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  1. Make sure you have a good power supply and the power connections are secure. I have had a couple of Pc's come in that the power connection would cut out for a fraction of a second then kick back in giving a click. Putting the OS in raid 0 is a bad idea for most systems.
  2. photoz

    20,000RPM Raptor?

    "It is impossible" BullS##t. How many things were "impossible" 15 years ago, and are now old tech.
  3. They list 300GB and 150GB in 2.5" and 3.5" sizes. Avail in the next few weeks if we are lucky. Sorry no 150GB size in 3.5" listed.
  4. photoz

    Samsung F1 review any time soon?

    Would it get reviewed faster if I buy one and send it to Eugene for testing? I would expect to get it back after the test. Anyone else willing to do the same for other drives?
  5. photoz

    WD7500AAKS vs. HD753LJ vs. ST3750330AS

    Esata limits the speed so any drive will give about the same performance. They are all good drives so there is little point in agonizing over the choice. Some would say the Seagate for the warranty, but I would get the WD as I have 3 of them (smaller capacity) in portable housings for the last 2 years without a failure. One of them goes to work with me everyday in a canvas carryall.
  6. What happens if you switch them back to the original ports? If it fails will it work without reimaging when you put them back to the present ports?
  7. photoz

    Best hard drive setup for Photoshop?

    Good advise BBH - Much better post than mine 3 gigs ram I have Raptor for boot Second Raptor for active files. Third for scratch and storage Big Daddy's for finished work and backups. This topic has been covered at least 4 times here in addition to the adobe website.
  8. photoz

    Best hard drive setup for Photoshop?

    "Raid 1 your two raptors and use this as "workspace". Software raid will do if that's only option you have, it's worth sacrificing some cpu cycles to double your disk read and write speeds." What??? Let the Flames begin. I hope Raid 1 was a typo. I set up a video workstation for a friend with 2 Raptors, Raid 0 as boot and programs because he INSISTED. After reloading everything 3 times in 6 months he gave up the idea. Both Raptors tested fine and are still working perfectly today in a JBOD setup. Be careful whose advise you follow. Long time posters over newbees anyday
  9. Sorry about the SMALL part . I would only have about 900 gigs of files in it at this point but it would be easy to add capacity as needed. It would be for photos and scans only now and I would add video space next year. The other option is a new MB with more memory capacity and faster processors to be used for Photoshop/Lightroom/Premier and file server. My Asus board is acting funky and I am thinking of upgrading soon anyway. The 15k SCSI drives might work for the OS and I could put the Raptors in the cage. A Raptor may be faster for the OS but I have to balance Pshop/server usage. Where is the server located and is it UPSable? Thanks Photoz
  10. photoz

    Cloning unknown file system

    I have a couple of people checking old Apple computers. It seems these were an option for a few years. The local school district had dozens that had accumulated over the years but they were scrapped last year. The high school is getting a 72 million expansion so they had a big cleanout. Everything works on the controller except flashing the firmware, firmware version 5.99 and below is on the eprom. Version 6.0 and above resides on the drive. Ebay looks like the best chance for a quick drive. Thanks Photoz
  11. We have a Xerox 8830 engineering copier with a 40 gig ( wd400bb ) ide drive in the controller. The drive is about 5-6 years old and not having any problems yet. Knowing the extreme markup for parts in this item I would like to make a clone of the drive. I have no isdea of the file system or OS. Is there any software that will duplicate the drive. The company was billed $130 for a $4 flourescent lamp. TIA Photoz
  12. Any offers yet? Which supermicro MB is in it? I need a faster small server but the wife would shoot me if I spent $800 on computer equipment right now. She really wouldn't shoot me but it would get chilly for a few days. She did get me a $200 "mad wife" discount on a dell 400SC about 3.5 years ago. LOL
  13. photoz

    Cloning unknown file system

    Seagate Medalist Model ST34520N Made in Singapore URLBPA05 Firmware 1498 Part #9L1001-006 Date code 0023 Thanks Photoz
  14. photoz

    Cloning unknown file system

    Xerox 8830 AccXESâ„¢ Controller info CPU: Power PC 740 Memory: 192 Mb Hard Disk: 4.5 Gb Ultra SCSI, 7200 rpm, internal drive Data Formats: HP-GL; HP-GL/2; HP-RTL; CGM (Level 1 with ATA ext.); C4; FileNET; Versatec Data Standards (VRF, ordered vector, blocked raster, compacted raster); CalComp 906/907/951/PCI; TIFF 6.0; NIRS; CALS 1 & 2; compression types (for applicable raster formats): CCITT G4, G3-1D, G3-2D, Packbits, RLE, Seed Row, Adaptive; Optional Adobe PostScript 3 Interfaces: Standard - Serial RS-232; IEEE 1284 Bidirectional Centronics; SCSI-2; VPI; 10/100 Ethernet (TCP/IP) supports 10/100 BaseT Optional - 10 mbs Network Interface Card supports 10 BaseT and 10 Base2 Network Protocols: Standard - TCP/IP with lpr/lpd Optional- Novell IPX/SPX Pserver 3.1/4.1 with NDS; Ethertalk; NetBEUI Client Software: ADI drivers for AutoCAD R12/13/14 Print Drivers for Win 95/98/NT Web Print Manager Tool for Win 95/98/NT/Solaris Document Submission Tool for Win 95/98/NT Optional - Adobe PostScript 3 Drivers for Windows 95/98/NT Any one familiar with this setup/?? TIA
  15. photoz

