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  1. Well, you grab your backup, since 3 years of your life is so important, and restore....
  2. $739 isnt too far off what I paid for my 1220 - £415, and that was £85 less than retail price as well Got to love the UK Worth every penny either way though I guess I am just finding it as a "hard pill to swallow" when I have 1.9T with 6x400GB in Linux using SW RAID5 for a fraction of the cost (promise controllers $10-$30 on ebay) and disk cost only. # df -h /dev/md3 1.9T 360G 1.5T 20% /raid5 # mdadm -D /dev/md3 /dev/md3: Version : 00.90.03 Creation Time : Fri Jun 30 09:17:12 2006 Raid Level : raid5 Array Size : 1953543680 (1863.04 GiB 2000.43 GB) Device Size : 390708736 (372.61 GiB 400.09 GB) Raid Devices : 6 Total Devices : 6 Preferred Minor : 3 Persistence : Superblock is persistent So for the cost of an Areca card, I could buy a number of additional disks. The problem for the newer motherboards is: 1) They do not have a lot of SATA ports. (most 4-6, some have 8 but the remaining ones are crippled) 2) There are NO or very few (I could not find any) PCIe cards with 4 SATA ports that are supported in Linux. 3) The best I could find was PCI-e x1 SiL chipset 2 port cards. If one can fix the bottleneck problem of the regular PCI-bus and switch to PCI-e and have enough ports, building a large array would then become affordable. Sure I know HW raid is faster and such, but for the 16 port Areca ~1000-1200, I could get another 12 250GB HDDs. Granted, if you need speed, get a HW raid. On SW RAID5, using the PCI bus (yeah, yuck/slow), I see 60-120MB/s reads and 38-42MB/s writes. If one could find a motherboard which enough slots that would utilize multiple PCI-e cards with > 2 SATA ports, one could build an amazing system for a fraction of the cost of HW raid. There are also SATA port multipliers, these look interesting, but they are also quite new and not in the mainline kernel as of yet. Justin. Any responses on this way? Listen, you are either serious about running a reliable RAID, or you aren't. You can do it right, cheap, or fast. Pick TWO. Honestly if you hack a system together, you are introducing alot of uneeded complexity, go for the K.I.S.S theory. I can't get over someone wanting a RAID the size you are speaking of, but not wanting to put any money into it. I say you hack it together as cheaply as possible, and then lose all your data when it all goes wrong. Then you'll see how expensive your cheap solution actually was.
  3. jinjuku

    Removable hotswap SATA drive trays

    I have ordered from www.rubyskytech.com handfull of times now. They even called to phone verify my order.
  4. jinjuku

    Removable hotswap SATA drive trays

    I think the term missing from this thread is "Value Prospetive". I only have to buy the StorCase product once. With the lower end solutions, soon as I re-buy my str8 up cost benefit just went out the window. That isn't even factoring in the aggrevation and inconvienence of having to replace it. I purchased a $3.5k Leather Sofa set. Lifetime warranty on the frame. My parents have spent way more on stinker furniture replacing it every ~7 years due to breakage. I am sure that $1199 they pay is cheaper the first time, but do it 3 - 5 times, plus the hassle of getting rid of the old...
  5. jinjuku

    Removable hotswap SATA drive trays

    I agree with the the Storecase recommendation. We use them both in house and for other customers. The DE110 is rated for 25K insertions. You do the math. They are built like a tank and are more affordable than the cremax/vantec type enclosures. The reason they are more affordable: You don't have to buy it twice.
  6. jinjuku

    Backup Solution Recommendation

    Unfortunately for the poster you are trying to help out you would be incorrect. We use a solution from Storecase (www.storecase.com) that is rated for 25,000 insertions and backed by a 7 year warranty. We use the DE110 for a full daily backup of our servers. Basically the math come out to 75 years of remove/insert of a single unit once a day. Jin.
  7. jinjuku

    Router config for mail server.

    There are two types of access, mail exchange and mail retrieval. You HAVE to have port 25 exposed w/ an correctly configured MX record pointing to it. This is so you can receive email. Port 110 is optional. You only need it if you plan on having users retrieve email via the POP3 protocol externally. There is also IMAP (I would use instead of POP3) which is Port 143. Hope this Helps, Jin.
  8. jinjuku

    Best backup solution?

    What are you looking to backup? How often are you looking to backup? How much budget do you have for backup? What is your pain threshold in days for recreating lost data? We use product from storecase.com. Hot Swap 3.5 drive cages (either firewire or USB2.0). Much faster than tape and less expensivce than even DAT72 solutions. We have a 1 week rotation, M-F. So the most we miss (our pain threshold) is a day or less of data re-entry. Plus we have a RAID 5, Anti-virus, and UPS's so our window for disaster is minimized. RAID 1 is for data reduncancy, not backup (like every1 else is stating).
  9. jinjuku

    Affordable backup solution

    I have a 250GB external USB 2.0. Have 40GB of User Data. I don't worry about the system state. Use NTBACKUP. Almost 2 weeks of backup by backing up every other day.
  10. jinjuku

    Exchange 2000 backup with BE 9.1

    Have you thought about just trying NTBACKUP? This would be a good way to test. You could also offline the First Storage Group and then try.
  11. jinjuku

    Photoshop Cs batching machine

    I hate to say this, but did you email Adobe and ask about this?
  12. In the stages of putting together a HTPC. Getting a Shuttle SSF, ATI HDTV Wonder. Wondering what are the downfalls of going with something like the Samsung 192t vs. a Samsung (or other) LCD-TV unit. I would rather have a "dumb" display and keep the smart stuff in the PC. Thx in advance. J.
  13. jinjuku

    Cheap backup solutions.

    Honold is correct... NT Backups' new slogan: "Yes folks, it works!". Use NTBACKUP. I have done entire RAID upgrades (from four 9GB to four 36GB in the last server, dell 2600). Used NTBACKUP to backup and restore. It is a DC with Terminal Server in Application Mode. Worked just fine after... There is a /um switch that you will need to apply to the backup script in scheduled tasks, so RSM doesn't f' everything up. /um is for unattended mode. I still cannot believe how many threads get started about backup, never mind the ones about backing up to |GASP!| Hard Drives....
  14. jinjuku

    backup or drive image: which do i need

    If you use an imager such as Ghost, you are only going to be able to backup to the same hardware. If you fried a mainboard and went from a VIA to Nvidia chipset for instance, the restored image is most likely not going to work. If you are using WinXP, Use built-in NT Backup. I have restored Windows 2000 Domain/Exchange/Terminal servers with NT Backup. It works, and it's free. It will backup to file or tape. I use Ghost to backup a server before making any significant upgrade or change, I use NTBACKUP for the normal day in and day out backup. Hope it helps
  15. jinjuku

    Exchange 2k: Can't delete E-mail

    You can try the inbox repair tool, or you can try connecting with something like eudora via pop3. Download the messages and see if you can delete the offending message.