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  1. Funny, each time there is a new raptor we have to wait for the final review under the final revision. Not a rant against storage review, but oh well. I still would get a Raptor X, since it would look good in the side of my Apevia Cube Case.
  2. sprockkets

    The SR Notebook Drive Roundup

    The E7K100 series 2.5" HDD from Hitachi features 24/7 operation just for blades and such. I just bought a 7200rpm 80 7K100. Nice, sounds like a little 180GXP HDD (not like the newest generation 7k500). That thing gets very warm compared to the 5400rpm Fujitsu it replaced.
  3. I got mine to work after a reboot and it would work perfectly fine, after another reboot it just clicked and clicked and was dead. If it makes you feel better my 180gxp and new hitachi drives, 6 in all are all fine, while my only 75gxp failed.
  4. sprockkets

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    The noise my 180 makes is sometimes noticeable and othertimes quiet. Otherwise most IBM drives made that noise, not a big deal. There is a reason mentioned before that the parallel one would be faster; this drive has a PATA to SATA arbitor chip, so it's just like having Abit's serillel built on to it.
  5. sprockkets

    Western Digital Caviar WD2500JD

    Errr, when is the review of the Hitachi going to happen? I'm assuming since you use a adapter card for SATA tests, wouldn't that not be as good as Intel's sb integrated controller, not that it really matters. Otherwise the Hitachi will use a bridge solution too.
  6. sprockkets

    Any WD Drives FDB?

    As the title mentions, any drives from WD have fluid dynamic bearing motors? Course unless it's a special edition, it won't have a 3yr warranty, but that new raptor drive with the FDB looks like all around quiet, fast and perfect.
  7. Drive Costs $326 dollars, IDE/ATA-6 Free shipping, if anyone's interested in being a canidate for a deathstar. Ok ok, I used btw me and others a 75, 60, 120, 180 GXP series, and the only one with problems was the one 75gxp. So perhaps the problem is gone.
  8. sprockkets

    Hitachi 250GB HDD in stock at newegg.com

    Of course, I know the IBM one is quieter, I have one
  9. sprockkets

    Hitachi 250GB HDD in stock at newegg.com

    Then looking at other drives why pay that when the WD SP Edition is $250? Aside from quietness of course.
  10. sprockkets

    IBM 8MB 120GB model.

    Anyone see the 8MB model 180GXP from newegg? I'm just curious how long it might have been there. It costs a whopping $16 more for the memory and 3 yr warranty that comes with it. Probably the best deal. $141 for the 120GB 8MB version.
  11. sprockkets

    IBM Deskstar 180GXP

    That is a redeeming thing of IBM, the first time my 75GXP failed it was repaired, the next time I sent it in (not unexpected) I got a 60GXP, then after another 60GXP started making noises but didn't fail I got a 120GXP in return. Hopefully that will fail and I'll get a 180GXP I would buy another one, but if it's IBM and I'm paying $160 for a drive I expect a 3 yr warranty, otherwise if it does fail that's money down the drain.
  12. sprockkets

    Western Digital Caviar WD2000BB/JB

    http://www.storage.ibm.com/hdd/support/en/...ty/english3.htm Looks like they are still at 3yrs, ironic isn't, and it's a good thing too cause they need it.
  13. I've had that happen to me, and for some weird reason, at reboot the BIOS thinks the hard drive is much smaller than it really is (wherever you stopped in format makes the "new" capacity). I had to reset the BIOS and unplug the drive to get it to acknowledge the true capacity. It happened to a 75GXP.
  14. http://home.mpinet.net/joesoid/75gxp.mpg 2.5 MB. Got it somewhat cheap off ebay. After watching it do this I'm not sure it's the mechanics of the drive that fail, but the electronic controls. What is also weird is that it did made funny noises when my Promise ATA/100 controller on my Asus A7V tried to detect it. Might give some truth to the controller issue, but is not an excuse for failure. Feedback and ideas welcome.
  15. sprockkets

