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  1. samiraj

    European software patents

    This might be old news ? Does anyone know anything about it?
  2. It would be really terrible if it becomes possible to patent software solutions. Only big companies will be able to make software because of the added costs of patenting. There is a petition you can sign Pray that it wont happen and sign the petition! What do we have to do for protection against the large companies? Cant we do anything?
  3. samiraj

    Are all sex offenders priests?

    Maybe honold was born without a dick and hence he doesnt know about the sexdrive that most guys actually have. Maybe he was blessed with a very low sexdrive? I most of the cases it is not violence. There is no violence drive in humans so why would that be so common? And if it would be violence why happy fellow the other person at all? You could aswell beat him up instead...
  4. samiraj

    What drive for this old mainboard?

    Okay it shouldnt be a problem then... Thankyou for the answeres!
  5. Hi there! I have searched manual and the manufacturers website but i cant find any good info on how big drive i can slap onto this old epox motherboard... Its an EP-MVP3C2 so i would be greatful for any advice. In the manual however i noticed that they said it could handle 8.4GB but i am using a 14.6GB drive right now, so i guess it should be able to handle up to 32GB right?〈=1
  6. Sivar: I wouldnt agree... My experience tells me that most windows versions do swapping for fun and not only when its needed. But ofcourse a system with 64 MB memory will swap a LOT.
  7. samiraj

    Been to HELL and lived to TELL

    Well i have had atleast 3 friends with abit motherboards that failed. That was P2/P3 motherboards. Two of them lost the PS2 ports the third one i cant remember right now. So ive never recommended abit since.
  8. For me asus has been the brand with superior quality so its an easy choice. I have experienced problems with MSI and some of my friends have experienced quite some trouble with ABit boards. It is worth the price for QUALITY and STABILITY if you have had bad experiences with asus then i can se your point but if youre talking without any knowledge you are just stupid... Strange windows problems and crashes are also avoided with a HQ motherboard. Its so cheap to pay an extra 10% on the price to get a problem free computer for a couple of years. That is my viewpoint on this. P.S. Jan Kivar: Smart people wont buy a motherboard because its 1% faster... So many other factors are involved when evaluating wich motherboard to buy.
  9. samiraj

    ram question

    Easy... Lower the priority on the ftpd and you wont notice its running at all... But beware! If you play a game or something the ftpd might not get any cpu cycles at all... In winXP the process sheduling is seriously happy fellowed up so if one app has higher priority and lots of cpu usage the other ones will stall to almost standing still. Im not sure they use the same algorithm in WinXP and your OS but there is a possibility.
  10. Well start a dos prompt with Run-> command or Run-> cmd and then find the exe and execute it...
  11. samiraj

    Drive Reliability

    In the drive reliability survey.
  12. Well thank you cas!, you certainly put most effort into this issue!
  13. samiraj

    Winxp and running Software raid

    Oh well that isn´t your fault now you know the truth atleast!
  14. samiraj

    Winxp and running Software raid

    Why are you spreading false information? F***in newbie or what?
  15. samiraj

    Winxp and running Software raid

    Just go to Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management from the Control Panel...