    Cloning unknown file system

    I can flash the firmware over the ethernet but will it set up the file system and create the directioies I need. I do not have a good drive to clone from, nor do I have any 50 pin scsi cables. I don't have any way other than webPMT to set up the controller and I do not see any way to create or view drive settings. The controller has an IBM P3 740 RISC processor. It may be simple to insert a drive, format it and set up everything but without more complete knowledge of the system and it's software it could take more time than I have. The company servicing the unit claims that Xerox formats and loads proprietary software on the drive and that it's impossible to use a generic drive. I do not really believe them but I am not in a position to prove them wrong. Believe me if I was confident it could be done I would save the $1,700 for the 2 service calls and the inflated drive cost. Since the new drive only has a 30 day warranty it would be worth some expense to clone it to a similar drive just to see if it works. I wonder if a 68 pin or 80 pin to 50 pin adapter would allow me to use an newer, faster drive (more reliable?) instead of looking for old 50 pin drives. A 4 gig flash card would be fast enough if there was a way to hook it up. Thanks for any input you can offer.
  16. photoz

    Cloning unknown file system

    Ok no guess. How about $965, that's US dollars not Jamaican. That is a "new" drive with a 30 day warranty. I wonder how long it has been gathering dust in a stockroom.
  17. photoz

    Cloning unknown file system

    Well it seems my wires were crossed when I started this thread. The 8830 we have has a Seagate 4 gig scsi 50 pin drive in it. The WD is in a newer controller on another machine. How do I know this? It went belly up yesterday. The Xerox tech claims Xerox loads special files and firmware on it and it must be replaced by a Xerox supplied drive. We tried to update the firmware today, evidently the old version resides on a Eprom but the newer versions are written to the drive. Can you guess how much it will cost to replace with another used drive? Estimates are due sometime Thursday, If they can find one.
  18. photoz

    Cloning unknown file system

    Can I put both drives in a Pc and run A T I from a floppy or is it better to put them in a Windows Pc. Thanks Photoz
  19. photoz

    Building office PCs, tough HD choice

    I had an "office" machine that was costing more in lost time than the replacement cost. When you figure the number of times that I had to close programs in order to start a new program or let the plotter finish before I could run a new design or send an email. The OLD machine was a P4 2.4 with 512 megs of 1066ecc RDram, standard video card. The new machine is a Dell 380 with an 820D processor and 2 gigs of ram, std video card and 80 gig boot drive with 160gig for storage. I routinely have Outlook, Excel, Photoshop 7, tj-xpert, Xerox axcess scanning software, NAV 2006, Zonealarm running at the same time. It's not that unusual to see task manager hitting 1.7 gig of ram in use. We have an accounts payable person with an "Office Machine" that is used mainly for sending email and getting faxes that could be done with a 600mhz P3, but it's a p4 2.8with 512 megs of ram and a 64 meg video card. The point is that there is no such thing as a standard office machine that is a one size fits all. If anyone puts together a SLI machine to "Play Games" is that overkill? (it is to me) I bet a few of the posters that are screeeeming overkill are driving SUVs to get a java at Starbucks. He may be overdoing some items but at least he not going to be making excuses for poor performance. End of rant.
  20. photoz

    Here's my .002 cents

    It sounds like an argument over international postage when sending a letter from Pa. to NEW Mexico. It took 3 postal employees to to find one that knew New Mexico is a US state J. C. Whitney kept sending my brother an invoice for $ 0.00, it took over 6 months of past due notices till he sent a check for $0.00 and ended the fight. Welcome to the real world.
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    You can but it will not be any faster than 40 wire.
  22. photoz

    Wine of the week.

    Wines of the weak. Why can't we go Christmas shopping ? I want to go christams shopping. and When are we going Christmas shopping? Seriously If there was basic sanitation and therefore water suitable to drink wine would not have been made in the first place.
  23. Western Digital replaced a 3 month old 400BB 40gig drive with an 80 gig drive after I complained about the wasted time in rma and reinstallation. This was when the largest drives were about 120gigs.
  24. Dell Dimensions have been made for about 8 years, a model number might help.
  25. photoz

    Silencing my raptor 74gbADFD

    For the price of a good case you can buy a new Raptor. Sell the old one one or send it to me. It would blend right in with the 2 in my case