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  1. That would be a horrible proposition. RAID arrays are essentially weakest link situations. Put 4 4TB drives and 1 1TB drive in an array, you get 1TB/drive in the array. Put a very slow and a very fast drive in an array and the performance drops to the speed of the slowest drive. If you even could do what you propose (which you can't) then 1 drive will always be on an inner track (except for the track in the dead center) so you lost any performance boost both being on the outer tracks for 50% of the drive provide (which can be significant). Most OS arrays will have the OS and first installed software on the outer tracks, which is where it will spend most of its time. This is the reason that drives start at the outside. It is also the reason people used to (and still do) short-stroke drives for performance boosts.
  2. If it is the freeagent drive you will have no problems. There are opening tutorials on youtube to open them the right way that you can reseal them in case you ever want to. The Seagate expansion drives are another situation depedning on the model. Some of those drives has USB on the drive board.
  3. mwroobel

    Recommend Durable 320 GB?

    >>We still have to swap the 3.5" drives around a lot in the office (to retrieve images). Would you guys recommend we go to a full 2.5" workflow? Gary - Definately. In addition, if you use the addonics raid1 soultion, you could pull the drives out in the office and work on them, while popping 2 new ones in and taking them out into the field. If you do that, consider a SATA docking solution such as the thermaltake (works with 3.5" drives too)
  4. mwroobel

    Recommend Durable 320 GB?

    Gary- I had a similar quandary, needing an easy, portable and safe way to keep irreplaceable data from on site recording until I got it back to the office. I decided to go with a 2.5" raid system. It is as follows: Addonics 2.5" RAID System (Selectable Raid 0 or 1) ( It is USB and eSata (For Optimum Speed), Made out of aluminum for stability, Mac/Windows/Linux compatible and has push-button ejection of the drives for easy change out. It can even (depending on the drives and the USB port) be powered completely via USB. I went with the Western Digital Scorpio 320GB drives ( which have been rock-solid. The whole system, enclosure, 2 320GB drives and cables can be had for under $300. -Mike
  5. They are the ST3146807LW. I actually have 4 of them, I could do a 4 drive Raid0 or a 4 drive Raid10.
  6. Hi all. I currently have an ASUS P5WDG2WS-Pro board that I am building into a new machine. I am trying to decide what to do for my boot/OS/Apps drives. The machine is going to have an Areca 1231ML board attached to 10 1TB drives in RAID6 so I am set for storage. I also have an LSI 320-2X PCIX card and 2 Seagate Cheetah 147GB 3.5" drives. I also have a pair of 750GB 7200.10 drives. I am wondering which way I should go for the boot drives. Should I do a RAID0 connected to the LSI SCSI card (hich would live in a full speed PCI-X slot) or should I do a RAID0 with the 2 Seagate 750GB SATA2 drives hooked to the on-board Intel controller. I know SCSI is generally faster and a better choice, but are the 10K 147GB drives eclipsed by the 7200rpm 750GB drives because of the bit density advantage of the SATA drives. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks! -Michael
  7. I currently have an areca 1230 connected to 12 Seagate 750GB Drives in a RAID5 array. The machine is on 24/7, but the array is only used during business hours. Has anyone enabled the spindown support that areca enabled in the last few BIOS's? Is it safe to use? Have there been any array corruptions reportedf? It would be nice to save the wear and tear on the drives, and the excess heat generation and power use of the drives if I could.
  8. If you go into the controllers BIOS <ctrl-A at boot> did staggered spin-up get turned on?
  9. mwroobel

    Software for monitoring fans and temps?

    Speedfan would be the program I would recommend!
  10. It really depends on the card/bios combo. I have a FirmTek SeriTek/2SM2-E which does let me from a macbook pro or Thinkpad T60.
  11. mwroobel

    Raid 5 keep dropping disc

    Henrik- What hotswap chassis do you have the drives in? Are your raid drives independent of their position in the chassis? If so, try shutting down, swapping drive 2 and drive 7, and see if position 7 is still the culprit or the problems start cropping up on position 2. That will point to more of a drive problem if it starts failing on 2, or a chassis/cable/controller port problem if it still occurrs on 7. -Mike
  12. Another option, if you are running OSX, would be to get as large a drive as you wish, partition the first partition as <128GB, and then you can use the hi-capacity OSX ATA driver from Intech. I have used it a number of times on old G3 and G4 machines and works as advertised. -Mike
  13. mwroobel

    Problems with Areca RAID Expansion

    As a follow up... I tried booting into safe mode/command prompt in XPSP2 and using the extend option in diskpart as well, unfortunately it just reboots the machine.
  14. Hi all. I currently have an Areca-1230 PCIe controller hooked to 6 Seagate 750GB SATA drives. Tonight I added 2 additional Seagate 750GB drives, expanded the array and then went into modify volume and increased the volume size. I thought that was all I would have to do, but it did not expand the single NTFS volume that lives on those drives. I now have the original 3.75TB array intact and have an additional unallocated 1.5TB volume. What can I do to expand the existing 3.75TB volume to the full 5.25TB I have available? Thanks!
  15. I currently have an ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe flashed with the latest BIOS. No matter how I switch the cards around, I cannot get either an Adapter 29160 or 39160 to be seen by the machine, whether in the BIOS or in Windows XP. Here is the Setup: A8N32-SLI 2GB (512x4) Corsair DDR400 PCIe1 - BFG Nvidia 7800GTX OC PCI1 - Adaptec 39160 PCI2 - Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi PCIe2 - Areca ARC-1230 SATA RAID Is there an issue with Adaptec cards in this config? This is my new machine, and I cannot use my LTO-2 drive without SCSI. Any help would be appreciated.