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  1. Hi, Can you please recommend me an external 3.5" hard drive enclosure that supports RAID1? Basically what I want to do is something similar to WD My Book Mirror Edition, but at a more affordable price. Best regards.
  2. Is there any easy way to hide a partition in Windows Vista? As far as I know it is possible to do this by using the policy editor in order to hide the partition for all users, but I want to do this for a specific user. How can I do that?
  3. Hi, I'm building a new i7 system. I'm thinking of building a RAID 1 volume with the motherboard RAID feature (I suppose it's a "fakeraid"). Nonetheless I have a few questions that I would like to clear out before making any decisions: 1) the fact that the ICH10R RAID is a "fakeraid" will compromise somehow the reliability of the raid? 2) will I have to install the Intel Matrix Storage driver on Vista in order to use the RAID1 volume, or I only have to install the Intel Inf drivers? 3) if I unplug one of the hard drives from the RAID1 volume and plug it on another computer (or an external SATA box), will the drive be recognized as a "single drive", or it is only recognized when it's used on the RAID1 volume?
  4. I wasn't really thinking of paying the extra price tag for the RAID editions... are there really advantages when the RAID editions are installed on a desktop PC? The main purpose for building a RAID 1 is just to ensure some redundancy on the important data (the boot disk is going to be a 320GB, single disk, unit - maybe a WD3200AAKS).
  5. Please consider the following option as well: 4) 2x HD753LJ (Samsung, 750GB instead of 640GB)
  6. Hi, I'm building a new i7 system and I need to select two sub 1TB hard drives for building a RAID 1 storage system. I've always been a fan of Western Digital disks, but in this last year two WD hard drives failed on me (a WD1200BB a few months ago and a WD1600AAJB this week), which makes me kind of reluctant to go for WD again. Nevertheless, I suppose it all comes to 3 brands: Western Digital, Seagate or Samsung. Which hard drives would you advise for my case, from these below: 1) 2x WD6400AAKS (Western Digital) 2) 2x ST3640323AS (Seagate 7200.11 series) 3) 2x HD642JJ (Samsung) Best regards, Norberto
  7. Hi, I cloned an hard drive, partition-by-partition, onto another hard drive, by using Norton Ghost. Although it isn't likely that Ghost didn't clone the data properly, I want to double check it by comparing the content of each partition. So what I would like to ask is if there's any easy way to compare two partitions in order to verify if their content is identical. Best regards.
  8. Hi, I own an LG laptop that features the ICH7 southbridge. I have an external hard drive connected to one of the USB ports, and I'm trying to use Norton Ghost 2003 in order to create a partition backup of the SATA hard drive of the laptop. Unfortunately Norton Ghost doesn't seem to like the USB2.0 controller, as it always hangs when loading the Iomega dos driver for USB devices. I already updated Norton Ghost with the latest updates, but it still doesn't go any further than the USB driver loading process. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  9. Hello, Can someone please explain me how does the Windows XP license transfer work? Do I have to go over the current installation and do something to "deactivate" it, or I just install it on the new machine and activate it again? For what I read on MS site, in order to transfer the license I need to talk to a phone operator. Is it true, or is there a way to perform the transfer over the Internet, withouth any operator intervention? Best regards.
  10. Hello, Here's what is happening: I'm trying to repair a XP machine that doesn't boot normally (in does boot in safety mode). My problem is that although I'm using an original XP installation CD, I can't find the label with the serial number for that XP installation, which is required to be entered on a step of the reinstallation process. My idea was to boot onto Windows XP on safety mode and try to fetch the serial number using one of those publicly available tools that allow that. This would allow me to reinstall the XP afterwards, using the correct serial number. Now the problem is that even if I hard reboot the machine, it always goes to the SETUP program. What I need to know is if there's a way to cancel that setup program and boot it up normally, just as if I didn't make a repair in the first place. Best regards.
  11. Hello, I have a small computer network with one Windows 2003 Server and 10 Windows XP Pro clients. The usernames are all managed on the server, within a domain. All the machines are configured so that they authenticate the users at the domain. Now here's my problem: for some reason I can't manage each client's hardware. I mean, although I can open the Manage Computer snap-in (and/or the Device Manager snap-in), I don't have enough permissions to change any of the devices properties. This happens even for the "administrator" user. So, what do I have to change in terms of policy so that the users can access and use the Device Manager snap-in? By the way, I know this forum is more about storage. Nevertheless I've seen a lot of experts on matters like the one I'm speaking about, and that's why I came here in first place. But if anyone knows a better place to ask questions about Windows management, please feel free to post any links you consider relevant. Best regards.
  12. Hi, As you certainly are aware, the Display Properties in XP has a button that is supposed to list all supported modes for the graphics adapter (Settings->Advanced->Adapter). Now my question is: those listed modes refer to compatible modes with the current monitor, or does it refer to every mode the graphics adapter allows? I'm asking this because I'm thinking of buying one of those movie format (16:10) monitor, and its native resolution (1680x1050) doesn't appear on the current list of my graphics adapter. Best regards.
  13. What I need is to move an installation from one folder to another on the same PC and on the same Windows installation. To give you more insight about what I want to do, I'm running out of space on the C:\ drive and I want to move a few applications to the D:\ drive without having to uninstall and reinstall them.
  14. Hi, I would like to know if there's any reliable software for windows (XP) that allows to move an installed program from one folder to another without having to uninstall and reinstall that program. Best regards, Norberto
  15. Hi, My Norton AntiVirus is reporting the c2c.dll as a trojan/malware. Nevertheless I checked a recent XP installation and that file is also present. Is it really a virus/trojan, or shouldn't I care about what Norton says? Just for the record, the file is at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. Best regards, Norberto