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  1. I think you alarmed everyone here without reason ... In my country (and i suppose in yours too), manufacturer is not responsible for warranty terms toward end buyer. That is a responsibility of dealer or shop you bought it from. When you purchase something, it counts as legal agreement between two sides, you and shop you bought it from. So those 13 months are guarantee your dealer has from Hitachi, but you have your own 3 year guarantee from your dealer. It is normal in business, he (or someone else) stocked up with drives, haven't sold them fast enough, and now he has to pay the price for it ... Unless things are different in your country, or your dealer goes out of business, I don't think you need to worry MS
  2. Hello! Does anyone know what this attibute mean? It changed minus 1 on my Maxtor drive and returned back on its original value on next check. I searched on net but i can't seem to find any explanation ... Thanks
  3. MiToZ

    THG 7k250 review

    Few weeks ago I bought 160GB p-ata version of 7k250. From my experiance so far, drive is very fast at reading, cool and relatively quite I also have 120GB 180GXP drive in my system, and and 7K250 is noticeably faster and little less noisy ... As for temperatures ... Drives are positioned in drive cage above power supply inside AOpen H700B tower case. Neither are cooled in any way. 180GXP - 44C under normal load 7K250 - 39C under normal load 180GXP - 49C under heavy load (40 min.intra-partition copying) 7K250 - 44C under heavy load (40 min. intra-partition copying) If any of you wants me to run any benchmark just say so ... with settings you want of course ...
  4. ... but 250GB model You can use to translate it to english
  5. MiToZ

    Recommend a Hardisk

    Your board supports HD larger than 137GB. Support was added with BIOS revision 2304. Release date was 13.3.2002. If you upgrade your BIOS to latest revision you should have no problems. Updates for that version *Turn off Keyboard LED after ACPI S3/S4/S5 modes. *Fixed ability to modify DRAM Bank when overclocked. *Added support for hard drives up to 137GB. *Added CPU support for forthcoming AMD processors. *Added support for ATA-133 hard drives. *** *** - ATA-133 clarification: This does not add ability to use ATA-133 modes for hard drives. It allows the BIOS identify ATA-133 drives as being attached. Actual drive transfer modes limited by IDE controller (max ATA-100). Last available BIOS version is from 25.04.2003 BIOS filename: 8KHI3425.BIN (5E00) You can download it from
  6. It is in German and they ... ... tested 40GB model !!!!! (this one is hard to believe)
  7. MiToZ

    Maxtor D740X Seek speeds revealed.

    I remember seeing a review of Maxtor d740x (40GB version) in which it was pitted against Western Digital WD400BB. One of the test used was SCSI Mechanic and if you ever used it you know jow nicely it shows transfer rates for different cluster sizes (different read blocks in this case). Maxtor write speeds weren't very good unitil it reached 16K reading blocks. From there they were very good. Article can be found at My question now is whether i should format my partition with 16k clusters for better performance, or Windows read them in larger chunks (4 at time or ?).