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    RAID or not?

    As mentioned, Asus A8V, Maxline II 250GB, 1GB DDR running Dual Channel, AMD64 3500+. Running XP x64 edition. Use it for occasional gaming, but more often as a general purpose PC and software development PC. I have bencharked the drive, and I get 60Mb/sec from it, with exactly the same profile, as shown in the review here, so I don't think there are any hardware problems. I don't need extra capacity, just more speed. Is RAID0 the way to go then, with another drive of the same type?
  2. mgillespie

    RAID or not?

    Hi, I currently have a Maxtor MaXLine Plus II 250GB SATA drive in my desktop PC. However, it's feels quite sluggish. I feel the disk speed is whats holding my system performance back. I'm not sure which way to move, and wondered what peoples opinions are. I figure I have 3 options. 1/ Sell the drive, buy something newer (faster?) 2/ Buy another drive of same model and RAID0 it. 3/ Buy a different (newer/faster) model and RAID0 it. Not sure how RAID deals with different drive makes/models (have Promise 378 RAID controller on my ASUS A8V motherboard). Should I stick with the same make/model for my RAID? Cheers.