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    How to keep HDs in sleep mode

    Do you have any virus scanners active in the background?
  2. Putz

    How to keep HDs in sleep mode

    What kind of role is the computer in? Workstation? Server? What kind of tasks do you do with it?
  3. Putz

    Nics for Internet and file sharing

    Don't forget to hard-code IP addresses for the NICs not connected to the router, in a separate subnet from the router NICs. This is accomplished via the TCP/IP properties in the network settings. eg. If Intel nics are 192.168.0.*, then Netgear nics should be 192.168.1.* That is why ICS makes the connection active -- it sets up DHCP, which autoconfigures IP addresses. Then, in your HOSTS file, you must set up a reference to the other computer manually. Come back for help on that when you get that far.
  4. Putz

    Intel is finally looking at their mistakes.

    Exactly. The Pentium-M still loses out in some areas, such as encoding and, as mentioned, content creation. However, a Pentium 4 produces ~100W of heat. For that heat price, you could repace it with 4 Pentium-M's. If the software is well-threaded (which developers are starting to implement), this setup would blow away a single P4. Futhermore, clock speeds on the P-M will continue to rise for a while, whereas the P4 is reaching its limits... and prices will fall eventually. So, if purchasing a P-M right now doesn't interest you, perhaps the technology itself still should.
  5. That many drives shouldn't be a problem. Staggered spin-up will guarantee that you'll be fine, although a 460-500W supply will likely handle it anyway. However, if you are still worried, it's very easy to rig up a second power supply to handle some of the load. Just place a relay to bridge two wires upon receiving voltage on the main supply, and the second supply will switch on/off in conjunction with the main one. I believe the Cooler Master Stacker case actually has built-in room for two PSUs. Like I said, though, you should be fine with a half-decent PSU of reasonable wattage-rating. Not Antec... but Fortron, Enermax, Seasonic, PCP&C, as long as they are at least say 450W, should all do fine.
  6. I heartily agree. In fact, I don't know why there isn't such functionality built-in. Actually, as opposed to replacing or appending to Copy/Paste, I would like to see additional options in the context menu for right-click-drag operations, instead of just Move/Copy/Shortcut.
  7. So, basically, you guys want a GUI version of xcopy... (or better, xxcopy)
  8. Putz

    Increase Text Size in IE

    IE only scales text that has been specified as a relative size. If the designer explicitly said "10pt fonts" (fixed size), then IE will always show 10pt fonts no matter what you say. Use something other than IE. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. Each of those mentioned scale web pages much better than IE.
  9. Putz

    Defraggers: No Longer Needed?

    This is slightly off-topic... Even if it doesn't help performance to keep your disk defragmented (which it certainly does in many cases -- PC World must have used some poorly-chosen techniques or tools for their tests), everybody should keep in mind how much more likely it is that you'll be able to retrieve the data from a damaged/failed drive if it's not fragmented.
  10. Would you be able to specify these problems? I'm curious as to what these problems are because if 4 modules would cause major problems I doubt the mainboard manufacturers would have placed 4 slots on the mainboards. 192764[/snapback] You can populate all slots if you relax the memory timings or bus frequency. It's a good option for once your system is a few years old and you need more RAM but don't care about that extra 1% performance gain from tighter RAM settings. If you try to tweak the RAM timings too much with all slots populated, the Northbridge and surrounding bus circuitry could get overloaded and you might end up with BSOD's due to memory errors. Further, even with identical timings etc., it has been shown that having fewer, larger RAM sticks is faster than more smaller sticks. I can't remember exactly why at the moment, but I definitely remember reading that somewhere.
  11. Actually, he was right about total capacity of a drive affecting performance, under the assumption of a similar data set. Read this: from the SR FAQ pages.
  12. Absolutely not. Some programs will allow you to turn AAM* on or off, and possibly some power-saving control, but that's about it. *AAM is an algorithm for slowing down some head seeks to reduce noise, and enabling it does take a performance toll.
  13. For the case & fans, check out: SilentPCReview I'll let someone else deal with the infamous RAID-0 question
  14. Putz

    Poor network performance...

    I just had a thought: maybe your Raptor is throughput-limiting your network transfer speeds
  15. Putz

    Poor network performance...

    Sounds like an anti-virus scanner is hogging your CPU cycles to me. If you have one running, try telling it NOT to automatically check all accessed files (maybe only executables). Also, perhaps you have some kind of spyware/worm/trojan horse on your system. I get better throughput over my 100Mb LAN to/from my fileserver, which is a Celeron 466Mhz -- there is clearly something wrong.