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  1. Reiser4 is for Testing only at this point. It has become surprisingly mature over the past few weeks. We use JFS for most of our prod systems. We run linux on Power4 based blades, so we have lots of 64 bit goodness. On my intel servers I run XFS except for my boot partitions - there i run ext2 out of old habits
  2. TobySmurf

    Question about RAID 5 and power

    I move hardware raid arrays from server to server all the time without any issues at all, and software raid arrays from server to server when I have no other choice, as they don't transplant quite as well. Michael
  3. TobySmurf

    Ok this is doin my head in. 80pin/40pin? wtf

    Lex is right and so are you. There has never been any "80-pin" IDE devices. 40 pins and 40 or 80 wires, that's all you get. Michael
  4. I know the focus has switched to Windows, but I have two linux servers at work with 11TBs on a single volume on each - using reiser4 on one and jfs on the other. Each volume is coming off a single LUN from an IBM DS4500 SAN. Neither system had any problems recognizing the volume under Red Hat Enterprise Server 4 or Gentoo linux (under Gentoo we made sure to enable >2TB block device support). Since it's a single LUN it looks to the system like a single SCSI drive. They show up as /dev/sdc on these machines (sda and sdb are the internal boot disks). If I find my misplaced win2k3 server volume license discs I will install windows on one of our test blades and will see if windows can even see a single "drive" that is this large. Michael
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    Cloning OpenBSD/FreeBSDn

    using dd from a linux or bsd boot cd is all you need. Make sure you do it from single user mode (ie off the CD) and not when you are booting off the source system's hard disk, or you will have problems.
  6. TobySmurf

    Rounded IDE cables

    I'd like to add that most high end server drive cables are rounded. If it's good enough for my IBM 365 servers and bladeservers, it should be good enough for my home PC. The difference could be cable quality - the IBM cables don't look special, but maybe they are...
  7. TobySmurf

    AMD64 754 chipsets?

    I use nvidia chipsets for all my athlon 64 systems (except opteron).So far I am very happy with them, the nforce3 250 and 250Gb are easily as stable for me as the Intel 925 chipset that my P4s run.
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    64-bit Linux benchmarks at Anandtech

    64 bit AMD machines really shine under linux. I have an apache/mysql system at home running on a pair of opty 248s. They are literally 40-50% faster overall for my database apps than a Dual Xeon 3GHz. The memory bandwidth of A dual Opteron system is simply staggering, and when code is compiled for 64 bit it makes a very noticable difference. For anyone interested, this server is running Gentoo 2004.2/AMD64 with compiler flags -O3 -march=k8 -pipe -funroll-loops -fomit-frame-pointer -fpie -fstack-protector. I have another system (An Athlon 64 3200 socket 754) running Gentoo/AMD64 that is my HTPC (it runs freevo). It used to be hard to get freevo working on AMD64, but now it's easy as they are finally putting ~amd64 and amd64 into the ebuilds for everything. The Athlon 64 plays back hi def DVDs with ease whereas my old P4 2.53 had problems with 1080p video playback if it was in windows media format.
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    Linux Instal On Old Hardware.

    damn small linux would have worked on that box as well. A machine of that era would make a decent firewall/nat box
  10. TobySmurf

    Linux Instal On Old Hardware.

    Not to mention the fact that if you get a Gentoo machine up and running, all the apps can be optimized for your exact architecture. It can often result in a free speed boost, even on a lowly P3 system.
  11. TobySmurf

    Linux Instal On Old Hardware.

    dd-ing linux machines to each other is generally best left to those of us who do this for a living. You will probably save a lot of time by simply using the nohotswap parameter and doingyour normal installs. I'm glad our MSN chat had some success :-) And yes, Gentoo isn't a pretty install, if you ever *do* feel up to it, the handbook at the official site ( holds your hand fairly well through the install. Michael
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    Apple iMac G5

    I am currently trying to convince my wife of how nice one of the new imacs would look in our kitchen. I could surf porn while I cook supper :-)
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    Linux Instal On Old Hardware.

