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    fusionio available?

    Good question Rob. No idea myself, but I'll believe it when I start to see the reviews rolling out
  2. As an early adopter of the LSI 150-6 I wouldn't recommend it. I had many problems with drives dropping and the file system becoming corrupt. Surely there are more modern and reliable SATA II adaptors you could choose from?
  3. MaZeR

    Any new Raptors in the works

    Is there anything preventing high density + high speed? Say, a single platter perpendicular type drive at 15krpm?
  4. MaZeR

    New Nvidia Card Anytime Soon?

    No. It's a chip on the card that converts the signals from the VPU core. It is not an adaptor.
  5. MaZeR

    Transporting a watercooled PC

    LOL - You have just described a car You will be fine. Normally you set up all the unit and blocks seperatly from your PC and run for 24h testing for leaks. I would imagine your manual would say as much. I used to use watercooling (now on phase-change) and many of my friends still do and regularly goto LAN's with their rigs. As long as everything's bolted in, transport is not a real risk.
  6. MaZeR

    4 Pieces of Memory or 2 Pieces?

    For this chipset... Double sided dimms are better than single side dimms and 4 dimms are better than two. So unless the 512's are double sided and the 256's are not, using 4 sticks of 256 will be faster. source []
  7. Wow man, get up on the wrong side of the bed? For as long as I can remember the marketing people have been telling us SATA I = 150MB/s SATA II = 300MB/s SATA III = 600MB/s You can even do a quick google search to see this. Excuuuuse me for not spending my valuable time reading standard after standard. Luckily for us there are people like you who do, and can correct this kind of misinformation. I know I will sure sleep easier tonight knowing you are on the job!
  8. Looks like a typo. Note: "Interface: Serial SATA 150" SATA II is 300
  9. MaZeR

    Article On Raid 0 At

    I did. I play Battlefield 1942 and it's mods at an international level. Case closed. I'm not sure I understand your point. These are not mutually exclusive things for a high end gamer. I completly disagree. Compared to other similar hobbies, cars for example, it is cheap. That's just silly of couse. I am only trying to point that there are gamers out there who are really interested in high performance, and if it's only a few hundred bucks for a tangable 5-12% boost in performance they should know about it, and will do it. I am not talking thousand dollar SSD's here you know (although the thought has crossed my mind on many occasions ).
  10. MaZeR

    Article On Raid 0 At

    I personally believe the SR view is a little overstated. Of course STR dependent applications will benefit more when the hardware can be configured to improve STR. One thing I believe that SR lacks is a firm grip on the priorities of the 'RAID 0 happy' gaming public. According to SR's own research STR is over 25% for typical use (Office DriveMark 2002 - Of course this is clear evidence that that the majority of applications will not benefit from improvements in STR performance. But I will tell you, if I look at RAID 0 and estimate, worst case, that I will get a 50% improvement in STR, then I look at SR’s typical 25% of STR dependant applications and think "what would I pay to be 12% faster here? In fact, what would I pay to be 5% faster than the next guy?" One answer: 'As much as my budget allows'. High-end gamers are not skint; they simply don't worry about dropping a couple of hundred bucks to get small increases in general performance. So again, to me at least, SR’s view somewhat misses the mark. I know the article goes someway to remedy this, yet with only StorageMark 2004 as their best tool their tests are not ironclad. Either way, I have, spent my couple of hundred to gain my small percentage in performance, and I am a happy RAID 0 gamer
  11. MaZeR

    Filelocking On Ntfs Mounts

    This occurs because it is trying to move the file(s) to the recycle bin by default which cannot be done from a mounted drive. Hold Shift+Del to delete. There is a MS KB article about it somewhere.
  12. Marketing personnel have a high turnover rate.
  13. Yeah well he didn't test Battlefield 1942 so me and far more gamers than play the games tested remain indifferent
  14. The stock cooler is fine on those boards. Just don't touch it with your fingers!