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  1. 3.2 Manufacturers, Models, and Vintages Failure rates are known to be highly correlated with drive models, manufacturers and vintages [18]. This is congruent with users experiences like those in storage review's database and polar opposite to the "insiders" position who've posted here claiming that all brands are the same. Do a little searching and you'll discover who those shills are at SR.
  2. keith

    Hard disk test 'surprises' Google

    reposted in other thread.
  3. keith

    Was the i-RAM ever released?

    Just checked ncix; they raised the price further. Tis the season.
  4. keith

    Was the i-RAM ever released?

    Sort of: But yes, it was a paper launch. After which, they pushed back the release date two or three times. After which, if you did some searching, you could find a handful of places selling it for way more than they said it would cost. Which is where it's at today.
  5. I wonder what changes this will entail.
  6. Anyone else notice from power supply reviews how many power supplies overvolt the 12v line(or all of them?) I've thought about undervolting drives to tax the motor and pcb less.
  7. keith

    Two Hard Drives + PS Scratch

    How big does the scratch get?
  8. You mention they're all failing in the same fashion; how are they failing? Head crash? Motor? Electronics?
  9. keith

    External drive enclosure

    usb & fw is old school; the new game in town has been esata(to be updated sometime with xsata).
  10. My short answer would be Seagate. A suggestion for lowering administration hassle would be diskless servers and xen; assuming you're not using windows.
  11. keith

    New 400GB HDD, help please

    Well, around the same time people had noticed a certain reliablity trend, there were a couple guys who posted here saying how they were in the biz and had higher volume of drives pass through their shop than us mortals see, admonishing to "trust me" Maxtor is wonderbar. Then there's storagereview's reliability database and postings on message boards throughout the net that strongly suggest that Maxtor is poor in the reliability department. Take your pick. For your other choice, the WD SE16, it's reviewed here and discussed in several threads if you havn't already checked them out. It's the same drive as WD's RE2 with a feature turned off, lower burn in time, and lower warranty. A high performer. Hitachi's 7k500 peforms even better but I had my fill with deathstars so I woudn't touch one with a ten foot pole. As for Seagate, though a relatively low performer, based on the STR's survey, net commentary, and my own experience, it's always a contender. So much so, the question for me when getting a drive being; go for a reliable Seagate or take a chance for more performance?
  12. gc-ramdisk availability still hasn't changed. Only three places and still not lower than $185, $135 more than they said it would cost. For that much money, it should at least have an SATA-2 interface if not as well more dimm slots. Better than hyperos but easily so since their price is a joke.
  13. keith

    quietest 500gb HD?

    Setup a file server /w gigabit and stick it in a closet in another room.
  14. keith

    Seek Times

    Tracking cluster access isn't required.
  15. Yes, I believe they arrived at their 500GB drive from a business decision, not a technical one. Perusing the industry sites should help you discern where they're coming from.
  16. keith

    Seek Times

    Basically, starting filemon or diskmon logging(each access includes a timestamp) then running the canned benchmark run should reveal what is accessed & when/sequence crossed with access load.
  17. keith

    Seek Times

    The Event Tracing for Windows (aka ETW) instrumentation in Windows XP and up has enough information to do what your asking. It includes filename, disk offset, disk service time, I/O time (includes queueing), process and a few other things. There aren't any tools shipping in Windows that display this though they could be written. 217917[/snapback] Sysinternal's long standing filemon & diskmon do such tracing. It'd be more convenient if iomon did it but probably could use sysinternal's tools in conjunction to reveal what's going on. Have you tried making use of these before Eugene?
  18. 160GB platters are expected for 2006 and 200GB by 2007. Seagate is already using 160GB platters for 80 & 160GB drives but to match competitor sizes and not run up drive size too fast(aka milk it), they came out with a 500GB drive instead of 640GB. A little searching will yield industry sites that go over where the industry is heading.
  19. keith

    Seek Times

    If farcry doesn't span 8GB and the drive isn't fragmented I would assume those large span accesses are to system files which would lead me to believe a dedicated os drive would remove them. Is IPEAK able to show what files a given access is accessing? If not, a retest with a dedicated os drive would prove such.
  20. re2 or se16. As for memory for i-ram, generic dimms can be had for half as much as what was referenced.
  21. Found one outside Japan, even more expensive: $186
  22. yen to usd = ~$170. So much for 50 bucks. Anyone see them forsale elsewhere? For the longest time generic 2GB pc2100 sticks were going for $125 on pricewatch but they've since jacked the price up to $180+(one day they're at 125, next day all 180. no collusion there..).
  23. keith

  24. You're discounting what he's POINTING to because he's new? He bashed how? Try discounting the links he gave if you can(or storagereview's survey which points to the same conclusion).
  25. Like you've done for your drives, others have done for theirs, such that the ratio of people who've only entered unreliable accounts would average out. As such, the numbers still indicate the reliability between vendors and models. A simple, though tedious, confirmation would be to tally only the failed drives(& over a given amount of time or be thorough and calc breakdown of longevity for all failed drives reported and then compare. It'd be nice if SR did this for us but..).