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    IBM Deskstar 120GXP

    Most people visiting this forum due to the problems with their IBM hard drive (120 GB hd for specifice). I got one almost a year ago and using it as my second hd on my home PC and never had any trouble. May be I should say I use it for video editing. I fill it up (120 Gb datas) for a few weeks/months then dump and fill it up with another load of datas again. It has never felt me, yet. About the noise levels, I can say it prety quite. Occationally it makes some kind of chirping noise when it try to pull those big video file out. But I would say the PC fans bother me more (very quite fan too, actually). Well, just a positive note for the one who think about buying it. I'm looking for a bigger HD and may go for the new 180 GB. Unless if the price is not reasonable enough compare to the WD which is always cheaper. The things is I have not been able to do my own research on the WD, yet.
  2. Zwoe

    IBM Deskstar 120GXP

    Hope your wonderful knowledge can give me an answer for this: I ordered the IBM deskstar 120 G hdd and going to instal it on my P4-1.5 G cmputer to do video editing stuff. You know video loves big and fast hdd, if I instal it as the second one (slave setup), will it perform less than it is alone by itself? I'm currently have a 40 G IBM deskstar. Thx in advance for any advice! Zwoe
  3. Hope someone can give me an answer for this I am doing some video editing stuffs and want to instal a second hdd to my computer (P4-1.5 G). Since the video loves big hard drive and a fast transfer rate, I wonder if the second hdd (slave) will performs less than the main (master) one. PLease give me yours wonderful opinions. Thx - Zwoe