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    HD Tach results of WD1200JBs in RAID-0.

    wow, my D740X on ATA66 controller doesn't look too bad compared to your WD1000JB. Average speed of the maxtor is only slower by 2+mb/s
  2. Pepsione1

    Fasttrack BIOS

    You mean you can't even get it off Promise's website?
  3. I just got two Maxtor D740X liquid ball bearing drives. I had two ibm75gxp before it was driving me insane even when its idle. I just couldn't stand that high pitch spinning noise from the ibm drives. The Maxtor is fairly quiet when idle and the high pitch noise from it is very bearable. I have them running in a open case right now and they are not bad at all and definitly better then the GXP75. When searching, it makes a little more noise, but i consider those noises music for my ears. :wink:
  4. I just found out how to get the pictures to show up. you have to hit "post reply", without typing anything, hit "back" in your IE. brower. Then all the pictures will show up properly. Weird... anyone know why?
  5. Why are the pictures not working? if you copy the links from each picture on open it with a new browser, it works.
  6. Why are the pictures not working? if you copy the links from each picture on open it with a new browser, it works.
  7. Here are the benchmark results: 1. Maxtor hd, blank 2. Maxtor hd, win2k installed on 10gig partition, rest of the drive is blank 3. IBM hd, less then 5% free space, NTFS partitions on it 4. Maxtor hd, win2k installed on 10gig partition, rest of the drive is blank 5. IBM hd, less then 5% free space, NTFS partitions on it
  8. I finally have everything in working order again this morning. I chose to use the hd as single drives with each of them being master on their own channel. I reverted back the fasttrak66 to an ultra66 with the latest bios but uses default driver provided by microsoft (will explain later). Installed win2k server again and hooked the two ibm to the onboard udma33 channels (master & one drive per channel). Then I did some benchmarking in win2k on one of the still blank maxtor. Created partitions for the rest of the space on both drives (10g +50g, 60g) all using ntfs with default cluster sizes. At last, I copied all the files from the ibm drives back to the maxtors. Since all drives had their own channel and they were all in master mode. I decided I can copy and paste on all four drives simutaneously. (Promise Ultra66 CH1 to onboard UDMA33 CH1, Promise Ultra66 CH2 to onboard UDMA33 CH2). I used two windows explorer to do this. The whole process took 1 hour and 10 mins. There was about 56.0 gig of data so the average was around 13.3mb/s. (not so good right?) Weird thing I noticed while copy&pasting was how much ram the system used. I had 384mb of ram and it used all of them. But this only happens either when it copies a large file or a bunch of small files. Can anyone explain this? Finally after 3 days of fiddling around with the controller and hours of testing, I am glad this is over with at last. For some reason the driver that I downloaded from promise's website for win2k does not work in win2k. I would say "driver is not written for win2k" and it would uninstall the driver at the first boot up after win2k is installed. That's why I am using the microsoft driver for now until i find out why. The card has the latest bios already. Well, that's the end of this chapter. Thanks for all the help everyone has given.
  9. Kinda off topic. But I want to keep application off the OS drive, how can this be done? I hate having to tell win2k that default directory is E:Program Files instead of C:Program Files Also, would I run into any problem by doing this. Such as when an application is calling for a system file which it think would be in "systme32" by default when in fact the file can only be found by using "C:winntsystem32" I am using win2k server. anyone tried this before? Is there some sort of registry mod for this sort of stuff?
  10. But then the "array not defined" screen would always pop up during boot up. It gets stuck there until I press "ESC". And the RAID bios is just too slow at boot up (i think there isn't any IDE channel scanning screen for the plain Ultra66 card, I can't remember).
  11. Wow, I can't believe how fast you responded to my questions jehh. Thanks for all the support. Now, all i need to do is find the instructions to revert the controller back to a normal Ultra66 card. I think all I need to do flash the bios first and then unsolder the resistor. Anyone tried this before?
  12. I can image what it would be like to create two raid0 array for my system. Get a Promise Fasttrak100 TX4 and RMA my IBM hds. Then use IBM for OS array and the Maxtor for Data array. Now, that would be crazy fast. Hehe, but having 180gig of storage seems a little crazy even for me.
  13. Ok, thanks. I think i'll just use two seperate drives from now on. oh, this is kinda stupid, after spending so many hours, I ended up not using raid. So everyone agrees that if a file needs to be unzipped, its better to download to the first drive and unzipped to the second. Rather than having the file download to the first and unzipped to the first. And this is probably true too for all other hd intentsive tasks right? ie. swap file, abobe ps temporary space and download accelerator temporary files.
  14. Let me get this clear. I usually use download accelerator to download 1+ gig zip files. And it needs to rebuild the temporary file it created from downloading to the orginal zip file. Would having a RAID0 help in this situation? Also, unzipping and build 1+gig large files. Would having a RAID0 help in this situation? More, moving 1+gig across different drive letters (but on the same array). Would having a RAID0 help in this situation? At last, move many (300+) tiny files (3-10mb) across the array. Would having a RAID0 help in this situation? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's about as file transfer intensive as it gets mostly but I do this quite often. Would I really benifit from raid? If not, what other situations would I benifit from by using RAID0. Examples of applications (i already know raid is mostly for high STR in video editing).
  15. Me too, I always keep three drive letters on my system too so I can keep the OS from messing with my data. I just don't trust microsoft since the days of win3.1. Is software raid os dependent? meaning that if the os gets corrupted or deleted, will the array get destroyed too?