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  1. Yes, thanks Eugene for an amazing source of info. I have cited your reviews countless times. Hopefully you can recruit some other reviewers to take the burden off yourself, although they would have to duplicate your testbed. I wonder how SSDs will change the landscape of storage though. It really reduces the variables when you have millisecond access times and flat transfer rate speeds.
  2. sleepeeg3

    reliability database

    Any thought to adding this to the benchmark database? It is sort of cumbersome to route through as is to do estimates on drives. You could leave out drives that don't meet your sample size criteria, like you do in the reviews. Example, I was about to buy the Caviar 750GB SE16, based on the database, but the reviews on Newegg seem to show a disproportionate amount of hot running, short lived and DOA drives. Reliability database seems to back this up.
  3. sleepeeg3

    Raptor + NVidia G80 = Vista problems ?

    Maybe it is just Vista 32. If it was working in XP, MS needs to fix it.
  4. sleepeeg3

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000

    Exactly. Eugene I don't know if it is a fair statement to say the Deskstar 7K1000 is the fastest drive, when it has not been compared to the top scores put out by the Raptor with NCQ disabled. Most of us have probably seen firmware optimizations have varying impact depending on performance, depending on how they are implemented. The Raptor still beats it all but one test with NCQ disabled...
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    Next Generation Raptor?

    Eugene, you are a sly one... Waited for official press release:} Impressive, but somewhat disappointing. Smokes the competition in workstation apps, but server use is still abysmmal, noise is about the same and heat output is somewhat warmer.
  6. sleepeeg3

    Next Generation Raptor?

    Realise, the Fujitsu MAU is now well over a year old. By your comparison, you're not saying much. Believe it or not, your sarcasm does not make it any slower. It's still the fastest drive for desktop usage.
  7. sleepeeg3

    Next Generation Raptor?

    But would it really be faster than a Raptor? "Its SCSI therefore its faster" is quite an archaic belief. No, it wouldn't. I'll make a prediction right now the Raptor X is going to be named the fastest drive for single user usage, just like the original was. Totally agree. A single platter 150GB Raptor V3 will very likely top the MAU for single user performance.Now for enterprise use, well if the last model is anything to go by, WD has their work cut out for them...
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    nForce4 RAID5 - why does it suck?

    CPU usage?
  9. So the 74GB Raptor with no command queueing was 1.5% slower than the average? I must be screwing something up... Eugene, is there an archive for Testbed 3 or would it be possible to get some screenshots of past results? There have been a few times I have wanted to compare some drives not on the new testbed and it is hard to find that answer elsewhere. SR is such a definitive site on drive reviews, most sites let their storage section languish and it is hard to find good results elsewhere. For example, it would be nice to be able to give comparison advice to people upgrading from their $20-after-MIR WD drive. One comparison I really do miss being able to do, is the review on the venerable 15k.3. Not as fast as the newer 15k drives, but on Testbed 3 it held a substantial noise/heat advantage over the rest of the lineup. The 15k.4 was not a worthy successor to that drive. Incredible work as always! The straight-forwardness of SR is refreshing.
  10. sleepeeg3

    3 Gb/sec or 300 MB/sec?

    Aside from the fact that 3Gb/s is wrong, the general consumer can not tell the difference between a little "b" and a big "B." For the sanity of techs everywhere, please let them use 300MB/s! Naturally marketing will stick us with the former. On the other hand, I can understand why they used bits for the baud rate. 56K sounds a helluva lot cooler than .007MB/s!
  11. sleepeeg3

    Raptor is noisy. So noisy.... even better one is Control Panel -> System -> System Restore and click on "Turn off System Restore." That is guaranteed to make your drive seem fast. Seriously, how often does anyone use System Restore? Probably never. Half the time it doesn't even work and reinstalling is a guaranteed fix. So I guess Eugene added an "Edit" button, but it doesn't work? Shoot. (Edit me this...) ...or should I say "work all the time?"
  12. sleepeeg3

    Raptor is noisy. So noisy....

    Right click on the C: drive and unclick "Allow indexing service to slow this drive down for the search feature I almost never use."
  13. sleepeeg3

    LCD Monitors @ 12ms response time?

    If you did not read those articles (and you should read all of them) the cut of the jib is that the ISO standard states that the lowest response time attained throughout the entire color spectrum, can be used as the printed response time. In essence, it's absolutely meaningless. That is unless everything you do uses that one color! The fastest 16.7million colored-LCDs are still the discontinued HyDis models. Basically anything else claiming sub-20ms response times is only using 256 thousand colors. So if you want true color reproduction and fast game times, you have to wait for 1. The ISO standard to start using the average response time 2. PVA/MVA monitors to mature. It's a long ways off.
  14. sleepeeg3

    Wd Really Going Downhill

    If it were really .8% AFR, then the odds of Clevor getting 4/5 bad drives would be 0.000000004063232 or 124/30,517,578,125. He would be over a dozen times more likely to win the California lottery! No, I don't think so. 10%+ is more likely. All hard drive manufacturers are bound to have some bad drives. I've never used a WD, but I'm sure they are not much worse than the rest.
  15. sleepeeg3

    Seagate Savvio 36GB 20-Pack for $415.99?

    Economically, that would probably be worth suing them over...
  16. sleepeeg3

    Seagate Savvio 36GB 20-Pack for $415.99? makes these "accidental misprints" all the time. They are nothing but a bunch of scammers.
  17. sleepeeg3

    New 3Gb/Sec Raptor?

    hotlips, you need to do some serious reading...
  18. sleepeeg3

    Time To Buy Nvidia Stock?

    I think you're right and I think you waited too long too That said, I put a limit order in for 50. Hope it goes through. There stock fluctuated 50 cents the last time it traded, so it's possible.
  19. Not sure, but you could link the reference and pull-down (transpose) the links. As long as you don't need it real-time, seems like the easiest way to do it.
  20. sleepeeg3

    Raptor Vs Raptor

    Good question about that ad, as it doesn't list any differences. There are two gens of the 74GB model if you read the StorageReview article. The 2nd is slower, probably increasing the reliability of the drive at the expense of performance. I would personally go with the single drive 74GB solution, add another drive at another date when prices fall as they seem to be dropping steadily. Just sell those other drives.
  21. sleepeeg3

    More On Raid-0 Dispute

    STR gives only negligible benefits, that's what you're not understanding.
  22. sleepeeg3

    Need New Drive

    If NewEgg is out of stock, they won't list the drive. There stock fluctuates in and out daily. They must keep a meager inventory to keep those costs down. Just so you know
  23. It's gotta be the OS. XP?
  24. sleepeeg3

    Western Digital Raptor WD360GD

    The results are in! Looks like Eugene posted them 2 hours ago. 3rd sample is the the retail from HM:
  25. sleepeeg3

    SCSI Questions

    Thanks for clearing that up. I was just going to post that I was not sure whether those new SR scores reflected a retail version, which was another part of my consideration. Looks like they're still coming. From real world usage I have seen posted on this forum and others, there seem to be alot of Raptor owners who are not getting the results they were expecting from SR's original review. They still might turn out to be close, but the difference between the 10K IV and the Raptor was not huge and I think the 10K IV's results are probably more solid. Still assuming the Raptor's scores remain pretty much the same, you could buy one now and easily add a second one later if you wanted to run a Raid-0 combo. I think that's really the downside of SCSI, because of the cost of RAID.