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  1. I want to swap the 160 gig drive in a friends dual option and put in a larger drive instead. Anyone know what the internals of one of the westerndigital dual option units are? Is it just a standard 160 gig drive inside? will it work with a larger drive? I imagine it will but just wanted to make sure before I attempt to take apart the enclosure. And will the drive thats in there now work outside the enclosure? Does anyone know how to take the enclosure apart? Anyone have a website with instructions?
  2. watjac92

    time for a new machine

    bfg9000 I believe that he was asking about dual channel memory. He said he had rambus or some other similar memory. pc1066 wasn't around 2 years ago when he would have bought that machine.
  3. watjac92

    Windows Xp Sp2?

    I think this site has the best unattended installation/slipstream guide( i haven't looked at their sp2 part yet) http://unattended.msfn.org/
  4. watjac92

    Windows Xp Sp2?

    yeah I like how you can choose to hide an update that you don't want to install so it doesn't bug you about it every time you go to windows update. Sivar I agree with you about explorer's flakiness. It crashes alot more than it should. But at least it doesn't bring the whole system down with it. HisMajestyTheKing I usually get insane download speeds from microsoft, and apple when downloading quicktime. Noticeably higher then I'm supposed to be getting. I'm on cable though but its still weird how its mainly just those two sites.
  5. watjac92

    Bandwidth Needs For The Next Decade

    do they have a bandwidth limit? We have a wireless providor in our area but they limit you to 4 gigs a month. Some months I would go through that in 2 or 3 days.
  6. watjac92

    Bandwidth Needs For The Next Decade

    I think the us's biggest problem might be the size maybe?
  7. watjac92

    Erm, Whats Going On Here :d

    I could very easily be wrong about this but I thought that windows had to support it too and that it didn't right away. So maybe you updated windows somewhere along the way and your motherboard supported it all along and/or you updated your motherboard bios at some point and it gave you support for it?
  8. watjac92

    The Ultimate Spyware Manual

    I think it works best if you run ad aware and spy but one after the other as neither of them always finds every one, at least thats been my experience.
  9. watjac92

    Photoshop Machine

    yeah I brought up the point that crt's have truer colors last night and she kind of listened. the cintiq display/stylus thing in your link is pretty d**n cool sPECtre. She definately can't afford it but that is really cool She's probably gonna wait a semester now she talked a bit more to some of the kids already in the program today and they said your first semester you don't really use photoshop much just beginning basics and such. Her computer she has now will work for light photoshop work, 1ghz p3 but only 256 megs of sdr ram and a slow 2 meg 5400 rpm drive. So it would be smarter of her to wait until december to get one. But she'll definately need one then. Thanks for all the suggestions
  10. watjac92

    Photoshop Machine

    she really likes the mac, mainly the looks of course but she cant' afford a g5
  11. watjac92

    Photoshop Machine

    thanks again. Looks like the prescott is beneficial for photoshop. I've been reading and it doesn't look like photoshop uses sse3 yet so it must be mainly because of the extra cache. When photoshop starts to use sse3 then it should be another nice little improvement.
  12. watjac92

    Photoshop Machine

    I know the presscot is a bit slower than the northwood for games and such and runs fairly hot but I was thinking the sse3 that the presscott has might more than make up for the deficiency for photoshop if photoshop can take advantage of sse3, if it can't I would imagine that adobe will be releasing an update before too long to take advantage of sse3.
  13. watjac92

    Photoshop Machine

    thanks for all the replies. I have been looking at the 400sc, I got one myself last september it was a smoking deal then and its still a pretty decent deal now. I can probably convince her to get a gig of ram but not sure about any more. The classes she's gonna take get pretty in depth. She's been talking to some people that are in the classes right now and they'll get projects that take 18-20 hours to do and have to have them done in 2 days sometimes. So I want her to get the fastest computer she can within reason to cut down some of that time, as she's a perfectionist and I'm sure she's gonna want to run some of those filters over and over with slightly different settings and such. Not sure on filesizes I'll get her to ask. I guess she could just go with a 74 gig raptor for her main drive, the 40 gig drive that comes with the 400sc as pagefile, if we go that route and I can't convince them to take the drive back (when I got my 2.8 400sc I sent back the ram and hard drive for close to 200 bucks I guess now its hit and miss on wether they take it back), and then another drive as the scratch file. I tried to tell her about getting a tablet but she won't listen, she's used a tablet for a couple of minutes at an apple store and hated it. I think in her classes they will show them how to use the tablet and she'll be sitting down and then maybe she'll like it better so for now thats not gonna happen. She's got a decent mouse I told her about the logitech but she really liked the new wireless red mouse from microsoft. She went specifically to target to get it since target is the only one who carries the red one. She's got a 15 inch lcd right now and she agree's that she should upgrade to something bigger. But unfortunately she doesn't want a crt, she hates the bulk. So I don't know what we'll end up doing there. Definately still keep the 15 on as a second monitor though. She gets free color and black n white printing at the school so we can skip that part Yeah I figured a basic vid card would work, I have an old radeon 9200 I can throw in or maybe talk her into spending a bit and getting something she can play some games with so we can play against each other. And I wasn't sure what the video alpha was? I wasn't sure if maybe the newest p4's sse3 would be really beneficial for photoshop or not and if photoshop would benefit from the 1 meg cache on some of the p4 chips. I know all about hardware for games and somewhat for servers but I just dont' really know what photoshop benefits from. I would of course go with somethign with alot of memory bandwidth like 800mhz p4 or socket 939. I'm sure I'm missing something but when and if I think of it I'll post back. Thanks again for all the replies.
  14. watjac92

    Photoshop Machine

    Hi my girlfriend is majoring in graphic design and her first digital imaging class is coming up and she needs to get a new computer for photoshop. I have been reading through posts about different disk configurations for photoshop. It seems like the general concensus is at least 3 disks for photoshop. The scratch and page file disks don't of couse need to be large just, I am thinking, as fast as financially possible especially since she can't afford 2 gigs of ram. I was wondering what would be good and fairly cheap for those disks? I was thinking small scsi drives but there are so many different ones I really don't know which ones are reliable and fast for photoshop work. Is that even the route you would take? What about other specs? I imagine vid card isn't too important, although I do see use video alpha(requires hardware support). What does that mean and is that something that she wants? If it is what vid cards support that? Also what about processors I don't know how much of a benefit dual processors would be over a single and which processor would be best for photoshop. Is there a good site(s) that has info on photoshop hardware? Thanks for any info
  15. watjac92

    Microsoft Helps Spamers Break-through Email Filter

    Its pretty much free advertising so if only 10 people click on the links then they can make some money.