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  1. Reviews here and here say Maxtor is not that good though. If I get Abit KR7A-RAID mobo and two Maxtor 60 gb ATA 133 drives, and make RAID-0, is it gonna make significant difference performance wise? Is there big improvement in ATA 133 RAID-0 compared to ATA 100 RAID-0? I think two 60 gb ATA 133 under RAID-0 is better than one WD 120 gb ATA 100. Thanx for replies ppl.
  2. I was thinking to get a new drive. I found many drives out there, but wich would you recommend for desktop and workstation. I would like to get IDE drive > 60 GB which is fast and reliable and especially quiet. (not 5400 RPM) I will use it for programming, design, entertainment and other general uses. Thanx for help