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    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    My HK250 160gb SATA 8mb is quiet, very very quiet when idleing and seeking. The meow happens rarely and does not bother me at all. My raptor 740gd is louder when seeking by a fair margin. I can barely hear my HK250 seek but the raptor is quiet audible. IMHO if you want quiet get the HK250 as the raptor is to loud for alot of people.
  2. gumball

    Western Digital Raptor Wd740gd

    I am seriously unhappy. My raptor is faulty. Been having BSOD since I built my new computer. Had no idea what it was until yesterday when I used the HK250 as a boot drive and no more BSOD's. Put the raptor in as a 2nd drive and gave it a workout. The raptor locked up. Rebooted and the raptor partition was gone. After a few days of raptor use I have decided I do not like the raptor much. Its seek noise is friggen annoying after a while and in reality I cannot see any real world performance loss when using the HK250 (except I cannot hear the HK250 seek at all - its the quiestest drive I have ever had and I like the calibration sound (meow). Off I go to fill in the reliabilty survey. I am undecided if I shall get another HK250 and sell the replacment raptor when it arrives. Or keep the raptor as a games drive/dvd rip etc drive.
  3. gumball

    Western Digital Raptor Wd740gd

    Decoupled from the case? What do you mean? Dit the Acoustapack increase your temps? And did it decrease the noise of the raptors seeks dramatically? I would not mind reducing my raptors seeking noise a little!
  4. gumball

    Western Digital Raptor Wd740gd

    Thats exactly what I have done. The HK250 is quieter than the raptor and still very fast. Regarding the question about the raptors noise. At idle its silent. When seeking it is louder than most recent 7200rpm drives but it is not annoying. A mate of mine's seagate 7200/7 is as loud but the raptor sounds much much better!
  5. gumball

    Western Digital Wd800jb

    I have a lot of faith in my WD. Never had one fail and hoping the trend continues. 3 x 800JB have worked fine, 2 for 15 months. Getting a raptor 74gb soon (on order).
  6. gumball

    74gb Raptor And Noise

    Is it much louder than a 800jb? I am Getting one tommmorrow.
  7. Out of interest how does the raptor 74gb sound compared to a wd800jb? I find the 800jb's to be very quiet. I am building a new PC soon. Raptor 74gb, WD2000JD and a wd800jb (old). If they are all of similar volume to the 800jb I will be very happy:) If a bit louder its not a big deal but if they are not clunky clunky loud.
  8. Got rid of them. 1. Was slower than the IBM's 2. High pitched sound when running (probably most ppl cant hear it but I am very sensitive to those sounds - I can hear nearly all HD's doing this but Maxtor was worse than most)
  9. Anyone used these drives (raid or normal)? I have been thinking about returning my maxtors (dont like them) and either going back to IBM 60xgp array and praying for good luck or try the fujitsus. Any ideas? The fujis are very quite and liquid bearing but are they reliable especially with raid?
  10. I just bought one too. The spin up isnt too bad but it makes a very high pitched noise at idle too. Dunno if I really like it and thinking about returning it.
  11. gumball

    Norton Ghost 2002 and restoring

    I have been reading as much as I can on the process but the only issues that confuse me now is: a) I have been told I dont need to partition or format the drive as ghost will copy the partition back with everything. Only this is will this be NTFS? C: drive is NTFS ATM. So I assume I run ghost -> restore image -> reboot into windows -> setup the other partitions from windows and format -> copy my data back from my flatmates computer (he has 30gb of my game folders and stuff:) -> that it I hope. Thats all? How do I go about setting the active partition or does ghost do this? I believe ghost does this but then I read somewhere that it can much up - twas getting confused. Am I worrying for nothing? I am a total noob with ghost (only picked it up yesterday). Any tips or advise would be appreciated so much. Thankyou!
  12. gumball

    Norton Ghost 2002 and restoring

    Please Help me:)
  13. One of my hard drives in a raid array is stuffing up but its still ok atm and yesterday I bought a copy of ghost 2002 to hopefully save my data. Anyways I used ghost to burn 6 cd's of my windows partition and that went fine and I have the boot disk etc to start the process rolling. Anyways seeing I am using new drives I will need to partition them (I am going to do it the same as before. I am using win2k with NTFS and am wondering how I can use the win2k boot disks to partition and format the drives without installing an operating system on them? I have formated drives b4 and that continues the install proccess automitcally. Any help would be much appreciated as I dread having to reinstall everything:( Thanks!
  14. Thanks, I am just about to place an order however I have noticed an option for the X15 68pin or 80pin? The scsi card is 68pin but is there any advantage in a 80 pin??
  15. Hey all, My 2 x 60gb 60XGP raid 0 array is stuffing up again, one of the drives is making a aweful scretching sound all the time (from spin up). I am a bit sick of IDE raid 0 in that its not much faster than my single Seagate baracuda 4. I am thinking of dumping the array completely and getting another 60gb bara 4 and possibly a cheetah X15. Now I am wondering just how loud the X15 will be? Compared to 60xgp's raided (not that quiet)? Is the X15 qute at idle as I probably will not use it for the boot patition? And if I do go the X15 is this scsi card good enough for it? "Adaptec OEM 29160N PCI SCSI Card PCI 32-bit SCSI controller, bare card Comes with 50-pin & 68-pin connectors inside & 68-pin outside Internal connectors suitable for CD-ROM & U160 SCSI Drives External connector suitable for external HDD/CD-ROM cases" All I use my computer for is games and stuffing around on the net with a little bit of wordprocessing but mainly its games, games, games. I like a very quick computer and my last two MB's had onboard raid so I used it but lately IBM is driving me nuts:( So is SCSI and single IDE a better speed option for me or just get a replacement for the IBM and raid away! Thanks for any assistance as I am a total n00b when it comes to scsi!