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  1. casa

    Belgium Again

    Dunno what's correct or not regarding the song but personally in my top 5 together with Ukraina, Greece, sweeden and Malta. Have no clue what Montenegro had to reach the tops... /casa
  2. casa

    Belgium Again

    Guess you're wrong now and then... Sorry to bring hope f_vo ; ) /casa
  3. casa

    What's This "warn" Thing?

    Even tho this is a old (and good ; ) example of the limited capacity of humans (more or less everybody included) we still get equally stupid and mature requirement specifications. /casa
  4. Nice to find out Dell got into infrastructure components. Dunno when, just found out. As for the pricing (attratcive in mid/high-end) I wonder if Dell has a recomendation on them from any of you sr tech guys. /casa
  5. casa

    Data Recovery

    Hmm, is there any free such that is trustworthy enough?
  6. casa

    Belgium Is Communist?

    That's what I call an echo ; ) /casa
  7. casa

    What Is Sata Good For?

    One can se it differently tho... Is it difficult or even impossible to buy a brand new MoBo with an ISA slot? ISA is a relic from prehistoric time but still... I think PATA will go the same road. /casa
  8. casa

    Belgium Again

    There have been alot downsiding lately... ...until now. Belgium has THE winning contribution in ESC 2004? Not all countries has released their winner (including GB) but < Xandee / 1 Life > will make it in Istanbul. It's their best since "Euro-vision" ; ) /casa
  9. casa

    What Do You Say, Kennyshin?

    Is this what you would call "Kick someone who's lying down"? /casa
  10. casa

    What Is Sata Good For?

    And TCQ will mostly benefit server systems. /casa
  11. casa

    Integrated Ram Drive

    Is that an absolute requirement for bootableness? Isn't there a "scsi" selection in BIOS bootup menu? Which in turn can be emulated? /casa
  12. casa

    Integrated Ram Drive

    Speaking for myself I don't se this device enough useful yet. There are two different scenarios for this one: 1. BootDrive when diskless operation (w/o BOOTP) - The minimum required storage capacity 8 GiBy - FailProof backup power (24 hrs w/o mains) - ATA100 or SATA150 minimum I would buy this one below 500$ not above 1000$ 2. SpeedyHDD. - The minimum required storage capacity 4 GiBy - ATA100 or SATA150 minimum I may buy this one below 200$ not above 500$ In both cases the same amount of DRAMs would cost alot more. As you can see I don't have an urge to get one but I'm sure there are several ppls with other demands that do. However things can change... BTW it's a very cool Idea' : ) /casa
  13. The default cluster size is for 74 GB partition/volume: FAT32 32 KiBy - 64 sectors NTFS 4 KiBy (Win2K+) - 8 sectors If 4 is a waste (NTFS) you can try changing the cluster size when formatting using "Disk Manager". BTW the MFT uses 1 KiBy block granularity (2 sectors). /casa
  14. casa

    Fat32 Versus Ntfs With Raid 0

    It doesn't state clearly but the context points to a speciffic folder. /casa
  15. casa

    Fat32 Versus Ntfs With Raid 0

    BTW, the source MS Win2K operations guide ch.3 "File Systems" pg 133. sry I forgot... /casa