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  1. Drive Image or Norton Ghost should both do the trick.


    I returned the seagate and got a diamondmax 10 200gig drive instead. Something about the way the seagate ran i did not like so now i have the diamond max. But I have another problem. When I use Drive Image 7 to copy one drive to another I get a problem with the new drive when I boot with it. It will boot into the desktop but their are no icons, taskbar etc. So something is not working during the copy but i have no idea what.

  2. FOrget speed, The seagate is fast enough! I woould go for the warranty over speed!!!...


    But the hitachi are fast drives.  Maxtor are also faster too. Over hitachi



    ok so i ended up buying a seagate 200 gig 7200.8 drive and now have been fristrated in trying to create an image of my old drive to the new one. which program should i be using to do thid task?

  3. I bought a 60 gig drive less than a month ago. I looked for a manufacturing date and could not find one. I know that manufacturing dates are usually indicated on the drive somewhere. There are a bunch of numbers and bar codes on the drive. Have they now put the date in one of these bar codes? Does someone have this same drive with a date on it?Thanks in advance