    Gentoo 0.9 was disgusting, at least with LFS you *expected* it to be a pain in the ass... I still can't help thinking there is something common with those machines *other* than the mobo that is causing your problems. Perhaps some kind of funky SCSI CD-ROM? Old old BIOS? Serverworks is normally a very stable chipset, even if they have the worst IDE implementation in history... Michael
  14. Murph, 32MB = 65536 clusters because each cluster is 512 bytes. 512bytes x 65536 = 32MB.
  15. I doubt you will be dissapointed :-)
  16. TobySmurf

    Apple iMac G5

    The current mac bundles (iLife, etc) are amazing. Now I have to consider buying a nicer Mac, my G3 400MHz can barely run OSX 10.3, let alone Panther... And Itunes rocks, even on Windows. It's a shame that the 'pod isn't a little more flexible regarding formats, etc. I like them but I may still end up getting an iRiver...
  17. TobySmurf

    Pentum 4 vs. Xeon vs. EE

    All of my local parts shops and clone retailers seem to be bereft of 3.4s and 3.6s, so I'd say that they are not shipping everywhere yet. It's even hard here to find someone with a lindhurst board in stock. I'm sure that will change soon. What do you think of the performance of the duallie 3.6? Do you have a 533Mhz Xeon to place against it as a reference? All I have seen are "reviews", nothing from someone who actually owns one. Michael
  18. TobySmurf

    Linux Instal On Old Hardware.

    I will add that while Gentoo is a *great* way to learn more about the inner workings of linux, it is *not* fast. Make sure you have a weekend set aside to follow the handbook instructions - it will often take that long. It has become my distro of choice even though it still shows occasional signs of being "immature". Michael
  19. TobySmurf

    Linux Instal On Old Hardware.

    I should add that supermicro boards can be finicky things to install on, quite often with Red Hat ES we had to use the command line parameter noprobe to get it to install. Michael
  20. TobySmurf

    Linux Instal On Old Hardware.

    I cannot speak for SuSe, but Gentoo, Debian and Red Hat ES all love serverworks Grand Champion chipsets, including the HE version of the chipset. Michael
  21. TobySmurf

    P4 Purchase Advice

    Add another vote for a 2.8GHz Northwood. Cool quiet and stable. Very nice.
  22. TobySmurf

    Reiser4 has been released!

    Well, I decided to do a quick rebuild of my fileserver's array since my new drives came in. I have used Ext3, ReiserFS 3.6 as well as XFS, so I figured I would try Reiser4. Ext3 had good performance for large files, but doesn't seem to do so well in folders with a few tens of thousands of small files. Reiser3 had good all around performance, especially with smaller files, although when I had some hardware issues reiserfschk seemed to love deleting files. I loved the agressive caching of XFS (make sure you have a UPS!) but it really really really *stinks* at deleting files. So, with that being said here is my initial reaction to Resier4. Hans is my new personal Deity. Reiser4 is much faster then Reiser 3.6 when reading large files (it seems to be a lot closer to Ext2/3 for reading files that are more than a couple gigabytes in size). It seems to be at least as fast as XFS for streaming large files off disk, and it didn't choke at my "test" folder with roughly 1.2 million files in it (that dir is a great way to choke a lot of filesystems). Here is what I am running for hardware & software: Intel 7505VB2 Xeon mobo 2 x 3.06/512 Xeons 2GB RAM (2x1GB) 3Ware Escalade 8506-12 with 8x250GB SATA, 2x300GB SATA, 2x160GB SATA 3Ware Escalade 8506-8 with 8x200GB SATA 3Ware Escalade 7500-4 with 3x200GB IDE Linux kernel 2.6.9-RC1-mm2 My arrays compose mainly of larger files, a few to a directory (1-8GB in size each). The small files are all tiny, generally 500 bytes-32 Kbytes.
  23. TobySmurf

    Daisy-Chaining FireWire Drives

    I will slap one of the mac enclosures onto my Athlon 64 machine tomorrow and see if it performs much slower...
  24. I replaced all my 360GBs with the Raptor 74s. Not only are they a lot faster, they are *far* quieter. I have one in the shuttle XPC that is beside me right now, and the only thing I hear is the fan from the Athlon 3500+. Michael
  25. TobySmurf

    Beyond Fibre Channel

    We have X-Serve machines here at work. Kinda dissapointing considering all the hype. full fabric FCAL can really fly, it will be interesting to see what you are doing that needs so much bandwidth. And I agree, stay *away* from SSA. In practical terms it was't much faster and SHARKs are expensive...