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  1. Is there such a thing, oh well still don't know if i'm going to keep them or not i'll give it a few more days of reading and see what i can find out All1
  2. Here are a couple of links for your info. All1
  3. I have bought some 8TB WD external (Elements) drives and they come with WD Whites inside. I'm far from a expert here but i think it's a non helium drive as it seems to have a air/breath hole, I was just wondering what people's thoughts are on these drives, I know they have a new way off keeping data where one bit will sit on another bit to some degree (told you i knew little), my uses for these drives is going to be two fold, one will be sat in it's external case and used to feed my WD TV Live (yup some of still use this old kit) and the other drive will be for a back up of that drive and i'm unsure if this drive will stay in it's enclosure or if i will whip it out and stick in my Fractal Design Define XL R2 and will be cooled by silent wings fans on med voltage but will get upped in hot weather, speed is not an issue for me i think they are 52 or 54 rpm and these will do fine for me, my main concern is reliability of the drive, i know no drive is going to last forever but it has to be reliable for a decent number of years for me. Any feedback or links would be more than welcome Thanks All1
  4. alloneword

    Normally huge WD fan but ...........

    Hi Brian thanks for the reply, well to be honest i got lazy, i knew about the "AF" and that didn't bother me much as i was moving to 7 soon but once i got the drives and started to read about the LCC issue, it seems WD dropped the ball big time IMO, I haven't even powered them up yet WD have told me there is no issue with the 8 sec parking yet it would seem clear there is, i just don't fancy the possibility of loosing 4TB worth of data, so i won't take any chances. Have you heard of any drives (Samsung or Seagate) having firmware issues and needing a fix via firmware update, i'm not sure who the manf was but i know it began with an S? All1
  5. Hi everybody, as my heading says i'm a huge fan of WD, right now i have 5 x1TB black drives and have no issues what so ever but i have invested in 2 x 2TB (WD20EARS) however i didn't do my reasearch this time and got burnt IMO, there just seems to many problems for my liking all this business with parking times and LCC counts etc, not to mention the new AF (but i know alot of drives are going that way), so i'm returning them for a refund and looking for a nother brand that does 2TB drives. These drives will be used for storage (audio files on one and video files on the other) I will be playing both the audio and video files directly off the drives themselves, but the drives will never be booted from neither will they be cloned from or too. I'm working on the basis of 5400rpm is fine for my needs and 32mb cache will be fine also SATA 3 is not needed as SATA 2 would be good enough, it has been suggested to me i go for the "Samsung HD204UI/Z4 2000GB Spinpoint F4" (Manf code is HD204UI/Z4), like most people i have been through a few manf in my time and WD has always served me well I have read somewhere that either Sansung or Seagate had an issue with some firmware of late but i never took too much notice at the time (Doh!). Reliability is a major factor for me so i don't mind paying a bit more to get a better quality drive having said that i can't afford the 2TB Black drive, so what do you suggest guys, i'll be using XP Pro SP3 32bit for the next month or so then moving over to Win7 Ultimate 64bit and a 3yr warranty would be nice as well. All1
  6. alloneword

    WD Raid drive in non raid machine

    OK thanks for getting back to me continuum, just have to make my mind up by Monday AM so thanks for your feedback. All1
  7. I'm thinking of getting one of THESE (WD RE2 WD5001ABYS) to go in a non raid machine, i'm looking at this as i want a WD drive and the 5 yr g'tee appeals to me as well, are there any problems running this "Raid" drive in a NON raid machine ie; just used to store data (mp3's/avi/dvd images etc)? All1