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  1. jehh, You sound like a nitpicker. We don't post on this forum to be nitpicked.Its annoying.
  2. Ok The WD BB series are not the same basic drive for each capicity and the Maxtor D740X is. But who has personal experience with a maxtor D740X drive? In the real world how does the max perform? And how is the reliability of this drive? From what I have read about the WD BB ,this series of drives are a disaster.
  3. tempus

    DiamondMax D740X - 60GB vs 80GB

    Darren, IMHO I would go with the Maxtor. From all that I have read in another forum the WD BB series drives have an unusually high failure rate. I just bought a WD600BB and I wish now I had gone with the Maxtor. Some people are reporting failures after 1-2 hours of operation and even agfter 4 months as well. WD drives still have problems and they do not have them sorted out yet!
  4. I want to benchmark my harddrive and can someone suggest a program or utility that will allow me to perform this? The drive is a WD600BB and does anyone have an opinion on it either good or bad. Thanks in advance T
  5. I just bought this 60 gig drive and have noticed that when the head is reading from the disk the noise is noticeable. What could be described as normal and what would be enough to return the drive to the store for a new one? Also i tried to set the drive to ATA66, my mb supports ATA 66, but the program I used only gives an error message when I select the speed and press enter. Who has an opinion on these WD drives. Are these drives prone to giving trouble? Maybe a Maxtor would have been a better choice? I based this purchase on the review given to larger capicity WD1000BB which tested well.