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  1. And the most important aspect of a backup drive is of course performance? Yes but seagate should not reduce the performance because the reputation has been established. Its dishonest.
  2. Ok I have that seagate drive, 320gb, with firmware 3.AAK and i get approximately what Kaleid had on the HD tune test. My other Seagate 320 has firmware 3.AAC and is much faster as 888 said in his post. It sucks that Seagate would do this to their drives.
  3. How does one obtain a firmware upgrade for a maxtor 6B200M0 drive? I looked on the maxtor site and did not see anything. My drive is currently at BANC1B70. And how is the upgrade accomplished? Thanks
  4. why not just scrap the drive if you are so worried about the data still on the drive? Drives are quite cheap and you won't have the headache of knowing all your data is out there.
  5. tempus

    hard drive is beeping at me!

    What is the "freezer trick"?
  6. I wish to buy a 7K250 Hitachi 160 gig drive and there are two models available with SATA, one with 1 disk and 2 heads and the other with 3 disks and 6 heads. Why would they build this drive in these different configurations abd which one is the faster drive?
  7. tempus

    Hitachi 7K250 160gig question.....

    I got the specs from the computer store website. I wonder why they would publish incorrect specs for this drive?
  8. when i copy my old drive to my new drive using drive image 7 the new drive does not boot properly. It wll go past the splash screen to the desktop but there is no icons, taskbar etc. it is made to work while in windows but that does not seem to be the case.
  9. tempus

    which drive to buy!?

    I returned the seagate and got a diamondmax 10 200gig drive instead. Something about the way the seagate ran i did not like so now i have the diamond max. But I have another problem. When I use Drive Image 7 to copy one drive to another I get a problem with the new drive when I boot with it. It will boot into the desktop but their are no icons, taskbar etc. So something is not working during the copy but i have no idea what.
  10. I want to buy a sata drive but cannot decide between a seagate 7200.8 (5 year warranty)or a diamondmax 10(higher performance). If I get the seagate will i really notice the lower performance in normal applications?
  11. tempus

    which drive to buy!?

    ok so i ended up buying a seagate 200 gig 7200.8 drive and now have been fristrated in trying to create an image of my old drive to the new one. which program should i be using to do thid task?
  12. tempus

    which drive to buy!?

    not yet because its availability seems to be limited in my area at this time. My only hope to get one would be by mail order.
  13. What would be the life span of any hard drive in the 7200 rpm category? Barring premature failure could a hard drive last more than a couple of years?
  14. If i create a RAID setup, mirroring and striping, is it possible to copy my drive to the RAID setup? Normally I can copy one drive to another using Drive Image or Norton Ghost but will it work with a RAID setup? Sorry for double posting but I messed up the title of the post
  15. If i create a RAID setup, mirroring and striping, is it possible to copy my drive to the RAID setup? Normally I can copy one drive to another using Drive Image or Norton Ghost but will it work with a RAID setup?
  16. I heard that hard drive manufacturers have reduced the warranties on their drives. Have Maxtor followed this lead?
  17. tempus

    Maxtor D740X question.

    I am able to answer my own question from the response I got from Maxtor. The 4th digit in the serial number is the year of manufacture, ie 2= 2002 and the 3 digits after that is the day of manufacture which in my case is day 50 or Feb 20th.
  18. I bought a 60 gig drive less than a month ago. I looked for a manufacturing date and could not find one. I know that manufacturing dates are usually indicated on the drive somewhere. There are a bunch of numbers and bar codes on the drive. Have they now put the date in one of these bar codes? Does someone have this same drive with a date on it?Thanks in advance
  19. I have had my Maxtor D740X 60 gig drive for about 2 weeks. My question is this. Is it normal to hear the drive spin down when the computer shuts off? I hear the head being retracted the minute power is shut off however the drive makes a noticeable "whine" when it spins down!
  20. tempus

    Question regarding my Maxtor D740X

    It is definitely not a click or a scraping sound. I guess it is normal but i have never heard a hard drive make this "whine" sound when shutting down. Just was wondering if it is normal.
  21. Yes I hear the same thing when my MAxtor 740 60 gig shuts down as well. I think this is normal because my older 5400 rpm Maxtor made the same noise when shutting down too. Its the read/write head being retracted when the drive shuts down.
  22. I am seeking opinions on this drive for the 60 gig and the 80 gig versions, either good or bad. Can someone tell me if the performance of these two drives are the same or similar. My reason for asking is the performance between the 60 and 80 WD BB series is not the same even though the series is the same. thanks
  23. jehh, So why did PayPal decide to keep your money? Was there a reason or did PayPal "just decide' to?
  24. Does someone know which hard drive company make has the highest defect rate for hard drives?
  25. Manufacturers are, by law, required to identify remanufactured or refurbished products. You should be able to tell this right away.