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  1. Check out CrashPlan. I switched over to it after Mozy announced their pricing changes and I've been happy with them so far. I'm a single-user, so your need for a small business may differ, but they do offer a "family" package for multiple computers which may suite your needs.
  2. Handruin

    When did Eugene and company sell out?

    Wow, I remember seeing many snarky supercaffeinated posts in the past. It's been a long time since those days.
  3. How've you been man? Did you have a good new year?
  4. Handruin

    MAS3735NP and LSIU160 problems

    What motherboard do you have? Long time back I had booting problems with my MSI board because of a wonky BIOS. Turned out a fix was required from a newer BIOS which solved my problems. This might not be the issue you're having, but at least something to look into.
  5. I thought there was another time he hit the Sangria and had a hysterical post. Wow man, I feel old after seeing the date on that post.
  6. Clocker and his Sangria was classic. It might still be in the forum somewhere.
  7. Handruin

    Samsung Spinpoint SP2504C

    Nope, I was refering to the Samsung HD160JJ 160.0GB SATA drive and SP1614C 160.0GB. I saw 18+ ms with AAM enabled and 13-14ms after it was disabled. My results varied between hosts. Once I get a motherboard replacment in from newegg, I can try it again on the HD160JJ. I know it's not the same drive as yours, but it should give you an idea. I also had similar results with my maxtor Maxline III 300GB. The Access was terrible until I disabled AAM.
  8. Handruin

    Enough power?

    Since you are planning to put your database and webserver on two single unprotected drives, do you think it might be worth considering RAID 1 to increase your uptime? What is your backup strategy for all this?
  9. Handruin

    Samsung Spinpoint SP2504C

    The Hitachi tool is on a CD...see my post above,
  10. Handruin

    What would you do?

    I agree with CougTek's suggestion, it makes perfect sense for three idle machines.
  11. Handruin

    Samsung Spinpoint SP2504C

    I had a similar problem, it's likely the AAM. Another alternative to disable the AAM is the Hitachi Feature Tool. It works fine with drives other than Hitachi.
  12. Handruin

    Enough power?

    With that kind of money involved, throw this into your new server and you'll be good to go.
  13. Handruin

    Fave HDD Manufacturer?

    I've been happy with Samsung's latest SATA offerings in terms of reliability, so I voted for them. As far as drives I have in my machines I have a wide variety: 2x WD Caviar 80GB PATA 1x WD Caviar 120GB PATA 1x Maxtor Maxline III 300GB SATA 2x Hitachi T7K250's 250GB SATA 1x Samsung spin point 160GB SATA