    See the 75GXP click of death

    Yeah, I spent hours reading about that stuff around here. Funny how it can make all that air. Well, cdroms can do that too.
  16. Well except for the 60 and 120, IBM was the first to use glass platters, have the highest capacities, and was the people who broke the so called 18GB limit of the time. I always thought that IBM was special cause it wasn't available in boxed form, although IBM does sell them themselves, probably boxed. It took a little more effort to find them, which made you feel special, along with your home made computer which had special parts like a slot loading DVD drive (ever saw that at Best Buy? no way). Only way to settle this is see how the 120GXP series turns out. It just came out, we shouldn't count DOAs against IBM. We need that database again. But from what has happened it seems that it won't come back. My good experiences with IBM makes it hard to agree with you, but it's true. They should just admit their mistake. I think the POH think is exaggerated, but that's just because IBM is under a microscope. This is when IBM either comes back or folds. You shouldn't need IBM's SCSI drive to get reliability. I'd be willing though to be a guiney pig and use a drive as storage and not for my OS, cause I like IBM. If it fails, them to IBM, ---- you.
  17. sprockkets

    See the 75GXP click of death

    Well let me clarify. It turned off cause I turned the computer off. However, when I tried to take out the power connector and quickly put it back in, it wouldn't start up again, which is good in a way. Actually before I took it apart to test it, it actually did come up just fine. But as soon as the Promise BIOS came up to try to detect what was on the cable, it started the noises. I've just always wondered why it made such a high pitched noise since my ex 75GXP did it. The heads move freely back and forth manually. When I first took the cover off that platter was sooo shiny clean. It also makes quite a lot of air turbulance for one platter. Anyway, enjoy the clip, for all those who might wonder what is going on when that high pitched noise occurs.
  18. sprockkets

    Inkjet Printer Owners (Tip)

    The only thing that I have against Epsons is that as far as I know you can't replace the printheads, and after a few years the output becomes crap, and no amount of head cleaning works. Anyone else have this happen to them or know of how to replace the printheads, cause this doesn't make for good long term use.
  19. Funny, never had a problem with it before? Just don't use dynamic disks, they are a pain in the ass. Why? Cause only Win2k or XP Pro can read it, and only the computer that made it dynamic (well, others can, they just import the drive, kinda weird).
  20. sprockkets

    See the 75GXP click of death

    Hate the way you can't edit posts. Anyway, just a thought, when I got my 75GXP back from repair, it failed when I did a xfer from one partition to another, in the gigabytes. I couldn't stop it cause if you do then it erases the file in transfer (used the cut function). During the xfer though, the computer spontaneously reseted, and the hd failed, only a couple of months after repair. The drive was very hot as well. OK, the drive did boot up when it cooled down, then I backed up everything, but after restarting the computer after that, the drive never came back. Just the same noise you hear in my video.
  21. Might as well addm most OEMs use WD or Maxtor anyhow, wonder why. Funny thing about IBM is that it's hdd are only available over the web, not in stores like Best Buy or CompUSA. We need that database up again so we can gauge reliability.
  22. The inaccuracy was other websites claiming that was was mentioned from "a IBM rep" was later published as SR opinion.
  23. sprockkets

    IBM Deskstar 120GXP

    Well now that IBM has replied I'm not worried. Besides, I don't know why everyone says the RMA process with IBM sucks. I got my hd back in 7 days, and they gave me a 30GB 60GXP to replace my 75GXP. My stats: One 75GXP failed twice within a year, 6 60GXPs still running since last year. And I looked at the 120GXP thread from earlier, and there are some stupid people there saying "You haven't learned yet?!" People, it's one thing to get a DOA drive, it's another to have one fail on you 6 months down the road. And why does newegg ship it so light, I don't know, cause earlier they shipped it like IBM says you should, with foam. Curious as to what an IBM drive is doing when it fails? http://home.mpinet.net/joesoid/75gxp.mpg
  24. sprockkets

    IBM Deskstar 120GXP

    Re: It will perform just fine if it has it's own cable. Then again, if you have 2k or XP pro and have one hard drive on each cable, stripe a portion for RAID performance. I'm not too familiar with video editing, but you probably don't need a stripe config if follow the hd per cable, one drive is used for access to the program and virtual memory, and then one hd is used for the temporary video file. Just a little note, I took apart a defective 75GXP I got cheap from ebay. Maybe I'll take a pic soon. Apparantly the drive heads park and stay there by a magnet holding it in the park position.
  25. sprockkets

    IBM Deskstar 120GXP

    Just a reminder, isn't WD been part of IBM for some time? Just like to confirm what I thought I read here or somewhere long ago.