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    New SSD disk from Gigabyte

    Is it that slow? I would explore this option for these reasons: 1) To have a fast swap file, 2) Photshop scratch disk.
  2. zoom8112

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    If the controller has an onboard CPU as well as dedicated RAM, then it is a hardware based controller. I found it here. http://www.geizhals.at/eu/a159536.html Althow non of the sites has it on stock. by TheR 212613[/snapback]
  3. zoom8112

    SCSI RAID U320 is working

    damn that is some hot equipment but the write scores look low
  4. zoom8112

    SATA RAID0 Controller Suggestions

    spod-- what gets dedicated bandwidth??? the sata raid controller still lies connected to the southbridge which in then shares pci bandwidth
  5. ok, if you want scsi raid, get a real controller no adaptec bs my suggestions: atto ul3d, ul4d - or - mylex u-320 scsi raid
  6. zoom8112

    Wtf? Pci 33/32 Burst @ 144.8mbps

    also when you overclock the pci bus - it widens it as well
  7. zoom8112

    Adaptec HostRAID performance, anyone?

    i'm gonna have to say that a 180gxp can put up more than just 30mB/s i'd say around 45mB/s, they do outperform the wd 'jb' drives
  8. zoom8112

    Which 80GB ide drive

    the 180gxp is tops in perf now, i would get one if you dont like ibm, the 800jb would be my next pick
  9. zoom8112

    U320 Poor SCSI Performance

    the raid controller sucks get a real card like: atto ul3d, ul4d ami megaraid 1600, 1650
  10. ami megaraid 1600 dual channel u160 with dimm and battery backup ami megaraid 1650 " atto ul3d dual channel u160 with raid software atto ul4d " any of those would be awesome
  11. zoom8112

    scsi raid 0, lousy performance

    very solid numbers but i would try diff stripe sizes as well i always have luck with 16k
  12. zoom8112

    Software RAID versus hardware RAID.

    winxp pro can do software raiding, but you will not be able to put your os on that drive/partition if you want a bootable array, you will need a hardware raid card
  13. zoom8112

    Asus P4G8X-D or Gigabyte GA-8INXP

    i agree with odeen the 6 phase power circuitry is what does it for me on the gigabyte board
  14. isnt that dell/perc controller an ami megaraid 1600 ???? if it is, its a great performing scsi raid controller for raid 0 arrays www.amdmb.com has a review of it up can you get one with a battery backup??? i would go for that
  15. zoom8112

    Creative vidcards

    many companies simply rebadge products as their own elsa, before it went out of business, had visiontek make its cards ironically, visiotek burners are rebadged lite-on drives
  16. wait, you cannot do cross channel striping with the 39320 ??? ewww, sucks raid on one channel doesnt fit well in my stomach if that IS the case, i would get another controller that can and all this talk about negligable perf, not worth the upgrade, etc.... this is a forum full of speed freaks here looking for any way possible to optimize anything, so price/perf isnt an issue here unless stated otherwise
  17. make sense what you are thinking, but although scsi does command queing, when two devices access the scsi bus through the same channel, there is still some slowdown (maybe not THAT noticable, but slowdown nonetheless) for example, dual channel u160 controllers are the same way. each hd on different channels offer better performance, as in my atto ul3d
  18. nforce2 is the best platform for amd processors right now my personal favorite is the asus a7n8x deluxe
  19. i would use the 39320 for the hds only each hd on its own channel for max perf get a 2940 for the opticals
  20. zoom8112

    write back cache in xp & 2k

    also how do i convert my array to dynamic discs??? can i even boot off dynamic discs???
  21. i have a scsi raid 0 array setup with 2x maxtor 10k 3 drives on an atto ul3d controller i cannot seem to figure out how to enable write cache for my array the selection box in the disc properties is grayed out and i tried the reg_dword reg tweak which did nothing for me there is no setting for it in the adapter's config i understand that xp and scsi doesnt equal the perfomance its capable of, but wasnt sp1 suppose to somehow include a fix for this??? i installed sp1 in xp as well as sp3 in 2k and no performance increases, as well as still no setting for write back cache anyone have any comments or suggestions here??? please let me know, thanks in advance
  22. zoom8112

    scsi hd optimization

    what jumpers besides the ids should i put on my maxtor atlas 1ok III drive for optimal perf???? term power??? also, can i set the 10kIII to terminate the chain??? i read the install guide, didnt mention anything about terminating besides the fact that i need a terminator...
  23. zoom8112

    scsi hd optimization

    also, i have an atto ul3d u160 dual channel scsi card i tried flashing the card but it says writing flash failed anyone have any personal experiences with this card???
  24. zoom8112

    u2w scsi drives

    what are some good, cheap, BUT QUICK 36gig 10k u2w scsi drives???? what model???
  25. zoom8112

    scsi raid setup opinions/suggestions

    that will be the bottleneck of the array????