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  1. Celeron

    Scsi Raid Or Raptor Raid?

    Interesting. Can WindowsXP Pro do software RAID0?
  2. Here's the situation. I currently have 3 Maxtor Atlas 10K III drives riding on an Adaptec 39160. It seems that this setup can no longer keep pace with my P4 3.2gig and I get an awful lot of grinding away when loading games and such. There's two options that I've been considering: 1. Get a SCSI RAID adapter such as the Adaptec 2100S to do some basic RAID0 configuration with the 3 drives I already have. (If anyone know another RAID adapter that is decent and does RAID0 well, please let me know). 2. Buy 2 Raptor drives, probably 36gig drives, and run them in RAID0 off the ICH5R RAID controller on my Abit AI7 motherboard. My question is this, what would give me better performance? I'm hesistant to get the SCSI RAID controller because they are so expensive. Then again I'm hesistant to buy the Raptor drives because I already have 3 nice SCSI drives. What do you guys recommend? Thanks, Celeron
  3. So where's this patch that was supposed to be released by Microsoft? My SCSI performance still sucks and I'm getting tired of waiting. Has anyone got any news on this? Thanks, Celeron
  4. Has there been any progress on this? This thread hasn't seen a new post in over 30 days which is some what strange. This is the place I look for info on the problem and I just want to make sure I'm not missing something...
  5. Celeron

    Domain Validation

    Howdy fellas, I got myself an Adaptec 39160 with an Atlas 10K III riding the Ultra160 bus to school. My question is this: I have seen many people talk about disabling Domain Validation. I understand what Domain Validation does, but is there any tangible benefits to turning it off? Thanks! Celeron
  6. Howdy all. I just spent a good 2 hours reading most of this thred. Here are my scores for a Maxtor Atlas 10K III 18.4gig riding an Adaptec 39160 on my Abit KG7-Lite. With Write Cache Enabled in Device Manager: With Write Cache Disabled in Windows: Even though the read speeds show dramatic increase during the first part of the test, my real-world write scores suffer a serious penalty, despite what the graph says. When copying a large 534meg file, it takes will over 2+ minutes to copy with write cache disabled. With write cache enabled, it takes only 42secs, which is still no great shakes at roughly 13mb/sec. Comeon, this is an U160 10,000rpm scsi drive for christ's sake. I hope a fix comes out soon.... Celeron
  7. Celeron

    SCSI Problems

    I was careful when I purchased the 80 to 68 pin adapters. These are the ones I have: http://www.storcase.com/install/dx100swc_b01.pdf The spec sheet says Ultra160, Ultra2, LVD and SE compliant. So I'm assuming everything is good there. My Ultra160 drive is 68 pin so its not using an adapter. As far as the termination goes. The 39160 is indeed auto terminating itself, and none of the hard drives actually support termination on the device. So none of them actually have a termination jumper. I've checked and rechecked all the SE jumpers. None of the drives actually have any jumpers on any settings other than the SCSI ID setting. I think I have all quality components. A friend of mine is going to be mailing me a new cable that he's tested with his components to work just fine with the Seagate X15 U160 SCSI drives. So I'll test that and see if it makes any difference. Arch
  8. Celeron

    SCSI Problems

    Ok, I'm having some issues here with my SCSI hardware and I need some input from people who have some experiance with this crap. My setup it as follows: Adaptec 39160 SCSI Controller Plexotr 8x20 internal burner connected to channel-a using a 50 pin rounded scsi cable, the burner provides termination. Maxtor Atlas 10K-III U160 18.4gig drive connected to channel-b using a 68pin cable. 2 Seagate Baracuda U2 9.1gig drives also connected to channel-b using the same 68pin cable. Both Seagate drives are using StorCase (Kingston) 80 to 68 pin adapters. The cable is terminated on the end with a removable LVD/SE terminator. The SCSI ID's are setup as the following: Plextor 8x20 is ID0 on Channel-A Maxtor 10K-III is ID0 on Channel-B Seagate Drives are ID1 and ID2 on Channel-B My problem(s) is this. When I have all three hard drives connected to channel-b I get a bunch of strange behavior. Most noticably is an error in the Event Viewer that says "the adapter did not respond within the timeout period" which is then followed by a bunch of "an error was detected on (insert hard drive number here) during a paging operation". Also, when I have all three drives connected, sometimes it hangs and I can hear a drive trying to spin up repeatedly. My Maxtor drive is pretty quiet so I'm pretty sure its the Seagates I hear spinning up. This is what I've done so far: 1. Replaced the Maxtor drive. I just got the replacement in today and it hung up, which I suspect was a Seagate drive, trying repeatedly to spin up again. 2. Low leveled both Seagate drives via the controller card. Repartitioned and reformatted both as well. 3. Tried every possible comibination of connections on the cable. I.e. move ID0 to the end of the chain, the middle of the chain, or the begining to the chain. 4. Swapped the 80 to 68 pin adapters around. 5. Loaded the controller defaults on both channels. I'm fricken stumpted. I have no idea what the problem is. I dont see any of these issues when the Maxtor drive is on the chain by itself. That tells me that the cable and the terminator is capable of running at U160 speeds without a problem. Also, according to the Adaptec manual, Ultra2 and Ultra160 devices can be mixed on the same chain without and speed penalty or device conflicts. Then again, the cable may not be bad, but it may be one of the other connectors that is bad. Today I removed what I suspected to be the problem seagate drive because it was the one I heard spinning up and down. I then moved the other seagate drive to the connector the previous one was using and then that drive exhibited the same problem. Maybe the cable is bad at position number 3? (1 is the scsi card, 2 is the maxtor). I'd really rather not buy a cable just to trouble shoot this thing, as a new cable with 5 positions on it is $40. Yowie. The burner is living happily on Channel-A and doesnt have any problems. I can burn all I want and I use the drive quite often to read cd's that my regular cdrom has trouble with (mostly safedisc2 discs). So, I need some suggestions from you guys. Thanks, Arch arch@nycap.rr.com http://home.nycap.rr.com/descent
  9. Celeron

    Compaq Hard Drive

    Ok fellas, this is what I need. I have a pair of Compaq BB00911CA0 hard drives and I need the specs on them. If anyone can come through with a spec sheet, or even a configuration sheet I would be utterly thankful. Thanks, Arch