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    Storage Review Site Update

    Well, I just got the email, glad to here this site is staging a comeback. Best wishes. Hopefully, we'll see a new focus on SSDs, because that market is hot. Anandtech has been having pretty good coverage of the new drives, so that's pretty stiff competition, but SR can do better.
  2. There used to be an article on SR, that came out around when the WD GP line debuted, and it contained a quote from WD that SR had extracted, that stated that the drives used a single, invariable RPM. I'm having a forum discussion, and two people still seem to believe WD's "Intellipower" marketing, because they believe that the drive spins at both 5400 and 7200 RPM. Since this is impossible, I would like to prove that to them. (Not to mention, some people on a different forum believe that WD "bins" HDs based on the RPM that they spin at, and 5400 RPM ("Green") drives are actually 7200RPM rejects. I know this is not true, and I would like to be able to prove it.
  3. Virtual Larry

    The Fall of StorageReview

    I think SR could get a lot of positive press and web hits if they started doing reviews of SSDs. Then again, Anandtech has done some superb articles on SSDs already, so perhaps the opportunity to be a leader in this field has already been lost, but I think that SR should still try.
  4. Virtual Larry

    Scratching my Head - HDD Slowdown

    I've heard of G31 mobos with SATA port problems. This is the third one that I've heard of in a week.
  5. Virtual Larry

    Best ATX regular case for 18+ hdds?

    I chose a ThermalTake Armor, and five 3-in-2 Lian-Li EX-23 bay cages. You can fit more HDs using 3-in-2 than you can 4-in-3 cages. I plan on putting in three 5-disk RAID5 arrays, and one boot HD. I'm not sure that would be an appropriate solution for 18 disks though, that's a few more than I planned on.
  6. Virtual Larry

    Abnormal oxidization on Seagate PCB

    According to HP, oxidation of lead-free solder is normal, and considered to be cosmetic only. link
  7. Virtual Larry

    HDD loosing data over time... is it normal?

    Research "QuickPar" and PAR2 files. You run the utility once, over your source data, and it spits out a collection of PAR2 files, that are like checksum files, but they also contain reconstruction data. Then you store those PAR2 files with the original data files. When it comes time to read back the data files, if they have bad sectors or something, then you can use the PAR2 files to repair the defects and reconstruct the original data. You need to have PAR2 files of sizes equal or greater than the size of the damaged part of the files. The size and number of PAR2 file chunks is configurable when you generate the PAR2 files. Also, if you are encountering file corruption, then test out your RAM with a bootable Memtest86+ CD.
  8. Virtual Larry

    SSD's = Defrag is a thing of the past?

    Pretty sure flash drives are designed to survive, even when bad blocks appear. At least the Intel flash SSDs are.
  9. Virtual Larry

    New hard drive won't boot!

    After you did the Norton Ghost, did you remember to disconnect the previous drive, BEFORE booting the clone? If you didn't do that, then your HDs will get crossed up in Windows, and you will have to do the clone over again.
  10. Virtual Larry

    Going against the Ghost of Onetouch (I)

    OK, what tool did you eventually use to unclip the capacity limit?
  11. I saw this posted on another forum, and wondered if anyone here has seen similar issues? I just purchased five 7200.11 500GB HDs from Dell recently and I'm concerned.
  12. I see this listed on link How does 64-bit LBA differ from 48-bit LBA? I thought that the sector address registers in ATA were 24-bits in size, so in order to implement 48-bit LBA, the registers are written to twice. How is 64-bit done, are the registers written to three times, or were those registers extended somehow? Is this an ATA spec, or does it only apply to SATA? In essence, how does 64-bit LBA work, and how does it help overcome the "2TB barrier", which I thought was a limitation of the MBR partition table format, and not an inherent limitation of an ATA disk. After all, (2^48)*512 = PB, which is the max size of a 48-bit LBA drive with 512Byte sectors.
  13. Virtual Larry

    Add-in SATA controller recommendation?

    If you don't mind going bottom-of-the-barrel, there is always the Silicon Image PCI 3114 4-port RAID cards, NewEgg sells a Syba brand one for around $25.
  14. What is the maximum array size that I can create with this card with a 5-disk RAID5 array? If I used 1TB WD GP drives, I would guess that would result in a virtual-sized 4TB HD. How does XP deal with HDs this large? Can I partition it up using dynamic discs, or does XP have a limitation on actual physical (or in this case virtual) HD sizes of 2TB? Remember, with this card, the arrays appear as though they are IDE HDs with that size, no special controller drivers needed.
  15. Virtual Larry

    What happened to Netcell?

    I purchased several of their 5-port PNY S-Cure RAID cards, but I have yet to put them into production. Cheap hardware RAID5 support was attractive. Seeing how the card is actually driverless (it emulates an ATA controller card) amazes me. Too bad the RAID management app doesn't work in Vista. You can run the array in Vista or any OS really, but you have to boot into XP to do maintenance.