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    Intel X25-M Impressions

    Strange that your subjective perception of the X25-M SSD was not a significant improvement over your mechanical drive. I have been playing with SSDs for about a year now on three different systems. In each case the subjective increase in performance was outstanding. My main desktop machine (XP Pro) has two X25-E SSDs in RAID 0 config on an Adaptec 5805 controller. Formerly I was running two WD VelociRaptor 300GB drives in a RAID 1 config on this same controller (certainly no slouch). The performance is nothing short of phenomenal. I didn't even bother messing with alternate cluster sizes or partition alignment. I'm using the default 4KB cluster size. I have two laptops where I replaced their 7200rpm drives with SSDs. They are both Samsung SLC drives. The performance increase in both cases was quite stunning. It's a shame that you didn't experience the same boost in performance that most of us see with SSDs. MLC drives have notably slower write performance.
  2. drwtsn32

    Vista/Server 2K8 backup

    I am a fan of BEX, don't get me wrong, but I dare you to ask Symantec or Microsoft if BEX's brick level backups are fully supported by Exchange and guaranteed not to cause latent corruption. Personally I wouldn't use it and would stick with the recovery storage group restore method, even if it takes a bit more time. The advantage of DPM is that is ONLY uses approved backup methods. Yes, it is more limited to Microsoft-based products (or rather products that support VSS). And Microsoft uses DPM exclusively at their corporation which includes tens of thousands of servers. Don't know where you got the idea that it is only good for sub-10-server environments. It also supports any tape drive that appears in Windows Device Manager. That being said, it is not necessarily as good as BEX at some things. I prefer BEX for server recovery (not BMR, but doing a full restore of the OS partition, system state, etc). DPM doesn't do that very well at this point.
  3. drwtsn32

    Vista/Server 2K8 backup

    Version 10d still works great; there's no reason to upgrade if you are running Windows 2003 / Exchange 2003. As far as at home, I install Backup Exec 10d on Windows XP Pro and back up to LTO3. One of the reasons I haven't switched to Vista is because it is not supported as a Backup Exec "server." Microsoft DPM 2007 is phenomenal, but it won't work in a home environment unless you're also running an AD domain. Also I doubt you can install it on an XP Pro machine.
  4. drwtsn32

    Adaptec 3405 boot problem

    Bummer... I am used to Adaptec controllers and you can disable the BIOS on many of them. BTW, I use an Adaptec 29320 for my tape drives and it does not conflict with the Adaptec 5805 RAID card.
  5. drwtsn32

    Adaptec 3405 boot problem

    Try disabling the BIOS on the Tekram controller. You don't need if you're not booting with that controller. Maybe it's just the BIOS that is conflicting with the Adaptec RAID.
  6. Was the array originally created on this controller? If not don't proceed any further. Does the controller show an array at all, or are no arrays defined? I have not tried this on an Adaptec 3805, but I have been successful in "resurrecting" an array by creating a new array config with exactly the same parameters... and NOT initializing it.
  7. drwtsn32

    Adaptec 5805 install problem

    Just download the latest drivers from Adaptec's web site. That's what I did.. I never used the CD to create a driver disk.
  8. I have 2 Velociraptors and 3 WD 640GB drives. I'm not sure RAID 0 of either set would stress the limits very much.
  9. The Adaptec 5805 does seem to work ok on the Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 motherboard. I received it from Newegg today and it had the latest BIOS (F4). I have a 9600GT in the first slot and the 5805 in the second. It fires up just fine and lets me into the RAID BIOS. I do not yet have my drives (Velociraptors) so I haven't actually tested further than that, but from what I read if there was a problem the board would not have booted up (or let me into the RAID BIOS). Hopefully everything will still be ok when I get the drives later this week.
  10. Disappointing... well, I am going to take a chance on that Gigabyte X48 board. I should have it tomorrow; hope it works!
  11. Thank you for your reply. I figured they were just trying to cover their a$$ in case it didn't work. A friend ordered an Adaptec 5405 after he confirmed with ASUS that it would work on his older P5B Deluxe board. I really like the look of the Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 board though over ASUS offerings. I guess the worst that can happen is having to pay 15% restocking fee to Newegg if the board doesn't work... Just not sure what board I would fall back on. Oops, just noticed that Newegg does not allow refunds on that board. I'll have to check elsewhere...
  12. I already bought an Adaptec 5805 for a new system I am building. I am researching motherboards and was thinking of getting a Gigabyte X48 board. I was planning on using the second x16 PCI Express slot for the RAID controller. I emailed Gigabyte and they said the x16 slots are intended for video cards only! WTF? I don't understand why a different PCIe card would not work in that slot. Anyone using an Adaptec 5-series card (5405, 5805, etc)? What motherboard are you using?
  13. You should never do that. Hardware designed for OEMs may have some variations, and flashing it with the generic firmware could render the hardware useless. Just use the latest firmware provided by LSI directly.
  14. drwtsn32

    Seagate ships Cheetah 15k.6

    Don't be so negative! I need positive support here!