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  1. knight0334

    Best config for:

    I'll have to check into the RAM drive software, not a bad price for software. ..the sticks on the other hand, ouch! lol.. Thanks for the alternative idea.
  2. knight0334

    Best config for:

    purely my personal computer. nothing more.. a little FPS gaming, occasional Microstation CAD-E, surfing the web.
  3. knight0334

    Best config for:

    Seek time is crisp, good to fast by the feel of the machine, cant seem to find an application that tests it realiably(sp?). The smaller file size transfer rate sucks though, but once the file size involved is in the 512kb+ range it moves like a Corvette on a gocart track. That RAM drive setup would be nice to have, but the last time I checked-the price was way too much for me. I had both a single ch raid controller and a nonraid before this monster I have now, neither performed any better than my IDE RAID arrangement. The 3400S smokes any of my last setups by a longshot. plus for $200 of my money invested, the 3400S was hard to pass up even though there are much better cards out there. I'll try the (2) 2 drive array like suggested, and a 4 drive array on (2) chs. I've got plenty of time to play around with install Windoz.
  4. knight0334

    Best config for:

    I could play around with a 4 on (2ch) setup, instead of the array across (4ch), never thought to try that.. drives: modern, if they'd only make them in 9.1gb sizes. Its hard to find small drives of any format these days(IDE or SCSI), and I cant see paying a minimum of $100 for each new drive that can hold way more than I'll ever need.. I've yet to need 10gb of space for hdd storage. mainframe: lol, thats just a site theme... I didn't nickname my system, some else did a couple years ago.. it just kinda stuck.. side note question: know anything about MS Clustering compatable SCSI controllers? what's a good choice?
  5. knight0334

    Best config for:

    I forgot to add this info: running default NTFS cluster size and 128kb stripes. Rebuilding the array with 64kb stripes might be an option down the road if you guys think I'd help. I'd rather stay away from 32kb stripes though..
  6. knight0334

    Best config for:

    Strange? how so? Because of the 4ch, 4 drive RAID ) array?? I dont keep data on HDD that I cant afford to lose(thats what CDRW and tapes are for), so I dont worry about losing anything. If ya wanna see strange, check this out... lol : I picked the 4ch for future growth and speed, and only that. price was hard to beat on the HBA at the time. I'm hoping to find someone thats more familiar with the 3200S/3400S series cards than what I am. Someone who has tweaked and fiddled with the HBA, Windows' registry and other settings, and BIOS/drivers.
  7. knight0334

    Best config for:

    Hey guys! I've been lurking here for awhile, learning all there is to know. I came up with a few questions that I haven't been able to find answers for in your search feature. Here's my setup: (2)1200MP@1533 MSI k7D Master-L 768MB PC2100 ECC REG Adaptec 3400S 4ch SCSI U160 (4) IBM 9.1gb 10K SCA w/68pin adaptors config'd in RAID 0 typical other system hardware. 1. does anyone here use this card? 2. do you have an "optimized setup" for performance guideline that you could share? I run WinXP Pro, been thinking about installing my copy of Win2K3 Enterprise.. I'm aware that Win2K had a slight bug that showed higher scores, but actual performance difference XP and 2K is nill.. I get around 60K to 120K scores depending on benchmark app.. Hoping to squeeze some more out of the rig with Windows system adjustments and hardware tweeks. any suggestions?? thanx! -Robert