an IC chip for my acient sony trintron and batteries for my old lucent phone. If you can fix it yourself this is cool place to get the parts. http://www.partstore.com
  23. 1_smack_for_2

    Sony Playstation 3

    As I recall the PS2 was modded in China and the miracle worker(s) touted that it was done using only 8 lines of code. The Messiah 2 and DMS3 or DMSx, did the job efficiently and perfectly (PS1, PS2, DVDs). But the messiah 1 and neo 2.0 mod chip, which came out within a year of launch, roughly did the job (no dual layer support, limited dvd support, double swap, DMC demo disk, etc..). "Where there's a will, there's a way" comes to mind. You are right FS it will depend on how easily third parties are able to implement features from the SDKs. Of course the initial offering of games are not going to take advantage of all of the hardware's features. This remains true for all systems during their launch cycle. The PS3 will have the same capabilities as PS2, although not a selling point, it is highly probable that some 3rd party game developers will only need PS2 capabilities. Nintendo has some very good games for the system but the whole "kiddie" game aura and odd controllers and no dvd support, made it a lackluster system for many adults. And 3rd parties produce games for systems that sell. From your specs xSTLx there's no hardware power lacking--it will be all about third party support. With IBM tech behind PS3, PS3 without Linux is not an option.
  24. 1_smack_for_2

    So who else is happy, Family Guy back.

    Family Guy is funnier than all the other cartoon series on f*x. The mall scene with Quagmire, that was hilarious... ...if only it were true.
  25. 1_smack_for_2

    Yellow Cake

    When's the last time you had yellow cake? In case anyone was wondering about having yellow cake, make sure its this kind: here:http://photo.radproductions.net/Yellow-Cake/FridgeCake here:http://www.neowin.net/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t255219.html and not this aweful kind: here:http://www.eia.doe.gov/kids/energy_fungames/energyslang/yellowcake.html here:http://web.ead.anl.gov/uranium/guide/prodhand/sld009.cfm you never know...